Alverno College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sometimes the professors are unorganized, so this makes it difficult to understand some of the class concepts to be learned in class.


There's really no problem with my school. I like it all.


I wouldn't consider anything a "worst thing" but there is limited parking that can be a hassle and can usually make you late for class when you are spending 10 minutes finding a parking spot.


Nothing really.


The Worst thing I believe about Alverno College is the fact that its an all womens college. I would love to see more men attending but believe it's such a great college for that fact.


I would have to say the cost. I feel that the cost here is pretty high, I believe that if they lowered the price of schooling here, more people would attend Alverno. Its true we get a great education here but there are many smart people that would like to attend Alverno and get that education but finacial wise can't afford the living or education here.


Not academically focused enough for me. The social scene is great and there are a ton of things to do, but I don't feel my degree is going to be worth a whole lot.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of a student union or pool. Most Universities have student unions where a student can go to relax and unwind after a long day of class and studying. Our school does not have this since we are a smaller school.


You cannot slack off or skip out of classes at Alverno! Most teachers have attendance requirements: three unexcused absences (and sometimes even excused absences) and you are out. Since Alverno works with a pass/fail system instead of a grading scale, students can get confused about how well they are doing in each class. Moreover, students may feel less motivated to do their best work since they are not being graded on it.


what i consider to be the worst thing about my school is that the campus is very small. which means there are less areas for sitting and studying. i also consider the library to be the worst thing. i would have thought of it to be bigger for a college.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. It is very expensive and not affordable. The tuition for nurses goes up every year, which causes some sudents to stress out even more.


The worst thing about Alverno is the dining services. It's hard to stay healthy on campus and still keep a budget.


The food in the cafeteria!


Alverno College offers and provides an elite education. I can not provide you with " a worse thing" about my school. Although, it would me nice if my tuition was reduced 50%.


The politics of how things work on campus.


They don't have grades at this school; only satisfactory or unsatisfactory. This can be difficult if you want to transfer to a different school.


It is expensive; but they do offer scholarships and financial aid----and it is completely worth it.


I have no complaints.


the condition of the austin hall dorms because they are old and just need to be redone.


The only worst things that I could think of about Alverno college is that it isn't a very well known college in the Milwaukee area. If some people know somewhat about Alverno, they say, "isn't that an all girls school?" It gets quite fustrating when most talk amongst people are about the bigger colleges and break Alverno down as "an all girls school." Other than these things, Alverno does not have many bad things.


The worst thing is that most classes one day a week for three hours. If you have to miss one class, you're missing out on a lot of time.