American InterContinental University-Atlanta Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self to continue to stay focused. I would encourage myself to remain on course with what I want to be. I would advise myself not to take advantage of student loans, but rather to apply for scholarships. I would remind myself of advantageous benefits and groups who would sponsor me to further my education. I would tell myself to take advantage of the athletic scholarships offered to me and I would reach out to the coaches a little more. I would remind myself of the three courses of action possible in the event of injury. Ultimately I would continue to motivate myself to do well. Excellence breeds opportunity.


I would tell myself to stay focused and don't procrastinate for applying for colleges. I would also tell myself to look more into the colleges I was interested in and research each college in depth before I make a major decision in which college I want to attend. Take everything into consideration, the choices I make as well as the friends I hanged out with. Do my best and never give up.


I would tell myself not to give up and do not procrastinate of college. The more you procrastinate, the more time is being wasted.


Go to one school and one school only to complete your degree, even though I'm working hard to option my degree work even harder to be the best you can be to become employed in what your degree specializes.


A urge to develope and maintain self-responsibilities in todays society is what I have gotten from my college experience. The view that I have on my life now is that it is honestly up to me to determine my outcome with the development and help of college education. Attending college has been valuable due to the fact that Im making a difference In my own future with the help of people that in part are giving me the ability to turn and do the same for someone else. My education is not free, its an investment made from multiple places and it is valuable to attend for me.


I learned that even though I got the freedom to be on my own it does not mean I can neglect the important thing in my life (my education). Being in college is not something to be taking lightly and for granted because without a college education I don't think , no scratch that I know I will not make it to the place I want to be without that education.


Attending college has given me confidence that I lacked before. I love the fact that I am soon going to be a college graduate. It makes me proud as a single parent that has chiildren I want to one day attend college. It has helped me to show them that you can succeed and accomplish your dreams no matter the obstacles that life puts in your way.


What I've gotten out of my college experience is a new sense of my ability to achieve and succeed. My dreams are reawaked to what I can do to better not only my life, but that of my wife and 3 children, as well as the lives of those within my sphere of influence.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would have a lifetime of advice to give. But I would only tell myself to have fun, and be careful. I have a lifetime of knowledge and advice because of everything I did to get to this point in my life. And life is good. I am 28 years old and am now finally reaching my goal. I went away to college after high school and hit quite a few speed bumps in the 2 years after which led me back home, searching for another school, in debt, through several jobs, married and two children later. And through it all I learn something new. I do, however, wish I had enjoyed life more when times got rough. I thank God everyday for my family and this great ride everyday.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to work harder and take everything more seriously, I would tell myself to be more focused than I was. Although, I received a scholarship it was only a 3 year scholarship and it ran out my last year of college so I had to take out loans to foot the bill for my last year. I would also tell myself to save my money better than I had because once you get into college and the big world it is not cheap and everything you do will always fall on your own shoulders. I would make myself read more during the summer and apply for internships so that when I went into college I had more experience in the field that I wanted to go into. College is not an easy transition and takes a lot out of you so I definitely make sure that I was more prepared and had a better layout than I did.