Albright College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Choosing a college is a lot of work, and choosing the right college is very stressful. The first time I stepped onto Albright College's campus I knew it was where I was intended to be. My search was not stressful because I just followed my heart. I love the friendly, small campus atmosphere. The small campus community gives me a chance to be known for the little things that I do to help make a difference in my school. I knew that a big school was not for me because I wanted to have a lasting connection with my professors. Albright college allowed me to have the comfort of a home away from home feeling. I was very nervous to move from home, but once I was greeted by the friendly students all my fears disappeared. I appreciate how Albright has the friendliest staff and professors working their. They all want us to succeed and accomplish our dreams. All of my professors have an open door policy, and they stay late to help their students who are having a little trouble in class. There are so many opportunities for me at Albright that I get mad because I will never be able to take advantage of them all. I found a college that is more than just a place to better my education I found a place to make memories. I am proud to call Albright my family.