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The smaller school creates a much more close knit relationship between students. The faculty are actively interested in the academics and lives of the students, adn help in ayway they can. The administrators and financial aid people were a whole lot better about working with me on getting things done in a prompt and efficient manner. Even if you are different from other people all the student body just seems to act like one big family, most of the time.


I think the small, close knit community on campus really makes Anderson University unique. If I do not personally know another student, I have at least seen them on campus multiple times before. There is almost the sense of family when I set foot on campus.


My school is unique in many ways compared to other schools I considered attending, but the major difference is the way in which every single person, whether a student, staff, or professor pours into my life. From the moment I stepped on campus, I could visibly see that my school was unique. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging - and still are, as I continue my education at this institution. The staff especially want to make our college life enjoyable and memorable by planning many events. Professors know you by name and are helpful, both concerning curricula and life.


Anderson University is a Christian campus. The student environment is incredible and there are so many opportunities to get involved. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the class sizes average about 17-25 students. I chose Anderson over the other schools because of the size and the fact that it was a Christian environment.


Anderson University is a private Baptist institution, which allows for some unique curriculum. The faculty and staff are looking to help guide us, and it is encouraging to learn from professors who have biblical beliefs. Going to a Christian school, as a Christian and follower of Jesus allows me to be more open with my beliefs. In my Communication class, we examined a book or character from the Bible using principles of Communication. This was a unique exercise that would have never been offered at the other state schools I was considering.


Anderson provides a community of people who care about my growth as a student, mentally physically, and emotionally. The university and faculty provide ways for me to graduate with a college degree and with an opportunity to go on to bigger and better things in life.


They are a christian oriented school. Every Wednesday there is a set time that no one has class, and everyone is required to attend chapel. All the professors are very helpful and are there to hellp you with any of your needs. The campus is not too big and you feel welcome everywhere you go.


The most unique quality about Anderson University, is the fact that the whole campus is surrounded by an authentic community of people. In order for one to really enjoy their college experience, they have to have a genuine connection with people. A college campus will not function without the students and staff on it. Therefore, Anderson University is the best place to expect to be deeply involved on campus.


My school is extremely unique compared to other schools I considered. I attend Anderson University, a Christian college, and the environment is entirely different than Clemson, College of Charleston, and University of South Carolina. I chose Anderson not only because of the financial aid awarded, but also because it provided an environment that allowed me to grow as a Christian. It encouraged me to be open about my beliefs. I learned so much about how faith integrates into the secular world and how I may act in a work environment via the example of the professors.


The christian atmosphere.


In all honesty, there is nothing really unique about our school. It is a great school to attend and it has faculty and students who are more than willing to help you, but there is nothing special about it. The campus is just beautiful and I chose to attend this college because of the scholarships and financial aid that I received.


Anderson is a Christian school. That is different than all of the other schools that I considered. I really love the Christian environment though. Everyone is very friendly and will say hello to you as you walk by even if you may not know them.


Anderson University is a private christian college with low classroom sizes that make every student feel as if they are known by the professor. Small class sizes and the friendly staff make it fun and easy to learn.


Small but convinient campus, very nice facilities and very helpful faculty.


My school is one of the few Christian colleges with large emphasis on the arts, such as music, art, and theatre. Anderson has a strong Christian backbone that influences campus life. Anderson cares about its students and works hard to find a place for all people.


Classes are small just like technical colleges. This allow teachers to remain in a close relationship with the students. The campus is also small, but it is expanding. It is also a Christian college, so there are no "cliques" and everyone watches their p's and q's. This also allows professors and students to speak freely about Christianity in class. Anderson University is more of a warm and friendly enviorment than other public schools around here.


Anderson University is a small, christian University. I loved the encouraging and friendly atmosphere the minute I set foot on campus. The professors have a christian background, making the learning environment an easier place to be. Anderson University is a small University, making the classes smaller and allowing you, as a student, to know most of the students on campus and have more personal relationships as well as more one on one time with professors. Anderson is a unique University because it allows a student to intergrate christianity and academics into one environment without forcing religion on anyone.


The campus is very relaxing, small class sizes and the teachers actually care about you and doing well.


My university is very unique in the aspect that everyone here knows that this is a private christian college. This gives students an amazing vibe that they are accepted no matter what and strive to succeed while relying on their friends. We come together under one name for the greater good of the future.


It's really small so that you can really get to know your teachers. it feels like home when you move in, and everyone is really friendly. It isa 7:1 girls to guys ratio. They really try to make everyone feel like home and include the love of god in every class.


My school is unique to others because the instructors go the extra mile for their students. They listen to their thoughts and provide constructive criticism when needed without making the student feel attacked or less than others. My personal experience with my school has been wonderful. My school has customized a learning plan for me because I have uncontrolled seizures that have caused issues with my memory, comprehension, etc. They have allowed me extra time to complete my school work. My instructors understand that my education is very important to me and I take it very seriously.


Anderson University is full of Christians and very good people. They have a night class program that allows me to work a full-time while I attend school full-time as well. Their teachers really want me to succeed in my experience there; they sincerely care about you.


I think that's most unique about Anderson University is that it feels more like being at home than being away at school. The dorm rooms feel cozy, the food tastes home made, the teachers care about each student in their class, and the student body feels like it comes together as one. It's small campus is another factor I enjoy about Anderson. All my classes are a small walk away, and so is the library, chapel, dining hall, and tutoring facilities. It's a great school to attend, and I love being enrolled there.


The freindly environment offerd by the classes offerd and the teachers and staff on campus. Everyone is freindly and open and overall incredibly caring.


When I visited Anderson for the very first time, it really felt like a place that I could call "home". Everyone is so friendly and it is so easy to make friends because there are so many great people. The faculty and staff really care about the students and work hard to make sure they are providing the students with more than just an academic education.


Anderson University is a wonderful college to attend. The professors care about their students, the students are very friendly, and the courses prepare you for the working world. Anderson University is filled with people that care about you as a person spiritually, emotionally, and academically. At Anderson University you are not just a number to your professor and you get to know a lot of the students.


The family atmosphere is what is unique about Anderson University. Compared to the other colleges I visited, Anderson was be far the most inviting. The staff is so freindly and I did not feel like I was being pressured into going there. No subtle hints or underlying messages, just the facts about the school and straightforward answers to my questions.


The teachers and the staff are all willing to help even if you're not one of their students. Everyone wants you to get the best out of your education and they are more than willing to lend a helping hand.


Anderson University is unique by the rare standard of high morals and religious affiliations. Students at Anderson are expected to dress modestly and be able to conduct their selves in a way that is appropriately in public. Anderson University is also associated with southern Baptist and expect each student to attend a minimum of eight chapels per semester.


At my school the professors really care about each student and each student's success. The professors try to make learning fun and engaging. They also try to make the material learned in the classroom as an aid for the job field. The school was founded in 1911 and has beautiful oak trees in the front lawn. This university has a home feeling about the school.


WE love JESUS!


The campus activities are unique about Anderson University


Anderson is a relativley small school, it is also a christian school.


I enjoy the smaller campus versus a large campus. I am having a great college experience because you seem to get to know so many people on campus. Teacehrs and staff learn you as a person by name not as a number in classes of 100 or more students.