Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I loved Anderson for its student community. There are so many opportunities for student involvment in a variety of settings and outreach. Becuase the campus is so small, students receive personalized attention from staff, and create a special community. Spiritual growth is a priority for students.


Anderson University is The South Carolina School of the Arts, so we have a lot of Theatre, Music, and Art majors. However our Nursing, Education, and Criminal Justice departments are all up-and-coming. Being a part of the Criminal Justice crowd, I can say all of my professors are really nice, and they care a great deal about each and every one of their students. Also, Chapel every week is honestly one of the best parts of my week, even if I don't have to go.


I believe that Anderson University is best known for "The South Carolina School of the Arts". They have wonderful music and drama programs that are well established. Anderson University is, also, known as the squirrel campus of South Carolina because of the large population of squirrels that run around campus all year. With it's beautiful front lawn full of enormous, shady trees and the warmth of South Carolina weather, the campus provides a wonderful habitat for squirrels. Anderson is indeed a wonderful place to be if you are a music major and love squirrels.

Cara Ann

The school is a small Christian private college wtih a great community atmosphere and many dedicated professors. The teacher-student ratio is ideal.


The South Carolina School of the Arts has a campus at Anderson University. It was always highly regarded for its music program when I was in high school, at the turn of the millinium. I have always been interested in attending there, and many of my friends attended this school as well. This school is just as well known for its strong, Christian environment.


My school is ranked in the Top List of Southern Comprehensive Universities by U. S. News and World Report.


Anderson University is known for their academics and liberal arts department. This is a Christian based school, but other religions are welcomed. AU is a great college with the most friendly students and faculty! I love it here.


I believe that my school is best known for it's sense of community. The campus is quite small, compared to other universities, and this allows for smaller class sizes, better relationships with teachers, a tighter group of friends, and even just a sense of being a part of a community. You will meet some of the nicest, kindest people in the world, and you will also meet some people who will challenge you as a person and cause you to become the better you. The AU community allows for growth as a person.


Integrety and leadership skills of our graduates in all majors.


My school is best known by the fact that it is a Christian University. It also offers an ACCEL program, which is ideal for non-traditional students who have children and/or full-time employment. The ACCEL program offers online and evening classes, which is the convenience that is needed for non-traditional students, seeking to achieve their educational goals. The fact that it is a Christian University allows all students to learn in an environment that promotes Christianity.


Anderson University, I believe, is best known for their Christian foundation. Not only do they teach their students the regular curriculum, they also offer courses to further student's Christian faith. Anderson University offers bible study groups and sessions for their students as well. Nothing is mandatory so of course students do not have to attend every function of the university. The University is also known for it's 17:1 student faculty ratio. Many of the students here love the one on one time they can have with their teacher without being just a number in a classroom.


Our school is best known for the Education department. It is a prestigious and rigourous program.


Our school is best known for the Education Department. Many teachers are hired out of this school.


Their Christian ministry, finanical affordablity, and art/graphic design programs. They are a small, but exciting and encouraging school. The community is very close knit and the professors are very open to discussion, question, and help. Anderson University works with there students in every aspect, and treats them with care and kindness.


Anderson University has a great reputation for being a godly campus with outstanding credentials. Many Christian schools focus more on spiritual growth than academic growth, and vice versa. Anderson University, however, not only has a thriving body of godly students and faculty, but it is also an extremely reputable school in many of its majors, including theatre, education, business, and music.


I'm not sure, but I would guess it's our general education requirements for all majors. It makes for well-rounded students.


Anderson University is best known for its wonderful Education program. The professors and courses really prepare the students for being in the public, elementary school classroom. In the sophomore year, students are already observing and teaching a lesson in the local schools. It gives the students a good chance to make sure that this is what they want to do with their life. Also, the Christian atmosphere is a huge plus.


It's academics and small classroom sizes.


Our art and Business programs.


