Alcorn State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell him to take the ACT over and study for it because a 22 is good but if you got that your junior year without studying think about how better it would be with the new knowledge you are learning this this. If you succeed in getting a better score there will be more scholarship opportunities and if you don't get a higher score keep trying until you do.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have so many things to say extending beyond the realms of college. As a high school senior, I really enjoyed myself and life. As a college student, I still do have fun and live life to the fullest, but it is all about time management and setting my priorities. If I could talk to my high school self, I would advise myself to first and foremost stay away from the college guys because they do not have the best intentions at times. I would tell myself that guys could most definitely wait until a later time and just focus on furthering myself and being a little selfish and being all about me. I would tell myself to continue to be my primary advisor because sometimes academic advisors can put a girl on the wrong path. I would also tell senior me to visit my faculty advisors early because they provide so much information and aid, and both women (with doctorate degrees) are so motivating and want nothing more to steer me in the right direction. I would leave with a slight push.


Transitioning from high school to college was a major step. The only advice that I would have given myself was not to eat every single day in the campus cafe. I took it as a joke when I heard people say they gained the Freshman 15, but now I know it is nothing but the truth. Other than that, nothing else came as a surprise. I was aware of what I was going into.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would also tell myself, even though my ACT score was acceptable for the university I wanted to attend and I already had a scholarship; I still should have retaken that test as much as possible to improve my score as much as possible.


It’s the beginning of something amazing! I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to make mistakes, everyone fails before they make it big. When you're in college, what you learn is entirely up to you; if what you learned excites you, chase that passion relentlessly. If you get stuck along the way, its okay to ask questions; believe me, you may think you have it figured out, but you don’t. Yes, its college life, and I know you want to have fun. Keep in mind there will always be another party. You can save some money by choosing the parties wisely. While you're there develop a budget, you will thank me later. In college get involved with educational clubs on campus and extracurricular activities, you won’t regret it. Remember that education is not a race; you WILL get to the finish line. Last but most certainly not least enjoy the experiences you have during college, you will miss them more than you think. The decisions and experiences you encounter in college can affect your entire life. Some of those decisions may have been bad, just think about what you have learned from them.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I advise myself to do more research and look at more schools. I was more set on going to a particular school and following my own plan for my life; which ironically is the exact opposite of what happened and how I ended up attending ASU. Research is a useful skill especially for collegiate purposes not only that, the more information you have to work with the better the chances are that you will make the best decision. I didnt get a chance to choose my destiny in this situation, it chose me. So to help elevate some of the stress and anxiety associated with this transition and college life in general; I take control, of yourself, your journey and in the end your success! Do your research, come prepared and I know you can execute, so thats no worry. College is what you make it, but the preparation is up to you.


If I could go back in time, I would study harder in school. I would have took the a.c.t everytime they had it. I would have applied for more scholarships and be more involved in clubs at school. I would tell myself to run harder in track. I would have just prepared myself more in college. I would have helped people by giving them advice about college. I would tell also tell myself to get more letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors. That is what advice i would i give myself if i went back in time.


Hello past Carrie. This is your future self speaking. I know this is strange, but please hear me out. I know right now you think you have everything figured out, but college is very different from high school. So I am here to give you some well needed advice. There are three things I’m going to need you to change in order for you to make it. Those are your study habits, your time management/priorities, and your relationship/friendships. First off, your study habits. It’s time to start studying! I know in high school you can get by without studying, but college is different. There are going to be more lectures and professors are not going to waste time going over every small detail. Next, your time management. Stop procrastinating! Always use your time wisely and the quicker you get your assignment done, the better. Lastly, your relationships. Don’t get too caught up in what people say or feel about you. Trust me, life goes on and you will meet new, exciting people. So if a relationship/friendship doesn’t work, don’t sweat it. I know this advice will help you, so use it wisely!


