Alaska Pacific University Top Questions

Describe how Alaska Pacific University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Awesome in great views.


Alaska Pacific University is more of an experience than strictly a university.


Alaska Pacific University is: 1. the oldest university in Alaska, 2. a four-year private college, 3. traisning approximately 600 students, 4. on 175 acres, 5. willing to accept transfer credits from other educational institutions, 6. including a significant amount of practicum as part of learning, 7. well-staffed with well-qualified professors, 8. located in a convenient setting in Anchorage, and is prepared to house students in the dorms.


APU is amazing because of all the wonderful people that are drawn to it and all the creativity it produces from people.


It is an active learning environment; students from all across the country come to APU to further their education in a hands on way and are able to form close bonds with their professors and classmates because of the small class sizes.


Alaska Pacific University is an active learning school with professional, but dedicated professors that can teach in a range of areas and to a range of students with both students and teachers working side by side to be the best that they can be.


Active in every way.


Alaska Pacific has character: it is strong and intelligent, creative and hippie, passionate and motivated; the students here will all try to accomplish something which they find worthwhile in the world.


It is a private college that emphasized active learning in a comfortable environment where students can communicate with staff and faculty easily.