American University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Compared to other schools I visited during my college search, AU dorms are a big step up and this is coming from someone who has stayed in everything from a triple to off-campus housing to a single. AU has two sides of dorms: Southside and northside. Southside is louder, houses more members of Greek life and generally consists of newer dorms. Northside is quieter and has the honors floors. There is also Nebraska hall which is all apartment-style dorms, but is generally reserved for upperclassman. The dorms are safe, warm and the bathrooms are kept clean. I of course cannot speak for all of the halls. I have heard complaints of lack of hot water in some dorms, or lack of shower pressure, but I've never experienced this personally.


I only lived in the residence halls for a year, but I had an overall decent experience. It truly depends on your RA and the people on your floor... From what I hear, things are changing for the better, nicer common areas with nice TVs, etc.


Northside dorms and parking garage


A walk through Terrace Dining Hall (TDR), which is the main cafeteria on campus.


Street view of dorm buildings


An inside look into a freshman dorm room