I would tell myself that college is no joke and that everything I do determines not only my future but me as a person. I can and will perform all academic tasks to a high degree of competence. I will prepare consistently because it reflects a commitment to become a productive member of society. I will respond to advice and criticism in a positive way. I would consistently demonstrate the highest personal and professional qualities during my undergrad and graduate experiences at Alcorn State University. Through good citizenship, high achievements and persistence, all proves I have the ability to succeed. No matter what I do, I am a leader. To always feel that I am a strong candidate for whatever I’m doing because even with the obstacles in my life that most people don’t have, I can overcome them and succeeded. No matter how hard the situation is, or people telling me I’m not going to make it, I can do whatever I put my mind to.


When looking at universitys for athletics pay more attention and start earlier. Talk to the coaches to see if they actually know what they are talking about. Visist the university before committing, pick somewhere that snows, humididty is awful. Do not be so shy, your future bestfriends are utterly amazing, and yes you will need a textbook for every class, try harder to get more finicial aid to afford those books, soccer scholarships do not cover every expense. Go to every special guest speaker at Alcorn, they are amazing and insperational. Get a meal plan with next to no meals in the cafe, that should have been your first hint, it is called a cafe, not a dinning hall. Smile and work hard, Pre-season will fly and so will the school year. Enjoy the university you choose, and love your teammates.


When I became a senior of Greenville- Weston High School, I had mind set on graduation day. After I walked acrossed that stage to receive my diploma on May 24, 2012, I was excited to get away and experience this new chapter called college. However, my mind was set upon only the positive outlooks of being a college student, such as meeting new people, living on my own, and doing whatever I please. When I entered the gates of Alcorn State University in August 2012, my life automatically changed for the better and worst. From a positive outlook, the college life has taught me how to do a lot for myself, such as being punctual, responsible, and precautious. On the other hand, I have discover some bad habits that the college life has developed within me, such as having Freshman 15, laziness, and experiencing social activities that negatively affect me. As a current college freshman, I have learned that college can make or break someone. If I was to go back into time to give myself advice when I was in highschool, it would be to focus on my future first before settling for my desires that can done later.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that following your high school boyfriend to college could be the biggest mistake of your life. I would tell myself to explore your college options and choose a place that fits your personaity and who you are. I would also tell myself to enjoy senior year so that you won't enter college with any regrets. I would let myself know that going through your freshman year wishing you could go back and re do senior year because of that same boy ruins your first year of college experience. I would also tell myself to follow your dreams no matter what because you get one life and one chance. The biggest piece of advice I would have to give myself would be that if its meant to be, then it will be.


If I could go back to talk to myself ,when I was a high school senior, I would start by saying that I am very proud of you for making the decision to continue your education and better your life. I would say to myself, you set a goal and had a dream and went for it no matter how hard and how scared you were in moving away from home. Yes, it was the right move to make. Stay focus, don't have to much fun on your down time. Don't every forget to pray and thank God for your blessings. Don't forget where you came from and lose who you really are. If you keep focus on your goals you will suceed in the creer of your choice. You will become a contributing entity to socity. Don't worry about your health, God will take care of you. The camps is so beautiful, with most of your class mates attending from high school, you will be just fine.


If I could have such a wonderful chance to go back in time and talk to myself to better my near future, it would be quite forefeeling. There are many things I wish I knew back then. The most important things I would teach myself would be balance, to dedicate myself to achieve my full potential, and to make better decisions. If only I could have made a few minor adjustments to my life, how much better I would have been. Decisions make cause and effect type reactions, which can trigger good or bad outcomes. My days as a senior were not the easiest days. Balance is something I merely lacked. If I could have slowed down to go home to study,maybe I would have been better off, but coming home from work late trying to do homework when I’m exhausted was very tiring. One talk with myself would have brightened my future. I wish I could have told myself to never doubt yourself, to live up to your full potential. All I needed to do was fully dedicate myself. If only I had gotten that extra push, motivation to pull through. Perseverance is something I would demand.


The opportunity to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior would prove invaluable. I would take the time to tell myself to never stop believing in my dreams, and take every opportunity that presents itself. I would tell myself that I am everything that I need and that I can finish every dream that I have started. I would not allow myself to give up or doubt that I have everything it takes to transform into the nurse and professional that I am currently working towards. I would put confidence and determination into the heart of my younger self and allow myself to see through my wiser more mature eyes. I would tell myself that every opportunity is God's way of letting me know that, "You can do this and I have bigger plans for you!" I would let myself know that life proves hard, but not harder than what I can overcome. I would empower myself and set my heart on the goals and dreams that now motivate me to obtain more and better for myself and my family. I would tell myself to have confidence, hope and to always love myself!


