Alaska Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think this school is very open to everone. The student body is very diverse and open-minded. I suppose if you are a close-minded, negative person you should go somewhere else because this school is not like that at all.


I don't believe there is a type of person who shouldn't attend Alaska Pacific University. APU challenges everyone, not only academically, but also in life changing ways. I have yet to see a person refuse to or not be capable of rising to the ocassion at this university. The opportunities that APU provides greatly influence students in a personal way that can significantly impact the direction of their lives.


If a person is not motivated, or commited, to the school then they will quickly fall behind in assignments. And if one would accumulate a substanchail amount of debt in order to attend then they could look for other options that may fit there buget in a more practical way.


This school is not for the lazy, the indifferent, the people looking for an easy opportunity to get ahead without putting forth hard work and critical thinking.


Just about anyone who wants to be in school should go. Someone who should not go is someone who does not want to be in school, dose not care for what they are studing. Someone who does not want to better themselves.


A person who does not like to be social in the classroom or someone who learns best by reading textbooks and regurgitate the information will not do well at this school as it is an active learning school where most of the work are hands on.