Alderson Broaddus University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates seem to be focused and quite attentative. I believe many students who attend this school have their priorites straight, and have goals they are striving to reach. Many students, including myself attend class every day. Realistically, just as any other college some students have some priorities to straighten out in their lives, but in general I am a proud Alderson-Broaddus College Battler.


My classmates are welcoming, friendly, unique, and are some of the people I can see myself being friends with for the rest of my life.


Individuals that work hard and realize that we are here to get an education to better our future and the future generations.


Most of the classmates are open to new ideas, focused on their studies, and honest people, but some are there more for the partying than the classes.


My classmates are very friendly, helpful, and if need be supporting.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.