The advice I would give to myself is to not fold to peer pressure and always stay true to yourself. Don't let new friends or a new surrounding determine the kind of person you are. If you have to change anything about yourself, no matter how small, then maybe the person or the situation isn't worth it. If it was meant for you to do certain things and act a certain way, you'd have ALREADY been doing so. Don't change, remain the same because that's whats so unique about you. . . you're you.


Being a student here at Alcorn State University has shown me many things. Knowing what I know now about collage there are many things I would tell my younger self if I had the chance. I would firstly tell myself that collage is indeed a challenge, but if I stick to studying I will do great. I would tell myself that there are many things that will distract me and try to come in between me and my coarse work, but I have to stay strong and push myself. I would also tell myself that being closer to God will not be such a bad idea either because as I get older there will be obsatacles in my way that will try to stop me from being successful and if i want to be successful in life, I cannot lose focus on what is more important. As a young adult looking back, I would give myself the advice of not hanging around the wrong crowds becuase hanging around the wrong crowd can sometimes put me in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong things. I believe that if I had followed this advice it could have helped.


The advice I would give myself is to make better grades and to study harder. I believe if I would have did better and not have slacked off I would have recieved a full schlorship to werever i wanted to go.


Growing up I was quite naive as we all were. I did a lot of things that I regret and it's a lot of useful intimations that I would go back and refer to my younger self. I definitely could've used that then. I was ignorant in my younger years I didn't have open ears during those times. A lot of what I acccomplished that year was my own fault. If i could go back and talk to myself I would advise myself to make the most out of those high school days and enjoy every moment. I would have known that you have to be adroit and know how to plan out your schedule. I would've told myself about being more active in school activities and being more into school itself. It's a priveledge to be able to attend a college. I would have told myself to study harder, play basketball, get the girls I really wanted. I would send myself fully preparedto go in the world on my own. If that was possible it would've been alot easier back then it those golden days that I miss so dearly.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be as follow: College life is very exciting but understands that you are a new student at a new school and you have a great deal of responsibilities. Even though it doesn’t seem like it at first, you will soon realize how full your plate really is. The main piece of advice I can give you is to always go to class and be on time. Regardless of how you feel in the morning, get up and go to class. Being an attendance in class means a lot to the teachers and speaks highly of your character. I understand that you are familiar with a tardy bell in high school but in college there are no tardy bells. Another piece of advice I can give you is to manage your time wisely. You will have a lot of free time on your hands so when a teacher gives you an assignment, go to the library and complete it the same day the teacher gives it to you. Do not procrastinate on any assignment because you will stress yourself out when the due date becomes closer.


I would most definitely go back and tell myself to save more than half of my pay checks. I would start budgeting now on the stuff that I think I might need while in college. I would tell myself to apply to all scholarships that I am qualified for. I would tell myself to take the ACT everytime that it's offered and just not when I've scored the score I wanted. I would tell myself to start preparing my mind now, and not wait until I get to college and prepare then.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would say a lot. The most important advice I would give would have to be that if you are going to have your best friend as your roommate, be prepared for what could happen as a result. Keep it in mind that everyone you meet is not your friend. Everyone has intentions whether they are good or bad, so be mindful of how you treat people and of what you say around people. Also, never put friends or anything before your schoolwork. I did that my first semester. I had an A at midterms in my College Algebra class, but I ended up with a C because I neglected my work. So with that being said, I would advise you not to procrastinate either. Make sure you what you major in interests you, and get involved on campus. Lastly, never forget your roots. Remember who you are and always carry yourself well. Stay in church because college can either bring you closer to God or pull you away from Him. Stay focused and best of luck!


