Alfred University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person with money and ability to study hard without letting anything distract them.


Someone who wants a personalized education should attend Alfred. The ratio of students to professors is extremely low, and the programs are varied - from fine art to engineering. Alfred has a beautiful campus, and a very caring, supportive, individualized learning envirnoment.


A student interested in Alfred University should be someone who is committed to their academics and enjoys a community like atmosphere. Alfred students are very friendly and accepting of each other's differences, be it sports, academic major or ethnic background. Students who are looking for a comfortable transition from the comforts of home will be happy at Alfred because of the supportive atmosphere and small size of the college.


Someone that likes a small school where theres not a lot to do like shopping or dance clubs. Its a very artsy school but also has good programs for sciences and business. Sports are good but not the best. You will experience every type of weather. There is a lot of snow and very cold during the winter.


Any kind of person can attend this has something for everyone. You just have to like (or not mind) being in the middle of nowhere, away from any major cities.


You've got to love the cold, and be ready to work with other, at least if you and engineer.


somone open to new experiences and new people


someone who dosen't mind working and finding alternative ways to have fun


Its a really art/design and engineering centered school. So I suppose that someone who was strongly into these fields should look into it.


A majority of the students are very liberal and outgoing. The community is very artistic and generally hard working. The campus is in an extremely rural area so someone who does not mind that kind of life.