Alverno College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to worry so much about financial struggles. I would tell myself to just apply for as many scholarships as you can and focus on being a well rounded student. I would have not waited so long to get involved as well. The sooner an individual networks and makes connections, the more fulfilling a person's experience can be.


The advice i would give myself is to work and study harder. I did not do well becuase I was not expecting the high school that I went to would be so academically challenging! I did not do well my first two years and I never really recovered. My GPA was a 1.9 and I would advise my senior self to improve her study habits and take school seriously. Based on my GPA my college gave me an acceptance scholarship. I was given the lowest scholarship. Grades do matter. However the classes that I took prepared me and I only regret that i did not focus more. The transition to college has not been hard due to me taking those pre college courses. So I feel that I am retaking the same classes.


If I could go back in time and talk about college life and making the transition, I would provide three pieces of advice: stay true to yourself and your dreams, become involved in a socical group, and don't be afraid to ask for help! By following one's own dreams, regardless of what others want for you, you will ultimately be more happy with yourself and in the future, doing what brings you the utmost happiness and joy out of life! Secondly, not being afraid to ask for help is important as it unveils your longing to learn more that what you already do, and in doing so, you will find assurance and become more confident in yourself along the college journey. Lastly, making friends and becoming part of a social group, whether it be just with one or two friends makes you feel more connected to college, especially if they are studying the same things you are. Having friends riding along with you on the college journey provides an unfathomoable amount of support, laughter, and happiness during the most exciting, frightening, and or frustrating times during the college experience!


If I could go back and speak to a younger version of myself; I would strongly emphasize the importance incorporating punctuality and organizational skills into my daily habits. I would elaborate further and explain the importance of: being on time, attending class, completing material in a timely manner, and staying well organized. As young professional I have learned that each of those skills are essential and aide in helping me make positively progression toward a bright future while achieving my goals.


I would tell myself to relax and that everything would work out. I was a chonic worrier and always expected the worst in my future. Knowing that everything would work out would have allowed me to really cherish my last year of high school and create memories that I would remember for a lifetime. Instead I now look back and laugh at how I was so worried and nervous about such trivial things, rather than focusing on the larger picture and what was really important.


After graduating high school in 2013, I took a whole semester off and didn’t start college until the spring semester of 2014. This was because I had no idea what college I wanted to attend or what I wanted to major in. So one thing that I would definitely go back and tell my high school senior self, is to start looking into colleges and possible majors sooner than later, and apply on time to attend the fall semester. I would also say that even if you don’t decide a major right away, it’s okay to start college with an undecided major, because the first semester’s schedule will be mostly made up of general education courses that are required for everyone anyway. At least that way you can get some idea of what you might want to major in.


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, I would tell myself that college isn't as scary as I'm thinking, but that it's definitely as hard as I'm thinking. I would tell myself that the only way I'm going to graduate, and not just graduate, but graduate with good grades, is to not be afraid to ask for help. When it comes to school there is no such thing as a stupid question, because there is a 99% chance that someone else is wondering the same thing. I would tell myself to be confident in my work when I know I've done well and to set my pride aside and admit when I haven't done so well. College is no joke, it takes hard work and patience, and I'm not always going to be able to figure it out on my own, and it's okay to ask for help. I'd tell myself do what I need to do to succeed, because nothing is more important than my education.


I would definitely remind my 18 year old self that things are only going to get more challenging yet more rewarding. I would tell myself that being a nurse is your ultimate purpose so that I could have worked on my degree sooner. I would also remind myself of how much of a survivor she is and to never give up on herself. An added reminder would be given to be patient and continue to do what is morally right because then you could do no wrong. I would tell her to keep her head up and eyes open to those around her and cherish those who support her in her life choices.


If i could go back in time to lets say my freshman year in high school I would give myself lots of advice. I would start out with telling myself not to worry about high school and start looking for scholarships because college is expensive and time consuming. I would reassure myself that I can accomplish my dreams. I would also tell myself to stay focused and ignore the bullies that enter your path. I would also inform my self about Alverno and how it is the perfect school for me. It is not big and it is a focused school. I would give myself a hug and tell myself to stay positive. Without positivity everything will feel bad and not enjoyable. My final thoughts to myself would be that you are born to be a teacher and staying organize, positive, and calm will always keep your mind at ease. Don't sweat the small stuff, and continue on your pathway to success. You can do this, and everything will work out as long as you are patient and greatful for the opportunities you are given. Good Luck!