To my High-School Self, -You aren’t as smart as you think you are! Just because you did well in AP English doesn’t mean you can rely solely on your intelligence. There’s more to be accomplished other than thinking you're smart, but hard work and perseverance can get you there. -The early bird gets the scholarship! Get those scholarship applications in early since the less you have to work to pay for books, the more time you can spend studying them! -Debt is Bad! Do all you can to get college paid for, as a debt-free start after college can leave you with the resources to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be impossible if you’re paying excessive minimum balances.-Getting a degree doesn’t guarantee a job! It takes perseverance and dedication to secure and prepare for interviews, network with peers and develop a career. -Welcome to the Real World! Since graduating, I’ve realized that the “College Life” isn’t a microcosm of the “Real World”, but an ideal. Realize that the opportunities and relationships in college are fleeting, so enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I think I would tell myself college is nothing to play with and coursework is some difficult, but high school is way better than college. I would also tell myself be better prepared to work and study so that I can prosper and I have keep a grade point average of 4.0 and work extremely hard and hard work will pay off in the future.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself when i was in high school there are a lot of social and academic advice that i would give. First of all, in college I would tell myself to always remember the importance of what comes first in school and life. College is a big step and it is not all about partying and having fun you really have to be dedicated and focused on your long term goals without letting anything hold you back. I would be really careful to mention that education and a social life is something that has to be equally distributed throughout your entire college career. When it comes to sports, first you must always to remember that without academics sports of any kind do not exist. I would tell myself to not get attracted by all of the things that happen on campus because some of the festivities can hinder your focus without you even knowing it. Even though sports would have been my main hobby, I would have encouraged myself to try to be involved in other activities in my spare time. Being successful means being a "Jack of all Trades."


If I could some how go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would first and foremost tell myself to work on my organizational skills. In college, I quickly learned that when I am not completely organized it is very easy for me to forget a certain task. In addition to better organizational skills, I would make sure that i was prepared to deal with the many different personalities that I would encounter on any college campus. I am in the vacinity of hundreds of different people every day, and one must be open minded, well mannered, understanding, and friendly to get along with any one that I encounter. I would have also told myself to get an habit of doing more than the expected when it comes to academics. When you put more effort into your assignments it is noticed, and it helps to "stay ahead of the game" and learn more. Last but not least, I would let myself know that when I enter college it is okay to be involved in different clubs and organizations as a freshman. Starting to get involved early acutally helps to build much needed social skills.


If I were able to go back in time and give my "high school senior" self some advice, I would have a lot to say. I would tell myself, first, to always seek God for my strength and to seriously get saved and confess Christ as my savior. I wasn’t saved when I started college, but in my junior year I did genuinely surrender myself to God. Christianity is more important to me now that it ever has been, and I know it will help me stay strong in school. Next, I would tell myself to stay focused on my school work and studying; to not get lazy when the work gets hard. Don't be afraid or too shy to seek help and tutoring when needed. Do not rush into a relationship because it may cause unnecessary stress, and it may also be unhealthy and cause me to not focus as hard as I need to on course-work. Also, to seriously figure out who I am and who I would like to be, and to have a strong character and discernment when associating with people and gaining friends. This would be great advice, knowing what I know.


I gradusted from high school in 2009 and I'm still a freshmen in college because I jumped into college head first not knowing what I really wanted to do in life and how I wanted to do it. So if I could go back in time to take to my high school self, I would tell myself to buckle down and get focused and decide now what I want to do and how I want to do it. Time is of the essence. I need to better my life physically and mentally. Don't be afraid to reach for the stars. Life is too short to play around and I should try my best to be a better me. I know you you can do it. I believe in you.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is to apply for as much scholarships as possible and to complete my fafsa as soon as possible! I would tell myself to keep my grades up and to be very active while in school to increase my chances of earning scholarships. I would tell myself to focus on school and school only and I would tell myself to take care of my responsibilities for school first before anything else.


Hey young fella, this is Alcorn, and if you put your mind to it, you can graduate in four years. Its gone be a lot of things that will sidetrack you but you cant let it get to you. If you say no to a lot of the negative things, you will surely make it. All I want you to do is meet tons of people, go to class everyday, study, and have fun.


