American University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


American University is a very diverse and liberal school. With one of the highest ranked International Service programs, our school brings in hundreds of international students that you have the experience of learning more about. By having this diversity on campus, your eyes are opened to various cultural backgrounds and you begin to formulate a new found appreciation for both your culture and others. Additionally, because it is so liberal, it is open to the diversity with students that are passionate about social justice and act on their morals.


We have the most amazing professors! They love teaching what they teach and value your input and participation. All of mine, except one (but hey, there is always an exception) were engaging and kind and taught me a ton about the subjects I was taking. Most importantly they gave me life lessons I will carry with me always and have given me faith in my chosen career path. They are great people that are more than willing to help you with anything, from school work to life problems. All you have to do is ask!


I am transferring to American University from a small college that was academically easy and socially not very involving. I am transferring because I know AU will not only challenge me academically, the reputation is very notable and have an awesome International Service program that is unique to any other schools. It will allow me to hold unique internships and also get me more involved on campus in all sorts of activities such as social activist groups, religious clubs and will allow me to experience more diversity. I've heard nothing but amazing things about this school.


The best thing about my school is how well-connected everyone is. The professors and students are an incredible network, and they are valuable resources. This network is helpful for getting jobs and internships, and connections made at American University will take a person far in life.


I haven't actually attended any classes here yet. because I was just accepted for the fall semester. One thing that I can comment on is the amazing administrative staff here. I have never been on hold for a simple call to the school. The staff has always helped me with anything that I needed. The campus also looks absolutey beautiful, so a big thank you to the people that ususally do not receive recognition, such as the groundskeepers. With out people like them, the school would not be what it is today.




Making connections with your professor is really important. Not only do they help you do well in your classes, but can also help you get internships or graduate school.


Everything about AU is great! First of all, it's located in our nation's capital. That in itself provides every student with many opportunities and resources. Secondly, the people are absolutely amazing. Every person I've encountered at American is extremely open-minded, and always friendly. And not only the students, the professors are incredible as well. The professors, at least the ones I've had, all have a general concern for every students success; they are ALWAYS there for you. And finally, it's a gorgeous campus! Every building is beautifully constructed. You just can't beat AU!


The people really make American. Everyone that you meet is involved in something or passionate about something. American students don't sit by passively; they act. Students are very friendly and amazing to talk with because of their diverse range of interests. Teachers genuinely want their students to succeed and are very devoted to their fields. All of these things come together to make American an extremely welcoming campus and school.


The best thing about American University is that it is located in such a central place. On this campus you get the best of both worlds. The campus is in a mainly residential area with plenty of opportunities and homey feelings while you are only a 20 minute Metro ride to downtown Washington, DC. The life on this campus lets you take advantage of as little or as much of the city as you want.


The best thing about American University is that even though it is a medium sized school, it never feels big. I always run into people I know and I am always meeting new people.


The class sizes and how the proffessors actually care about the success of the students.


Lots of energized, passionate individuals.


American is a vibrant campus with a student body that is exceptionally politically active, while always able to explore our nation's capital and surrounding metropolitan area.


It offers a great atmosphere to learn. The teachers are fabulous and the classes are very interesting.


The location--DC is a great place to be!


The students around me; they inspire me to push myself to my hardest.


The professors are top-notch.


DC is an incredible city. It doesn't matter if you want a big or small school because DC is what you make of it. A student here should never be bored because there is ALWAYS something you could be doing in the city. Plus, it makes it incredibly easy to find internships and jobs.




Very political, appropriate for its place in DC. The best place for an international studies major.


The diversity of people. You will find people from all over the world, its great to learn about cultures. It also has a very humanistic approach. Very good for documentary and social media.


The best thing about the school is the city it is in! That alone makes the tutition worth it.


The best thing about American University is its career-focused mind-set that prepares students for a professional life after graduation. The faculty in the career center is extremely good at helping students find jobs and internships related to their studies and interests, along with providing guidance in resume-building and interview preparation.


People are politically active and interested in the world around them. They are always interested in discussing current topics, politics, and conflicts but with an open mind. It is a great place to formulate ideas and beliefs.


Washington, DC is my backyard!


Academics. And Campus is really pretty too


The sense of comunity at American University is incredible. The professors, faculty and staff really want to see everyone suceed.


I love AU !!!


The varitety of things to do and the quality of the professors.


Students are open and receptive to new ideas, cultures, and traditions. Most of the student body also does one or two semesters studying abroad in over 90 different affiliated campuses worldwide. American University is really an international relations, public adminstration, business, driven school. It is well known within the Washington circle but not so much elsewhere. Major courses, faculty, and study abroad programs are diverse in nature and nuture.


AU is a school that offers incomparable opportunities and support from one of the best career centers in the country. Faculty really enjoy seeing students succeed and see the students as individuals that are capable of making a difference and not just as students.


Everyone does their own thing and doesn't bother anyone else. We mind our own business and get along happily with our lives.


The diversity, because many international students attend the school.


It is the most politically active campus in the country, and the DC area lends itself to a lot of unique opportunities in this realm (internships, speakers, field trips to the Supreme Court and Congress, etc.)