Alice Lloyd College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my high school self I would tell myself to stop working and worrying so much and be the teenager that I was. Coming to college is fun, don't get me wrong, but its a lot of work. You have homework, studying, work and so much more in college. In high school you didn't even have to study for a test and you could pass, in college you can study all week and barely get a C. It's good that you're focused on your future but if there is one thing I would want back, it would be just one more football game in the middle of the fall. Enjoy your life because eventually, college is going to take it over.


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I needed to get prepared for college is that I should have looked for even more scholarships. I should have looked for at least one a day my entire senior year. College is not something easily payed for so scholarships are a neccesity and a blessing to have. I would also tell myself that I should have stayed in the regular classes instead of dual enrolling. I have always made great grades but the online classes I was taking was surprisingly challenging for me. At the time I did not know but it is common for some students to learn better in a classroom environment. Overall, I would tell myself to keep doing what I was doing, just change those things and I would be fine.


Take your time in figuring out who you are. Do your own thing and stay true to who you know you are. But do not be afraid to step out and try something new; you might discover something you love.


Be prepared to work hard and study all the time. If you don't do this, you will not make good grades. Take the time to actually learn the material and not just memorize.


I will give my self plenty of advice by focusing on my work in class and paying attention and study more to earn good grades and i will like to make a transition in going to another college as i finish at a two year college. I also will like to plan goals ahead that i have planned for my self. And i also liked high school when i was a senior because we had class compentations against each other then the class that has the most points wins the compentation. That is why i like college because that is an great experience in my life you get to meet alot of people at the college that you don't even know and you can get to know them by being friends and talking to them. Alot of times you can plan different goals for your life and how to manage them to your career plan in the future. That will make alot of people happy about the transition that they have made in there life time and they can make alot of plans for there self I am positive person to be around i love people that are respectful.


I would tell myself to look for as many scholarships as possible. College is extremely costly and the books are more than I ever thought they could be. I thought that my GPA of a 4.3 would help get me scholarships, but honestly it didn't. I needed to search and take scholarships more seriously. I did search for scholarships but I didn't dedicate the correct amout of time to completing them. I would advise myself that fun and friends can come a little later and to just take at least one whole day to find and complete any as many scholarships as possible.


If I could go back and time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to still work hard but still make time for fun. Time management is key is college. You have to go to classes, work, and make time to study. With all of this to do, students often get stressed and forget about having fun. If you don't make time for fun and friends you'll get burned out and not want to work as hard. Managing your time may seem difficult at first but will pay off later. Just remember, these are the best times of your life.


Never doubt yourself. You know exactly who you are and what you want to be. It may be hard getting there but worth the effort. Trust me all that time you spent studying for math will help you out later. Aside from that just sit back and enjoy because it goes by fast.


The best advice that I could give a prospective college student is to not choose a college just because someone else is going to attend that particular college. My mother often told me that if you can not attend a college on your own, then you are not mature enough to go away to college. Don't go just because someone else is going there. In order to make your college experience the most that it can be is to make sure to get involved. The local religious Student Union is a good place to start. Then after you have become accustomed to the campus ,check a fraternity or sorority. But don't worry ,if these are not for you, there are many other organizations especially volunteer or community action organizations that you can join. Make sure to make friends that are around you first. For instance, your roommate or other people in your dorm can become some of the best friends that you will have in your lifetime. The bottom line is to get involved. You'll have a wonderful college experience if you do.


The advice that i would give parents and students in finding the right college is that to search for a college that attracts you and lets you express your true self. If you like art, pick a college that has a strong humanitities emphasis ect. Pick a school that will allow you to express your self the way you wish too. Also, you need to pick a college that wont distract you from doing your academic studies, because maybe a college with 3 bars on or around campus isnt for you, or isnt a good thing for you. And a word to parents, let you children choose where they plan to attend college, for it is their life, career and their choice.


Go and take a tour of the colleges you are interested in. I did and I fell in love with this campus. As for parents try to get the financial aid for your child in as soon as possible because the later it gets the less money you will have.


I would advise students, and parents alike, to visit the campus' of the schools they are considering. Visit with everyone. Get to know the people on campus. Make sure the school offers the program of study the student wants to pursue. Secondly, the student needs to assure they will be happyon this campus. As a parent of college students, as well as a college student myself, I would ensure that the campus is safe and that my child is going to be in a safe, secure learning environment. Students get involved in activities on the campus. Get to know the other students, the faculty, and staff. This campus will be your home away from home. Treat others with respect and kindness and the same courtesy will be returned to you. Most of all remember college is not just an educational experience in the classroom, but a learning environment in socialization skills and maturity. Parents remember the student who enter the campus as a freshmen are not the same people who will walk across that stage four years laters. At this time they will be adult men and women who are ready to thrive and succeed in the world.


As a sophomore at Alice Lloyd College, I can say that I am satisfied with my decision to be in the small city of Pippa Passes working towards my goals. However, during the my final year of high school I was torn between living the city life at the University of Eastern Kentucky or going up a "holler" in the middle of nowhere to Alice Lloyd College. The adivce I would give to someone who is trying to find the right college is that they visit all of their options. After visiting EKU, I soon realized that I would not enjoy walking the long distances between my classes and dormitory. At ALC I know that most of my classes are in the same building, or just merely a hop and a skip away (which comes in handy during the rain). When looking for the right school, one must consider the atmosphere. Are the students at the particular college friendly? How about the professors? Once the correct college has been chosen, one must try to make the most out of their college experience by meeting new people by joining clubs and study groups; get to know peers and teachers alike.


When looking for a college to go to that accentuates you and what you believe in is hard in this day and age. However, when looking for colleges, I would recommend making a list of all the things you're looking for in a college and taking it with you when you go to visit the colleges you've applied for. This way you can remember what all you're looking for and what appeals to you the most. Also look at the cost of the college. The cost of going to college is a huge factor when looking at schools. It is one of the top reasons that people decide not to go to college. Speaking from experience, there were lots of colleges that I would've liked to attend but I couldn't because of the cost. Then I found Alice Lloyd College. It's the perfect college for me and I've never been happier. It feels like my home away from home. That's what people need to look for in a college. They need to make sure they're going to feel comfortale there and think of that school as their second home.