If I could travel back to my senior year, I would have a very indepth talk with my younger self. I would tell young(er) me to not allow yourself to be "shoe-horned" into the same group of friends you came in with. Alcorn is a family oriented school, and nearly all of the people there are more than willing to help those in need, you could easily branch out and meet people that will have great and positive influences on your life. I would also tell myself to experience all that life has to offer. Over these four years you will be given opportunities to live life to its fullest, take full advantage of them. Do not let anyone hold you back from your goals or from enjoying this time, because you never know if you will have as free a time as this. I wouldnt want to give myself too much advice, for fear of changing the experiences that I have had over these four years. My time at Alcorn has been the best years of my life, and I am eternally grateful for them.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school the best advice I could give is "To thine own self be true." Transitioning from high school to college is an exciting time but staying true to yourself and keeping always keeping your goals in front of you will be extremely helpful in a new setting. You will meet people with extremely diverse goals, backgrounds, and personalities. It is very easy to lose sight of yourself being surrounded with a slew of wonderfully interesting new people. My sophomore year I began working as a Resident Assistant on campus and I was exposed to a whole new social scene. I met friends that I will have for a lifetime. But my GPA dropped drastically. The next school year was intense because I had to catch up. Yes, I was successful and my GPA is now average but many of my classmates flunked out. The most important thing you can learn in college is not taught in any classroom; who you are. Stay true to yourself and your goals and no matter where the path of life leads you will prosper.


In my first semester of school, I have learned responsibility. In high school, I was taken care of by my mom who did everything for me. In college, I no longer had a person to confide in so I had to confide in myself to make decisions. When I decided to go to a HBCU, everyone thought that I was not making the right decision because I wouldn't be getting a diverse look at life. That is not so. At Alcorn State, I encountered all kinds of people of all races and cultures and everyone has a story. This is valuable because in the workplace your future boss looks at your ability to handle all situations and all kinds of people. With me being also in the band, I handle all kinds of attitude whether strong or weak because the band is a team just as college is a team.


During my college experience I plan to discover who I am and what I want to set out to be. During high school I was set on becoming a early childhood educator but second thoughts made me question what I really wanted out of life. I wanted to be happy but yet have a stabled job. At Monroe Community College I am able to take a variety of classes and join many programs to help me make a decision. This college offers classes from Ancient Chinese History to Health and Safety in the Workplace. While being enrolled at MCC it has allowed me to take explore my options and understand all that i want to be. They give you the experience that you need to begin working in your desired field. I know that when the time comes to transfer to a four year school that I will not regret my decision for registering at Monroe Community College.


While attending Alcorn State University, I have gotten the best that college life can offer. I have amazing friends, classmates, and professors, but most of all I have gained a solid education, alongwith southern heritage and a sense of our rich history. I have learned how to accomodate to the worst of times and celebrate in the best of times which has ultimately made me stronger and more aware of who I really want to be. It has been valuable to attend because I now know how to survive, adapt, and think clearly in challenging situations. Attending Alcorn has taught me to value education because the professors here value education and I believe cherishing education has been valuable in itself. I may attend a small, Heritage Black College/University, but education is very important to me. It is simply my last life line to make my dream a reality. My university may not get the best of the best; however, it produces the best of the best and I will never regret my choice of attending Alcorn State University.


Out of my college experience, I have gained new determination and insight of myself. When you go to school, everyone has an idea of where they want to go with their major. But lets be honest, most people pick those majors because it is alot of money in that industry, but what happened to doing it because you are passionate about it! I love the way Psychology always changes, the way you can experiment and think of a new theory just by analyzing. It is essential to attend college to not only become independent but to learn more about your independence. It takes time to learn how to network, how to market yourself and that is what you learn in college. I would advise anybody to do any type of college, even if it is not a 4 year university.


After a year away from school, college has been both a refreshing and a much-needed jump back into the productive and imaginitive world. One of the best parts about my collee experience has been meeting and working with so many interesting people from so many different sides of life. It's been inspiring to hear their stories, and it's been a real learning experience to be exposed to a variety of ideas different than my own. Now that I'm in a more serious, grown-up environment, I also have a greater appreciation for the education system itself. A lot of what I've learned can be directly related to the "real world," which is something I feel was kept away from me in high school. With the freedom to take whatever classes I'd like, I've been able to focus my attention on a carreer in art, and now have a steady direction to work towards in the future. Without my college experience, I may never have been able to widen my gaze of the world and direct my personal efforts towards what I'd most like to do with my life.


