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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If you plan on going to a 4 year school, start out at a community college while taking all the electives and prerequisites. This will allow you to save a lot of money not only on tuition, but possibly rent , food and other expenses as well if you can live at home. At the same time you can get accustomed to the transition between high school and college at a much slower pace while preparing for a 4 year institution. In the meantime, while you are taking the electives you can decide what you really want to be when you "grow up, and you will not have spent a fortune. Usually, all the electives will transfer over to a 4 year college. Also, there are tons of financial aid and scholarships available to almost everyone. There are need based scholarships and grants as well as merit based ones. Do the research; all schools, 2 year and 4 year alike have scholarship and grant opportunities. If money is an issue, got to an in-state college to save thousands of dollars on tuition costs. Finally, fill out the Fafsa before March 31 to get the maximum aid from the college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in my senior year of high school I would tell myself to brace myself for the next level. While in high school I didn't have a job to earn some extra cash, and now that I look back on this, I wish I would have applied for jobs. I would tell myself to practice harder each day to become better at my I was already kind of prepared for college, except for the money issue, but all in all I would tell myself to enjoy those high school years because they will slip away in a snap.


Art is about showing who you are, how much you understand by what you are doing when you are creating. So, If I could go back in time to my past self and mentor myself about college life and art, I would tell myself that it is worth going to college for. I would let old self know not to slack off and study art outside of school because it would pay off greatly in the end. I would tell myself that I should take as many opportunities for art as I can and do not hold back. I would give myself the advice to practice drawing, each and day.


I would give myself the advice to be persistant on picking out a college and taking the time out to try and get a scholarship. After you take time off of going to school it's hard to want to go back and push yourself to want to. If i was in high school again I would have not given up so easily and I would of kept pushing myself to get a better education. When I was in high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I didn't take the time out to try and find out.


I would advise myself to push! Push down the barriers that you created as a young student and learn how to make your education a priority. Dont allow yourself to get "sucked in" to what people say you should do with your life. Be strong and confident in the things that make you tic and always be passionate about those things. Take classes that you actually enjoy even if they do not pertain to your degree. Get involved in the community and other activites that will strengthen not only your resume, but also your skills in general when you get to the professional world. Do not take time off from high school before you attend college, the transition becomes very hard. Remember that you do not get to go back in time and tell yourself what you should have done, so always put thought into every action and choice you make! Above all else I would tell myself to live a life with no regrets, and remember that every person you meet in this life can offer you some sort of lesson, learn from them!


Keep pushing forward with your skill and don't ever stop challenging yourself to the endless possibilities.


Advice I would give to any high school senior with any desired major is to make sure you always stay focused. Dont let anybody or anything detour you away from getting good grades and test scores. Always try your best and never slack off because that can result in a very bad habit and you will definitely end up paying for it by not graduating or graduating and being unable to attend the college that you wanted to. Always you make sure you study hard and worry about what is important. Its ok to have fun sometimes with your friends but remember why your in school in the first place. That reason is to learn and get outstanding grades. Dont settle for low grades like D's and C's and especially F's. B's are good but always strive for A's and be the best you can be. That is advice i would like to give to any senior planning to attend college.


The main thing would be to focus, and save more money!. I attended college twice. The first time was directly after high school, in 1992. I recieved my associaes degree in illustration. The second time was in 2007, and I graduated in May of 2009 in which I recieved my Bachelors Degree In Graphic Design. When I went to school the first time, I just knew that I wanted to draw. Not much else. I was not focussing on the reality of the situation, eve though I got good grades. Over time my first deree became obsolete. So when I decided that I neede to further my education, I considered the options of what was going to help me the most in life and secure the quality of life that I most desired. Focusing on what you want from an education is possibly more important than getting one!


I would say, "Don't change a thing, you might be lost now but, with learning from whats around, you WILL discover a door that will lead you into a world with all new possiblitys."


If I were to go back in time to tell myself of all the aspects of college life, I would persuade myself to pursue a career I would be happy in. I would tell myself that being able to have a job that one can willingly wake up to, is much more important than to make all the money in the world. Following the heart is essential and when people digress from it, they live miserable. Life is short and if one can do what they love, then their life will be prosperous. I would tell myself to research extensively on the colleges I would be interested in, as well as taking advantage of any financial aid and/or scholarships to help pay off loans and college tuition. I would also tell myself to work hard as possible and to never give up, for college is a growing experience whether you learn from your teachers, fellow students and friends, or even from your own mistakes. Learning about who I am and what I mean in this world is all part of the college experience, to grow as a student, but above all a human being.