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Allan Hancock College

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What's unique about your campus?

Within each class there are always people from every side of our community's spectrum, everyone is so conspicuously different but open as well. There is definitely a independent feeling of the town and the college, partially because it is a commuter school, and the professors respect that and are true professionals who believe in the idea of a more affordable education. Though the atmosphere can be quiet, virtually anyone would be willing to support you in some way if asked.

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I believe that the best thing about school are the activities available for the students. The student council put on a lot of activities for the students at many times through out the year. They put on school dances, have guest speakers and even offer free massages and healthy snacks during finals weeks. This helps the school feel more like a community and brings students together. It also makes school a more enjoyable experience.

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The best thing about my school is the resources that they give to students. No matter the race, size, intelligence of any student they give everyone an equal opportunity for extra or less help, to me this is what ive strived of in College.

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