American University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


American University is extremely engaged in politics.


To me, American University is the perfect shoe; it may be out of my price range, but the quality makes it irreplacable.


It's expensive but good.


A place for passionate and adventerous people who love learning and finding new opportunities.


In my three and a half years at AU, there have many changes to improve the look of AU. We have brand new bus stops that look great! We also are proud of our landscaping - we have a couple of gardens and a beautiful amphitheater where many students go relax (yes there is Wifi there! and all over campus for that matter). We have a very beautiful campus!


AU is a pretty campus with numerous resources and opportunities avilable to student, and it's reputation continues to improve


American contains a motivated and diverse student body.


American University is a medium-sized, private university in Washington,DC that is renowned for international relations and its study abroad programs.


American University is an institution located in the heart of Washington D.C, which prepares many of its students for careers in public service by instilling values of ideas, action, and service in them.


American University is known for its diversity and international perspective, offering students the opportunity to gain the highest quality of education from world-renowned professors and the chance to build domestic and international relationships with professionals through internship programs, study abroad, professors and career development resources.


A challenging curriculum, welcoming atmosphere for all walks of life, and an institution that encourages community building and intellectual aspirations of all within its web.


This school is good for criminal justice, law, political science, international relations, and business studies.


My shool offers opportunities for everyone to feel comfortable, receive appropriate help and be intellectually stimulated.


Very Diverse.


American University is a school filled with self motivated students who do not share any campus community, yet are united around the city of Washington DC and pride themselves in taking the initiative to jump start their careers by taking advantage of all that DC has to offer.


Small, a little secluded, but a great education.


American University is a beautiful, diverse international private school.


You pay a very high premium for the location and the upper-class student population.


Everyone at this school knows each other through less than three degrees of separation.


Open community with good professors and classes but campus is too small.


American University is a place where you can explore your passions, learn about issues, and connect with the best people in any field.


American University is what you make of it, and if you put yourself out there and get involved, it can provide great social, career and academic opportunities.


Hard working, costs a lot! Cut throat competitive, good club life around DC, people can be standoffish, people tend to stay within their own groups, administration is awful if you have a problem with the school.


American University is a campus of academically driven and active intelligent young people.


Very proud of being the most politically active school in America.


Very snobby and competative. People mostly focus on their school work and when it comes to weekend they all get drunk and stupid. There is no normal balance at the this school, you're either doing really well or you're dropping out or transferring. There's major pressure here.


The most politically active campus in the U.S.


American University provides students with an intellectually stimulating campus full of top-notch professors with convenient acess to a variety of internships of which the majority take advantage.


AU has something for everyone, just be prepared to debate the political rammifications..


It is a very friendly environment that is international, multicultural, and academically engaging. The students and professors love to engage each other at AU.


AU is a great place to study, the teachers are very knowledgable and the programs are great; the on campus community is also very fun and helpful.


It's a small school, with a great campus in a great city with so much to do!


My school is very diverse and gives several opportunities for academic and career advancement, all one has to do is take is advantage of them as they are presented.


American university is focused on politics and international relations, and is attended by wealthy liberals who mainly chose it because they didn't get into Georgetown or George Washington University, or because AU gave them more scholarship money.


Overall not bad but it really depends on the crowd you belong to.


My school is independent , dry and career focused.


There's a few people in every group, and there's no one social clique that dominates the campus.


All the academic and internship experience benefits of a big school with a wonder friendly small-town campus; we're a tight-knit community in the big city.


American is the school in DC for people who plan to get their hands dirty and do the substantive, impacting, and hard work involved in national politics and international relations.


A city school set up in the beautiful NW part of the city and allows for a lot of political activism.


The US Army is digging up chemical warfare agents on our campus.


American is a place ideal for those actively interested in foreign affairs and US government- you may feel out of place if you're not.


AU is a small, politically focused school that is definitely career focused.


I wish I could go back and didn't have to get a job.


My school is open-minded and offers access to the city of Washington DC.