Alfred University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Alfred University is best known for its Ceramic Engineering Program and its Football team. The Engineering program is one of the top in the country and the football team is one of the top in the Empire 8 Division so it attracts many athletes.


Alfred University is best known for being a small school. All of the professors care about your academic standing and want you to succeed. The campus is small enough for you to know a lot of people and it truly has a home-like feel to it.


Ceramics, Football, Excellent School


art, mostly ceramics and glass also we are known for our engineerring programs


My school is best known for its art program and engineering program. For sports my university is known for its football team.


school of art and design, ceramics


Alfred University is known for the Art and Engineering programs.


Very strong programs. The art school puts up an amazing show at the end of the year for senior's art work, and some of the engineering and other programs have international renown.