Albright College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life and sports rule the party scene. There are over 200 clubs to choose from and most do not require weekly meetings. Albright requires students to go to "experience events" in order for them to graduate, so those are usually pretty packed. I suggest showing up about half an hour in advance. I met all of my closest friends from living in the same dorm as them. People always have their doors open and are very friendly. There is a bowling alley a couple minutes off campus and the Pagoda is a pretty popular place to walk to.


Greek Life rules the campus. While it is not my scene, many students belong to a sorority or fraternity. A popular activity among students (Greek or not) is "ponding". This entails tossing your friend into the pond on campus when it is their birthday. Weekends on campus are dead. There are a few events, yes, but most students leave for the weekend, and the food also is lacking. It is hard to get somewhere off campus without a car. However, during the week, there are many "Experience Events" and these vary from guest speakers, interactive activities and workshops, and comedy, magic, and improv shows. After all, Albright made the list of the top 25 most artistic schools in the nation!