Alabama State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would recommend this school to anyone that’s looking for a diverse minority learning experience. This school is for anyone who is full of life and excitement and is looking for a real college experience. The campus offers so much to all different types of group’s ex.)Nerds, Jocks, S.G.A, Gamers and Greeks.


People who are very dedicated, hard working, and self motivated should attend Alabama State University.


Artistically inclined students will flourish at Alabama State University, almost every person attending the school has some artistic talent whether it be related to their major or not. Those willing to take on the challenge of the W.E.B DuBois Honor program will find rigor in their classes and will appreciate a more intense learning environment. (Speaking from experience). African Americans looking to become more in tune with their histories will also enjoy the research intensive culture-based classes.


A person that is willing to have fun, but also be diligent enough to know when enough partying and more studying is necessary.


An independent person who can stadn up for themselves.


A outgoing and social person.


While Alabama State University was founded to provide a college education to African Americans who were denied access to public and private institutions of higher education, it is still an institution where all backgrounds are welcome. Founded in 1856, Alabama State University is known for producing a lot of phenomenal teachers. Therefore, any student who have a passion to teach, should consider Alabama State as a University.


Open Minded stron focused individuals should attend this University.


People that are determine to move forward in life


The person that should attend Alabama State University should be optimistic and is eagered to learn. They should have school spirit and be able to mingle with students that come from a different place then them.


Originally, this school was designed for High School graduates, but the school offers so much more in 2011 that has changed the typical student attending, like in times past. I am a non traditional student trying to re- invent myself because of the down turn of the economy and I am having to get re-adjusted to the college lifestyle, but as indicated because of the diversity and wide range of majors offered, it is worth the adjusment for me.


This is an open facility that doesn't show bias. This school is a smaller atmostphere allowing students to feel comfortable.


Anyone who is trying to better themselves and gain a higher education, should attend this school.


Anyone could attend Alabama State University, with good attention of doin what they have to do to become a successful individual.


Any kind of person could attend Alabam State University. ASU caters to any kind of individual.


Any kind of person should attend this college. Its a real good college and it just like any other HBCU.


The type of person who should attend this school is a person who knows exactly what they want out of life. Also, the person should have financially stable parents. If the person does not have financially stable parents, their college experience would be a struggle like it is for me, because your life will be full of non-stop work only to provide a roof over your head, having to worry about bills and payments, while at the same time, having to maintain an acceptable grade point average.


The kind of person that should attend this school should have a strong mind-set on education. Someone who loves to have fun and meet new friends. A person who knows who they are and what they want to be. A person who is not a follower but a stong leader. That person should have his/her heart against college. This is what kind of person that should attend this school.


Alabama State Universiy is considered a univeristy that recieve students from all parts of the world. Not just base on your ethic groups or classes, just as an individuals trying to go to college to better their future. Alabama State University offers each student the information and skills they will need to go out in the work force and apply that was which taught in the class room. This wonderful university will receive students in every shap, form or fashion to be apart of this great historical black college university.


any kind can and should they will except anyone who is ready to learn and become successful