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to take any experience for granted. The social life and experiences of college are just as important as the academics. As you start to inevitably drift away from your high school friends, you’ll form new life-long friendships with your college friends. Even if you’re tired and don’t feel like it, go to the party or go out. Going out and meeting people helps with the transition because at one point everyone was going through the exact same things as you and you can bond over it. Think of all the experiences and people you’re missing out on because you’d rather sleep! College only lasts for four years and you have the rest of your life to nap or watch Netflix. Also, take any and all opportunities to travel because you’ll never get the opportunity again to travel to another country for so cheap. Even if you think you can’t afford it, make it happen by applying for more scholarships, having a bake sale, or getting a loan. Live fully the four years you’re in college!


The advice I would give myself would be to not be so afraid. The summer between my High School graduation and my Freshman year I was full of anxiety that I wouldn't fit in, that I wasn't prepared, that I wouldn't be good enough. When I got to Alverno however I quickly found out that it's a place that's really easy to fit into. People are friendly, helpful and understanding and the work load while heavy and challenging was also doable. Professors were helpful and ready to explain subjects in more detail if you didn't understand them. All in all the transition into Alverno was easier and actually a lot more fun than I expected. All the worrying I did wasn't worth it and if I could go back I would tell myself just not to worry and to enjoy what little time as a child I had left.


I would tell myself to do even better in school. Apply for more scholarships because Alverno is not cheap. Keep up the good work. Stay focused and motivated.


I would tell myself to take college more serious. When I first went to college I did not take college serious. It did not cause me to suffer any, but I would advise my senior self to study really hard for the ACT so I can get into the college of my choice the first time around.


Enjoy the time you spend with the friends you have made of the past few years because they might not always be there.


I would tell myself to take scholarships more serious and apply for more. As a senior in high school I didn't think that scholarships would help I was relying on financial aid to help and when it was too late realized that it doesn't help at all. To save myself the stress I have had as a freshman and sophomore college studnet if I could go back in time and advice myself as a senior in high school my top advice would be to do a better job in finding college funding.


Michelle I know that your teachers, parents, and highschool advisors are pressuring you to attend college immediately after you graduate highschool, because they say if you don't you'll never go back to school. But I urge you to not listen to them! You must take your time, and go when you are in a mentally, and financially healthy place. Equally important Michelle, do not let a jobs income influence your choice of major. It's important that you follow your heart and personal interests and desires, because only they will fuel your drive to complete college and excell in your classes. Last but not least Michelle, I know your social anxiety gets in the way of your ability to meet knew people, but you must not fear living in the college dorms. In fact I strongly reccomend that you live in a college dorm for one year, because it will help college become a home for you, which is a good thing trust me! The dorms will help you to make new friends and living on campus will keep you focused by providing a quiet study enviroment and friends you can relate to. Good Luck! I love you!


If I could go back to speak to myself with the knowledge I have now it would be a short conversation. I would start with saying college is all about you. Every decision you make from this point on will determine the success you have in college. It's important for you to start mapping out your long term goals now, if they change along the way its ok. Continue to know that your family loves and support you with everything you do’ even if it doesn't always seem that way. On your journey to a higher education you will face many challenges, but there is nothing you can’t get through. Keep confidence in yourself and wake up every day knowing you have a purpose in this life.


The advice that I would give myself at a high school senior is to just keep doing what I was doing. I would still commute the two hours everyday to my university, I would still work full time, and I would still work just as hard as I did. Who I was my first year of college made me who I am today. I now have my first year of college paid off and I am now living less than one block away from my school with enough scholarships to where I can pay off my second year of college.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is that I have found the person I am, a strong, determined, inspiring young woman. Also, escaping my shell and making friends that I consider family. Throughout my high school years I had struggled academically and never would have thought about going to college because I considered myself "not smart enough." Walking through Alverno's doors, I had a feeling that I was meant to go to this school, every faculty at Alverno was and still is supportive and helpful. Alverno has a variety of resources and opportunities to become successful. With the small classes, I get more one on one interaction with my classmates and professors which is better for me to learn whether than being known as a number and not knowing my classmates. Alverno is very valuable to attend because they don’t use letter grades to grade you, they have successful or unsuccessful. Also, every assignment you do whether it is homework, assessments, or quizzes the professors gives you feedback on areas you did well on and what you need to improve.


