Alma College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Alma: providing the opportunity to live, grow, and have nightmares about bagpipes.


The school is diverse, hard, fun, and worth while.


Alma feels like home to me and the people there have really become a part of my family.


Alma College, is a Liberal Arts college that specifys on the needs of the students. Alma is a diverse college that allows students to explore various fields of study and meet new people from different backgrounds.


My school has a gorgeous campus that's just small enough to recognize people all the way to class and back every day, including your professors who will know you by name even as a freshman; it makes you feel comfortable with your peers and your professors throughout your college experience.


it is small and comforting if you come from a small town.


To prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully and live responsibly as stewards of the world they bequeath to future generations.


Our school has a wide aray of different types of people; jocks, artists, musicians, and loners, but everyone gets along and loves to hang out with one another.


Study hard and join anything/everything you can.


Alma is a wonderful place full of friendly and intereting people, helpful professors and a great learning atmosphere.


Alma is a school that demands high expectations of yourself, but if you focus and set goals, Alma is a school that will help you reach those goals.

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