Even tho i have just started college recently i have learned alot and i know that you need to go to college to be able to get a good job. it has been very valuable to attend because i want to get a good education and i love school it keeps me busy.


In the little time i have been here, i have enjoyed myself. I learned that i have to put the importan things first(school work). I am happy i came here. It is valuable because I love the people and the teachers down here. Alcorn has took away my shyness.


My college experience has been going very well so far, one thing that i wish i would have known before i came to college was to stay focused and keep my studies first. College life has shown me exactly what the real world is like out there. Nothing in life is free and sometimes you have to keep going, even when everything seems as if they are going wrong. The college life has also taught me to never take anything or anyone for granted, and always keep God first.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have meet new people. I have developed as an individual and know what I want out of life. It is so valuable to attend college because it is always beneficial to get that feeling of a moment that you will always remember. You being apart of a group that will be future leaders.


If I could go back I would have been more productive with my time in school. I would have listened more and read over my lessons because now I have read a lesson on my own. There is no teacher baby sitting me and telling me what to do step by step. I also would have been more independant.


I would tell myself to read more books on our country history. I would tell myself to go out and find some one who knows not only how to do the different types of research papers ,but some one who could have given me assignments to test my knowledge on research papers. I would tell myself to correct my english so that nothing I say may be interpected as an offense response. If I could go back to talk to myself I would tell myself what I tell middle and high school students now - Better yourself in all aspect now so that you may apply yourself more later, because in order to be some one or change some thing you must first prove yourself worthy of doing so.


First i would tell myself to stay focus there are a lot of distractions in college. Which can lead to a downfall of a student. i would tell myself to be mentally prepared for the things to come like being on my own 2800 miles away from home. Being that far from home you could easily lose your ambition and the will to get up in the morning for that 8 am class. The best advice i could give myself is to keep my eye on the prize and look for what the future has in store me. Keep faith in myself and understand why you went to college. Not to be like everybody else but to make something of myself. With that i would be unstoppable.


As a high school senior, I would advise taking more difficult classes. The more difficult, the better. I would have been better equiped to handle these calculus & chemistry classes while a sophomore. I love that my professors are easy to reach & talk to now. I wouldn't have to schedule these appointments for tutorials had I simply put in the work as a high school senior. So, take the time to get to know the best teachers to prepare yourself for a successful college career. My high school GPA belied the collegiate GPA I have now. While in high school, you should also spend more time listening to people who have been when you're trying to go. They will give you the best advice. I'm trying my best to recollect everything my friends & family have told me. I know that information will have most certainly come in handy when it cames time for financial aide & housing. Thank goodness, I have a good academic advisor now & I had a good counselor during high school . They both did a great job of keeping me on track. Last but not least, thank my parents. They believe in me.


I would advise parents to encourage students to pick a school that fits into the background they are use to or feel more comfortable with. For example would you take a student who grew up in the city life and stick them in a school in the country. The student would not feel comfortable and would not apply themselfs to do their best. I say allo w the students to research a school of their choice before you decide to interven and pick for them because thats where you want them to go.


I believe that it's very important for a student to attend a college that he or she wants to attend and not because they want to satisfy anyone else. They should consider class sizes and and campus size. The distance of the school should also be considered.


I would tell the parents and/or students who are working on finding the right college for themselves to look for the college that is great in academics and also extracurricular activities.


Find a college that has the interest of the student. And make sure your getting what you pay for!!


You only get to live the college life once, make the most of it. In choosing a college that is best for the student , consider every aspect of the school and child possible. Make visits to all schools and consider all schools. Look for home/family based campus settings. Look for colleges that support majors and arts, culture and ethnicity. A school with a high percentage of diversity will be a great experience. Make sure the credibility of the school is up to part and be sure to check the status of academics. Talk to professors, administrators, even students just out and about. Make a personal checklist for yourself and try to obtain one from either a high school/ college counselor and check each item off that applies to each college being considered and the college that fits the checklist the most should trigger your decision.