Albion College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Greek life at Albion College is not the stereotype presented in movies - go to Greek events and give it a chance. Also, if you're looking to just go to class on exam days, find a different college. Your absence is noticable, and teachers do care. On that note, you will be recognized by your fellow students, so if you're looking to disappear in college, Albion probably isn't the best choice. However, the smaller school size does make it easier to make friends, particularly if you're more of an introvert. Go Brits!


I wish I had known more about accounting; I chose to go into business without having much of a background for the classes involved. A lot of the students in my financial acocunting class had already taken a similar class, or at least a basic acocunting class. I had never taken an accounting class and everything I learned was a new concept for me, which made the class quite difficult.


Before going into Albion I wish someone would have put into perspective the expense of going to private school that saw their role as a parent to the students. Albion did not allow students to live off campus at any point which kept prices high and was very strict about their drinking policy. Furthermore their liberal arts education did not provide skills that communicated well into the job market and did not emphasize practical hands on experiences. Going to school here was more like a traditional opportunity to find your future husband or wife then an actual education.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known more about the basketball problem because I am an athlete here. I also wish I would have known more about what type of opportunities I would be able to complete while I was here. It would have given me a better understand of how much experience I would recieve. It would have been important to know how dorm-life was and how living with a roommate really is.


One key piece of advice that I would give myself would be to think carefully about which major I should pursue instead of choosing one at my whim. In the beginning of the college year, I came in thinking that I wanted to go pre-med, when my passion lies in the psychology field. I had my heart so set on going pre-med, that it was a disapointment to me since i thought i knew what i wanted from the begining.


Most of the kids that go to this school are rich and from suburbs of Detroit. This is not a school for free thinkers. It is a very expensive party school.


The specifics of courses offered.


I wish I'd realized what a big part of campus social life is driven by Greek life. However, I will say that I was not in a social Greek organization and I still managed to have a good time by belonging to other organizations.


I wish I would have known how difficult it is to find a campus job.


It is expensive.


How dead the surrounding area is.


You are forced to live in on-campus housing all 4 years of attendance, most of which require you to be on a full board plan. The college owned housing kicks you out during all breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break).


I wish I had known more about living in dorms and how to deal with roommate disputes.