Alverno College is the best choice for me. I am a full time mother and employee that is able to have a flexible school schedule and still be able to achieve 18 credits per semester. Alverno has made me into a strong, confident woman that is not afraid to pursue her goals. I have become a good role model for my daughters.


I have received the knowledge of knowing that I am capable of doing any job I so choose to do in the future. I have the capabilties and abilities to teach others, and be respectful of others around me. This college was valuable for me to attend because it reminded me so much of myself, private, woman, determined. I have never had such great teachers in my life, most whom I feel actually care about me. I feel empowered, and have gained so much confidence from this school that was long missing.


I've only been in college for one year, but I have gotten so much out of it in this short period of time. I have made friends that will last for life and I have gained more knowledge in my major, psychology. Attending college helped me to build some character and to become more independent. I have learned how to take care of myself and become more responisble. I have learned how to figure things out on my own and I have had fun with all of the challenges college presents. College has been a great experience and I hope to eventually receive my Masters in psychology.


I stand confident in who I am. I have established my strengths and recognized my weaknesses, I have become secure in who I am and what I am capable of becoming. Alverno is a college where I have seen myself growing and maturing as I study, furthering my education, and preparing for the rest of my life and career.


I have gotten alot out of my college experience so far, But the most important thing that i've gotten out of college life is the fact that I believe in myself. I see myself going far in life, and expecting more out of myself. I have a 1 year old daughter who I would love to tell me one day that she is proud of my accomplishments. It has been valued to attend because I believe without a college education life would be so hard, but when one does have an education and a college degree life is so easy. A teacher once told me work now play later, and the fact that I am working now on my degree assures me that at the end I will be happy and able to live life to the fullest.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I started Alverno as a student struggling to get good grades, but I had the determination to do well. Alverno has small class sizes, but most importantly the instructors care. Because of that, I was able to become the successful student I am today. I understand the material, and I can show that I know it without simply regurgitating what my instructor said; I have learned the importance of communication, community involvement, and knowledge itself. Alverno has made me want to continue my education by pursuing a master?s degree, or some other form of academic accomplishment. Alverno has helped me find who I am, and has helped me become a successful and powerful woman.


I have learned great independence and leadership at Wallace State in Hanceville, AL. I came to Wallace State for a scholarship, the community like atmosphere, and the great student involvement. I found out about the student ministries before I decided to go to Wallace State, and they were so helpful, and they really sounded like they wanted to be my friend and wanted me to come to Wallace. I also came for a volleyball scholarship. My volleyball team has taught me a lot about character, and I have learned a lot about myself as well. Wallace has allowed me to grow and learn is a safe and free environment. I do not feel threatened or judged at Wallace. I have been able to discuss real life questions and serious discussions during class with other students and professors. I do not wish to leave Wallace State, but it has prepared me to move on, and now I'm ready to further my education at a four year university.


Alverno College bases its curriculum on eight abilities that students develop and refine throughout their education. Abilities used to shape women at the school are: communication, analysis, problem solving, valuing in decision making, social interaction, global perspective, effective citizenship, and aesthetic engagement. Expansion of these eight abilities have enabled me to competently transition to the professional world as a registered nurse and present myself as a polished graduate of the Alverno College system. My current graduate work at Loyola University in Chicago in the Family Nurse Practitioner and Emergency Nurse Practitioner Program and my immediate hire at Children's Hospital of Wisoconsin as a Registered Nurse upon program completion are only two examples of success I attribute to the ability based curriculum at Alverno. I look forward to continually evolving the quality of these personal abilities through out my life and discover my potential in each field.


Having to pay for college myself has made me more conscious of my financial obligations, taught me respect, and helped me become more disciplined. Wanting to go to a four year college has always been a dream of mine. Finally, at the age of 25, I am back in school full time. While juggling a small business, spending time with my family, and going to school, it can be difficult at times. I will succeed; disciplining myself financially, using time management, and taking the risk to better myself for my family drives me. With the knowledge I retain in college, and also the life experiences it takes me to get through, I can provide a better life for myself and the ones I love.


