Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the worst thing about my school to also be what it is best known for. The hard curriculum causes many failures and dropouts in students that were in the top of their classes in high school. Its dissapointing to see that the teachers do not really care. They mostly joke about the high drop out rate in this school (which is about 2/3 of the freshmen class upon graduation)


the long walks to get to places.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the honor code policy. This is because it seems as if they are recently cracking down on people cheating and plagerizing. This should have been happening through all of my years and not just recently. I feel as if there are some people still in this school that should have not been able to make it this far on their own. The honor code is also a very tedious process. Some teachers tend to follow it exteremely while others don't care as much.


The cost.


This is my first year at Albany College of Pharmacy, I have not experienced anything as of yet, but I did not like the idea of having your classes being scheduled for you.


The worst part about my school is how intense and stressful the courses and all the information is. How i sleep @ 3 in the morning and have lecture at 8am because I am worried about a test in two days. I dread the cost of the textbooks, including the ones we are told to buy by the clerk, even though we will never use them. I dislike the residency director because if we are willing to pay more to have the actual decent dorms, what is the problem with placing us in them? Mostly its all the stress.


Well theres nothing bad about the school. You need to work hard and try your very best.


I personally don't mind large class sizes; however, if that is a concern for you then it can be a difficult learning atmosphere. Generally, the entire grade is in one lecture hall for the majority of classes. Thats 250+ people which doesnt make it the best place to ask questions and interact with the professor. However, all professors do offer "office hours" so 1 on 1 interaction is possible.


The worst thing about my school is that I attend the satelite campus. We do alot of our classes through distance learning. I wish we had more time with live professors. Also the lack of resources directly linked to our campus.


The worst thing at this school is that people lose sight of their future when they are freshman. It is very hard the first semester at college to succeed if you are not focused, and at a science based school such as this one you cannot slack off because you will not be able to "catch up". I think once I got used to the fast-paced curriculum and style of teaching it seemed like any other college would have..


Beside good thing about my school, there is also bad thing about my school that i do not like. For instance, because my school is one of the Cuny school, we do not have alot of fund therefore, most of my chemistry laboratory room equipments are either missing or too old to use.


I believe that an important aspect that my school lacks is school spirit. Most of the students at the college are overwhelmed by the hard work that eventually takes a toll on their social life. I would love if this college began to have more school activites that would create a greater bond between the students, staff, and professors. I think that such activites would lighten up the students' spirits. Although college life should be taken seriously, I believe that too much stress is not good for the well being of any student. Therefore, school school spirit should be encouraged!


I would consider the fact that my school does not accept many outside credits in math and science from other colleges as the worst thing about my school. I had attended college for two years before apllying to my current school and I had to retake all of my sciences courses because the credits did not transfer. This is frustrating becuase I was forced to take classes that i had already done instead of being able to advance on.


My school has decided to clamp down on social activity on campus, no more fraternity parties can be talked on campus, 3 of 5 fraternities have been kicked off campus, and the courseload has been pushed from ridiculous to torturous, so that new students don't have time for a social life becuase of all the time they need to spend with their books