Anderson University is best known for being a major arts school with a strong Christian background. Anderson is a relatively small college and it takes pride in a very hands-on teaching style with small classes and professors that care. Anderson attracts many acting students with its impressive theatre program.


Anderson University is known for its conservation, Christain environment. Many local Southern Baptists attend the school.


Anderson University is best known for its outstanding Art department and is one of the best Christian colleges in South Carolina.


The Christian-based values. We have amazing professors that actually care about how we do in class and take the time out to answer questions, problems, and concerns that you may have. All of the students are amazing and helpful and will do whatever it takes to help one another succeed. AU is also one of the top-rated colleges for the beauty of the school and surrounding grounds.


My school is best known for their christian values and their academic programs such as Teaching programs, Arts, and their Interior Design program.


Our friendly atmosphere.


Trojans school spirit.


My school is best known for academics. Students who come to this school learn so much and will succeed at everything, if they put forth effort. Anderson's professors are very helpful and want you to be your best, and will help you all along the way.


Anderson University is a school best known for being an liberal arts college but it is also know to have an great education program.


Amazing education and teaching certification program!


Honestly my school is best known for being Christian affiliated and boring. Everyone knows there's not much to do around the campus-but as a student I make the best of it and find activities because I'm not a boring person. I will add however, it's increasingly gaining respect and recognition particuarlly in the graphic design department because of major achievements and awards.


My school is best known for the wonderful Christian values that it instills into its students, which really do help students grow academically, occupationally, personally, socially, and spiritually. Anderson University has helped me grow so much that all I can say is thank you for everything that it has done for me.


My school is best known for an amazing education program. Also for the variety of sports available. Anderson University is a private Christain college that attracts many students for the strong belieft system and support.


Anderson University is best known, academically, for several different majors such as music, education, and business, but more importantly, Anderson is known for it's Christian environment.


The heritage it brings to the small Southern town of Anderson SC. I think it is best known for the integrity of the graduates-which can be attributed to the faculty and staff there. It is a Christian college and those ideals are stressed and encouraged.


Anderson University is an excellent academic school. At AU, the education and arts departments really stick out above the rest. If a student is interested in a school in South Carolina with either as their major, AU would be my number on reccommendation. Above all academics, is the Christian atmosphere of Anderson University. All beliefs are accepted at AU, but all faculty and staff are strong in their faith and are willing to help students with all matters of college and personal life.


We are a libral arts university with a well developed music program and a rising theater and dance programs, the rest of them I don't know much about.


Anderson University is a christian school, so the pressure for drugs and alcohol is virtually non existant. This is a place where you can come and feel no pressure to experiment with things some of the other colleges deal with. The small size allows all classes to be under 100 students! I love the size of my classes, generally in the 20-30 student range!


Anderson University has so many outstanding qualities, but the main focus on campus is the relationships formed between students, faculty, and staff that last a lifetime and change lives!


Anderson University is best known for it's beautiful campus, positive attitude, and the Christ-centered community that presents Jesus as the Christ and as the ultimate model for personal behavior. The postive and Christ-centered atmostphere of Anderson University allow the students to grow as they discover education and also strengthen their relationship's with Christ.


Being the co-founder of April's Angels, a non-profit organization that raises money for families with disable children in the local area. Also my softball abilities that God gave me! :)


Anderson University is best known for its Education Program. The school is ranked as one of the top Education schools to attend in the nation, and not to mention the school's Baptist affiliation.


Our school is best known for its business, education, and arts majors. It is a very friendly campus with professors and people that care about you. It is a great Christian environment with a strong community. I think it is the perfect size, not too overwhelming, and class sizes are no larger than 30 students.


Conservative values.


The school is very small and friendly. There is a strong christian emphasis. Teachers love to use power points. The sports are so so. The school is growing real fast but right now its not. Exercise is very hard to come by, being there are not many oppourtunites for it.


Education Department and tennis team


Being a Baptist University