From the time I entered Irvine Valley College I learned a very valuable lesson. I have learned that you are in control of your own destiny. No longer is anybody going to make you go to school or force you to get good grades. From being in college I have matured a great deal. There is no more time for slacking off or trying to get away with things because it simply does not work any more. Hard work and determinatin are the keyes to success which became apparent to me when I entered college.


I am a nursing major, before I came to Alverno I was at a state university. What Alverno has that a state university does not have, is team work. Alverno strongly emphasizes team work. Team work is important to me because in the health care setting you would not be able to function without team work. A hospital would not be able to run without team work. I value my experience here because it taught me how to efficiently work in a team and be a team player.


Some advice I would have given myself would have been to read more and take notes. I also would have advised myself to have taken more classes that could have helped me more with the major I am pursuing. I would have taken classes that rewarded you college credits, so I wouldn?t have to spend thousands of dollars in college. I also would have practiced how to manage my time with school, fun, and work. College is not fun and games, it?s an education you shouldn't play with and take very seriously. Fun comes once you have graduated with your degree and education. Some more advise I would have given myself is, I learn that in college there is a lot of reading and writing so I also would have told myself to write more and get that extra help when I was lost or confused. As a senior I would have advised myself to take my time and proof read all my work and showed all my teachers my true potential. Also in high school I should have enrolled in different programs to practice my networking and applied for more scholarships and grants.


I would have prepared myself to come into college and take on the many responsiblities.


I would advise myself to become more active in on-campus activities earlier than I did. Joining student government, working at the university, and being an active member of clubs that interest you are great ways to meet new people, discover opportunities and to feel more connected to the school. My experience at the university definitly improved once I became an active part of the community.


When you say your going to school be commited as to not waste your time, money and talent by being non-commital. Be active and participate within the campus, get involved! Grow to learn the faculty and meet students, enjoy time at school. Don't over stress about homework, do your best and know ennough is enough. One last piece of advice, have fun!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply for as many qualified scholarships as possible. If I do not know how to look for scholarships, I would tell myself to ask my counselor for help. Also, I can go online and look for scholarhips. The reason why I am giving myself this advice is because college is expensive and tuition is increasing as time goes by. By applying for scholarships, you will at least get some money to help with tuition, books, and other necessities for college.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself to pay more attention and study harder. My father was sick a lot so I missed out on a lot of school, this led me to fall behind in classes and get poor grades. I would tell myself to focus on my school work and not my friends or other situations. Your school work and your grades are the keys to the future. If you do not succeed in high school you may not get into a good college. If you do not go to college you may end up working a dead end job the rest of your life. I would tell myself to buckle down and study hard.


As an informal student who waited a year after graduating high school to go to college, I would tell myself not to worry so much about paying for school. Since I have to pay for my own education, I spent a lot of my senior year worrying about how much debt I'd be in. Instead of finding a counselor or teacher to help me fill out a FAFSA, I decided to stay out of college for a year and work to save up money. If I could, I would shake some sense into myself for thinking that I wouldn't be able to afford going to a private college! There are so many scholarships, aid and grants available that most students, like me, don't take advantage of. Had I applied to more scholarships when I had all of that time as a senior, I would probably be going to college for free right now. For now though, I have to work to pay for school until I graduate...or get a scholarship!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself that I can do it on my own, without my mother or my father. I would tell myself not to procrastinate with life and most of all I would tell myself to believe in yourself. When I was a college senior, my mother was using heroin, I didn't know my father, my grandmother just had passed from breast cancer, and I was living in my own apartment. It took me until I was 22 until I got my life together enough to get enrolled in college, I still don't know my father and I don't really speak to my mother because she sold the laptop I recieved from my aunt for college. It's not all bad though I am now engaged and have a child on the way, and I'm just started at the University of Phoenix. Thank you.


The advice that i would give myself is to study more, worker harder, over achieve what i knew i could and to actually do my four years not graduate a year earlier.


