Alcorn State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who enjoyed high school, or those fashion and status impresionable would thoroughly enjoy themselves.


The type of person/persons that shouldn't attend Alcorn State University is someone who is lazy, unintrested in attending classes, someone who is only there to have fun or play around. Anyone who is not intrested in getting a good education, someone who is up to no good, bad influence on others. A person who is not intrested in making something good for their life have no business being at this school or any other instution of learning. Someone who is just out to waste time exspectily some one elses, such as the professor's, advisor's, and adminstrators.


The type of people who shouldn't attend Alcorn State University are the people who are closed minded. Alcorn is a school of new ideas in every corner. If you are not use to new things happening around you then Alcorn State University isn't the school for you.


I think every person should look into Alcorn State University. It's actually an amazing school and I wouldn't say no one should not attend.


The kind of student that should not attend is someone that only comes there just to have a good time. What I mean is someone who likes to party all the time, and he or she does not put there work first before any activity that is going on at school. If the student is just coming to get away from their parents is also another reason that person shouldn't attend this school, or someone who goes to the school because the tuition is inexpensive; resulting that he or she does not likte the campus that they are attending.