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By far the most interesting thing about attending American University is the diversity of the student body. With around forty percent international students, being enrolled at American University gives you the opportunity to meet people from other countries every day. I have learned so much about other cultures by simply attending my classes and getting to know the people around me. Compared to my friends at state schools, I feel that i have matured more quickly because I have learned so much about the world around me. I would not trade this experience for anything.


Our community is the most unique thing about American University. No matter where I go on campus, student, faculty and staff are always friendly. I feel like every time I attend a event on campus I am with my extended family. It was great to living in a welcoming community that was also a university.


Diversity, great International Relations programs, wide variety of study abroad programs, very globally focused, great opportunities for internships


I didn't want to go to any other schools. I thought about going to schools overseas, but I can't afford it. American University is a very international community. It's very politically active and has a good mix of ethnic, religious, and political makeup.


What I found so unique about American, which was also one of the elements factored in my final decision to attend it, is the fact that it's so environmentally friendly. Nearly all professors are paper-conscious and do everything electronically. All of our food is homemade, and a lot of it is even made out of locally grown produce! Not to mention AU is one of the most vegetarian and vegan-friendly schools you will come across. American even conducts contests to see which residence hall can save the most power!


American University is unique because of its small size and strong community feel. Everyone loves being ranked as one of the top politically active universities in the country.


I chose American University because of its active engagement in the political climate here in Washington D.C. as well and its extremely involved campus. Never before have I been surrounded by so many people exactly like myself. The people at American University are so passionate about their beliefs and never does a day go by when I do not find myself in a heated debate over politics or some other subject here on campus.


American University is located in the county's capital-- a diverse, intellectual, and politically powerful metropolis-- that offers many prospects for post-graduate employment and internships. The campus' location is in a suburb of the city and allows students repreave from the sometimes overwhelming urban atomosphere downtown. American is a school where students attend to fulfill their dreams of making a difference in the world, and can do so through networking among the vast eclectic groups of people, organizations and communities in the area.


American is in many ways a global school. Particularly for those looking to enter the foreign service feld, it is in the middle of The city where the world gathers.


American University is located in Washington, DC but a mile off of the metrorail, so away from all of the hustle and bustle. The campus is very nice, with a quad in the center, and everyone seems to know everyone- in a good way! The internship opportunities are also great for getting experience in the field before graduation. I transferred here after sophomore year and I'm glad I did.