I would tell myself that the first semester is the hardest. It is hard to adjust to living on campus and get used to harder classes, but after a semester, college is a lot better than you think at first. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to meet new people.


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If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that I need to focus more on my grades and my work. I should stop procrastinating, because sometimes there are no second chances in life like I?ve received in high school. I need to become more responsible and see the consequences my actions have in the future. I would tell me that I can make a difference if I just concentrate more. I would tell myself this in high school because I lost focus of what was important. I now attend a good college and I have the opportunity to reach my goals in life. My goal in life is to be Pediatrician, I am majoring in chemistry and nursing. I am prepared to face on the challenges I have ahead of me. I was a high school senior who just needed some motivation and with the support of my family I hope to accomplish my goal in life.


Going to college is going to get me somewhere in life and provide me happiness later, because I will be able to have a career that I love and enjoy doing. Also, meet new friends and people along the way who could change my life. Going to college and furthering my education will help me to gain knowledge and become a better person, which shows others that I have challenged myself to keep going to school and pursue my dreams. It will especially make my parents proud because they all want me and my siblings to all go to college and further our education. In addition, going to college makes you more independent, and feel more of like an adult. If I didn't go to college, I would be missing out on a lot of things that could change and help me in life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to have more fun and to not be so serious.


The advise I would give to myself is to look for scholarships earlier, to keep doing my work in clases so that my grade point average would be higher and my Alverno scholarship would be higher. I would also try to look for more scholarships in differnt places. Many of us don't think about college a lot because we don't know what it is like, but because I have been in college for two years, I have learned how hard it is for me as a college student to find the money to pay for tuition and books. There are many things I would say, but the most important is to apply for financial aid early because that would give you a better chance of getting more money for college. Also to look for outside scholarships, and look for loans with low interest rates. I think that people should always look foward to attending college because that is essential and there are oportunities available for all. The only thing you would need to do is to look for help, and don'tbe afraid of what can happen. Just go for it and succeed.


Never put up what you could do today, tommorrow. That all the mistakes done could have been prevented, though some I've learned from. But would do that? Mistakes are part of being human. No one is too perfect or too drawn to ruin. I probably would rethink the entire thing all over, I mean... I would have never had my first daughter who now has a daughter of her own. That mistake may have been purposely. Sure it ruined my social life but the greatest thing of being human is the power of creation. Wheather it be life or work. So no. I don't wish to go back and fix my wrongs. I have to live with them like it or not. Ask a child the same question and you get so much insight and wisdom. So if it were my choice. I'd reteach myself. All that knowledge and ways I could do right then and there would have helped me greatly. Then again there is the current way schools are using stuff we've all learned in high school for elementry work. Perhaps it's best that we learn from our new generation than the old.


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You are a new person every day; every experience changes you. So don't think that the things you think now will always be the same. In just two years, you will meet some incredible people who will change your life, experience things that will change your mind. You will fall in love, and then fall out of it, and it will not be a bad thing. You don't have to decide now what you want to do with the rest of your life. On the contrary, make up your mind to always let yourself change. Without influence around us, we are stagnant, and no use to others no matter what our degrees or titles tell us. You will never lose yourself if you can keep looking for parts of yourself you don't know you have yet. There is always a choice. Use your choices to the best of your ability, but forgive yourself when you don't. The future is never set.


Just beginning my senior year I was ready for the world to come full force at me and give it everything it had. I was the "new girl" at school and I was kind of lost at first, but definitly ready to take on a great year. Little did I know that I was going to get pregnant at age 17 and have the thought of not being able to graduate. So If I could go back in time and acutally talk to myself knowing what college is like now I don't think I would change a thing. I am a great student because of who my daughter made me out to be. I took that extra challange and finished and gradutated with a high school diploma. So I would just go back and say way to go Alyssa! Way to take those extra couple steps and make them into big mile stones that you are now moving up to!


If I could go back to being a high school senion, I would definitely encourage myself to attend Alverno College and major in Education. Something I would change would be my participation in school activities like extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations. I regret not getting myself more involved with my college. I view other students and am a bit jealous of them and the progress they have made by being in extra-curricular activities. I am so thankful to be in college, and I really look forward to my life after college. I can only imagine all of the wonderful things I will be able to do once I am a teacher.