Alabama A & M University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The financial department seems to be slower than other colleges in updating student accounts. Sometimes you have to make several trips to the office to make sure you have enough money for books.


The quality in learning is very low. Some teachers will not flunk students for not doing their work. There is not a fair grading system in some classrooms. Some teachers will pass everyone in their class despite their effort.


The worst thing about my school is the sometimes there is a lack of organization and that creates a lot of confusion and stress for students.


The time that it took to get registered, several days, was the worst thing about my school, when I attended during the 1980s. The long lines would often result in a class that I needed being closed.


The only two things that I do not like about my school is the cafe food. Some days the cafe will serve food that is very appetizing and some days they serve food that just does not look right at all. The other thing that I do not like is the super long line that is almost constantly outside of financial aid. The line is at its worst when it is time for refund checks.


What I believe to be the worst thing about my school is the staff's patience with the students. There are a lot of freshman who don't quite understand how to do get different things done or how to get to different places or people that they need to. The staff at my school that deal with specifec areas often brush students off. I have experienced this a lot my first semester and found my self lost and confused just because someone didn't want to take time out to help me.


The most inortant is that the way of treaching it was not good. The teachers most of the time were not correct. Missing of the Learning room.


The worst thing about my school would probably the meal plan options and cafeterias. There are only two meal plan options that are not that different and the cafeterias don't have as wide of variety of food as most people would like.


The worst thing about my school would be the amount of time it takes to receive financial aid and the lack of orderliness. I can give my school credit on working on these problems though.




The worst thing(s) about my school is the organization. Its conducted like a business. All they want is our money and then with all the money we give them each semester it never goes into things that benefit us. Its for useless things like signs, and bus stations and so called building funds that never seem to get fixed. The worst thing about my school is that there is no studentactivities. Our school is run by a bunch of Old People. We didnt even have wireless internet until 2007. Faculty,Administration, the President, currupt and unfair campus security.


the food, its disgusting


Financial Aid of course there are never enough funds, I don't know how it is calculated but I don't get a lot, and my mother is a single parent and is our only source of income.


They are slow to process all information including finicial aid.


The worst thing about our school is that there are so many buildings that are not being used and there is no logical explanation as to why. This year the housing office did not have enough space for all the people who wanted to live in the dorms, but there are two female dorms that have not been used since before I enrolled here. The worst thing about it is that the buildings are not pleasing to the eye.