Alabama A & M University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the organizations and business program.


I believe the best aspect of Wichita State University is the Greek life organizations. Between the multiple fraternities and sororities, an enormous amount of opportunity to become involved exists. From on-campus activities to intramural sporting events, new bonds and friendships are made, while a new appreciation of the University also forms. I never knew a commuter college, such as Wichita State, would open such a rewarding network for me simply because I have chosen to participate in Greek life. I would recommend it to any person who attends Wichita State University!


The realistic view of life, considering the real world aspects of strive.


I would have to say some of the people who attended the school and the aactivites.


The best thing about Alabama A&M University is the faculity and staff as well as the campus life. The faculity and staff of Alabama A&M university works closely with each student and makes sure we make it over every academic hurdle that we are faced with. A&M is the safest as well as the most beautiful sites you will ever see.


I love Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. It has a large campus with beautiful scenery. When it is warm, I see students playing football on the quad. My school is very sports based, most of our students attend volleyball, basketball, and football games. I love that there is never a dull moment on campus. Flyers are always advertising different events from dance showcases to step shows to ice cream socials. It is also right outside of Huntsville, AL. When we need to go shopping Huntsville is the place to go.


the school environment is very lively. There is a lot to do, and i meet different types of people everyday. I love going to events on the yard, at the gym, and at the student centers. The school keeps me busy, with all the organizations and all the things they host also.


Meetin new people because I have gained some great friends since I have been here.


The best thing about my school is my relationships with my professors. The professors in my field of study really show a lot of interest in their students. They give a lot of helpul information that can help us in the future. They show that they care and are always there when we need them. They give us a positive outlook on life and are always pushing us to do the best that we can. They also stress the importance of continuing your education and not just stopping once you receive your Bachelor's degree.


Football is what i consider the best thing about my school, because of how the school come to together.


the campass, because it is a nice and plesent learning enviornment


the best thing is that their building a health and wellness center now.


The best thing about my school is it's family oriented atmosphere because it makes you really feel a part of something.


The Agriculture and Forestery program because they provide you with lots of scholorships and paid internships and its overall the funniest departement to be in. Everyone is really friendly and they make sure all there students are well taken care of.


Location, campus security, pride.


the school pride


The best thing about my school is the classes. They are diverse and you could learn a lot from the professors and already experienced students.