Alverno College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag the most about my school is that the teacher here are very helpful and caring. The people here too are very nice and are also ready to help others when needed. I also brag about how Alverno is a all girls school, which I love because it makes me feel proud to be a women, and that women too can make something great out of their lives.


I constantly tell my friends that Alverno College is stress free. What I mean by that is when you compare the class size of Alverno to a university, there is a huge difference. Alverno has small class sizes which allows students to have more one-on-one time with the professor. That is extremely helpful when you do not understand something in class.


Alverno College doesn't give grades, like other colleges/universities do. Alverno is more about improving your work. Instead of giving you a grade they give you feedback so that you can improve on your next assignment. Alverno has a pass or fail curriculum but if you prefer a GPA your advisor can always help you with that.


How much the teachers work with students to ensure beneficial outcomes.


I tell them how much practice I get that relates to my future career.


We don't have a lot of tests, but more papers and group projects.


That my college experiance has been a much more relaxed enviorment than high school. I emphise that Alverno is different than a regular college. I continue by explaining Alverno's eight abilities and the grading process. For people that aren't familiar with grading not by A,B,C,D but, by S & E's it's hard to explain. Alverno has a very unique way of assessing an individuals knowledge. I feel at times its better for me, because I know exactly where I have difficulty in a course by recieving my feedback.