Albion College Top Questions

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The faculty connects with the students and develop a type of companionship with them. Many students work with their advisor in their field to figure the best path for them and received specialized attention. The small size encourages an interlinked community.


Albion has a small town feel, but has big city opportunities. Professors know you by name and are interested in your well being, and recruiters from a lot of the Major Michigan Companies recognize Albion Students as exceptional.


Smaller with personal attention, and more opportunities avaliable for any student.


Albion College is unique because it is extremely welcoming. Before I was even accepted, I recieved a Christmas card signed by the all of the volleyball team members. This made me feel as if I was already a part of the team! After I was accepted, I could not imagine myself going to any other college; I felt like I was a part of a family away from home.


I chose to look at only small, private liberal arts colleges similar to Albion. However, Albion has an honors business program called Gerstacker that I was immediately enthralled by the first time I looked at the school. The program has a few business classes required each semester; including accounting, finance, and economics. During junior or senior year the student is required to have two internships, one may be abroad. I thought this would be a great experience for one wanting to go into business as a career which is why I picked Albion as my college.


The school is small and everyone knows eachother, and everyone is friendly. The teachers really care about you. Last semester, I missed two classes in a row, and my professor personally emailed me to make sure that I was alright. Albion College also guarantees students a job once they leave school, if you do not find a job in your field, the college will hire you.


In comparison to other schools I would definitely have to say that the attention students get from professors and how helpful they really are. It's already a smal campus and to get attention and always feel like someones listening is a great feeling


My school is small which would appeal to people who are looking to make close friends. The education that you would receive will only increase your odds in obtaining the best career. Also my school provides small class sizes which allow for you to communicate with classmates and professors.


A more personal relationship with professors that allows you to get the help you need when you need it.


Albion is unique in comparison to other schools I considered because everybody is very personable and there are so many activities held by students. They are very fun and keep us from being bored.


I knew I wanted to attend a small school, but the reason whey Albion stood out was because of its atmosphere. Everyone on campus knows each other because of its size, and this creates a true bonding experience that not many others schools have. When I first visited campus, everyone smiled at me and I felt right at home. We all bond over things that others schools don't possess, like the fact that it's really exciting to drive to Marshall for a movie, or that we get spoiled only having to walk 5 minutes to our classes.


The one on one relationship between the professors and students. Also the students don't view there classmates as competition.


The small class sizes, extremely friendly campus and small town community feel


We have many organizations that work to provide free intertainment, as well as look to provide a positive and fun expirence throughout the college.


The have concentrations along with majors and minors.


The personal attention you get from your professors.


Everywhere on campus feels like home. Everyone is friendly and makes Albion a great place.


Albion is a decently-sized liberal arts college--it's not too big, but it's not too small. I feel like Michigan State would have been too large for me, and a school like Adrian would have been far too small.


academic rigor, equestrian program, and great science facilities


It provides a supportive liberal arts enviroment and, for better or worse, the environment provides a hand to hold through much of the college experience


The style of the buildings, and the small size of thr campus.


Small classes, individualized projects and assignments, ability to do what exactly interests you as far as your major, no limitations on ability to move ahead in classroom or career.


Albion College has the perfect class sizes. They are highly selective in who the accept into the college. The professors are experts in their feild, therefore you are definetly getting your money's worth. They have excellent facilites when it comes to pre med, pre law, communications, fine arts and social sciences. The have excllent resources academically and socially.