Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Dealing with financial aid can be really difficult. There aren't nearly enough staff to help all the students. If you don't live close by it is hard to get in contact with them, and their communication over email is not very clear. Often times you need to really push for the information you want when talking to the staff at the front desk. Dealing with anything financially is stressful here.


The total cost of attendance. It is quite expensive, but I believe it is well worth the cost. You gain so much great experience that you probably would not at another postsecondary institution.


Anderson has some absolutely amazing qualities, however, the cafeteria is far from being one of its best features.


I honestly cannot think of anything at Anderson that frustrates me.


Group projects tend to be a little frustrating at times.


I have been most frustrated with having to coordinate with the Fin. Aid department to ensure that my scholarships and grants continue from year to year. I know that this confusion does not only reflect my school's department, but I find it very difficult to have every thing straight before the upcoming semester.


Teenagers have horrible communication skills and leadership skills. Well, the majoirity of them anyways.


The most frustrating thing about Anderson would have to be the food. There are times when the food is delicious and I go back for seconds, and even thirds. Unfortunately, more often than not I don't clean my plate the first time.


Our school is a small school, but it is quickly growing, and the increasing number of students is making it very tight on campus. Parking, as well as housing, are issues on campus, with more people needing a place to put their car and lay their head than Anderson has room for.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the food. We pay about $30,000 a year for a private christian education, yet our food is horrendous and could easily be replaced with a better service provider. Student government at Anderson, an association I'm a part of, is working to improve the quality of the food. However, it is hard to work with administration that dislikes change.


Sometimes they are more focused on the students they could be getting than serving the students they currently have.


The most frustating thing i have heard about Anderson University is the transfer of credits from your previous college.


The food and Residential Department are terrible.


The only thing that frustrates me is when I get behind in a class.


Again it has to be "Health and Safety" check.


The campus is really quiet on the weekends. Practically everyone goes home. If you don't live close to home, you can get pretty lonely.


Sometimes the most frustrating thing is the doors and locks. The keys tend to not like to cooperate or don't want to open the doors. They work about half the time, but other times it takes a valiant effort to get the doors open.


All traditional students must participate in the Journey Program (a.k.a. Chapel) every semester. We also have to obtain eight hours of community service, and four hours of cultural experience programs per semester. This is very difficult to come by when you are a part-time student due to your family and work schedule.


My financial aid was taken away and they never allowed me to know. They took it away and said they notified me which made me have to pay double and my GPA increased over the summer.


The most frustrating thing about Anderson University is trying to get help from the staff on financial and academic information.


Anderson University is a great college to attend, but if I had to pick one frustrating thing regarding Anderson University it would be night courses. If you are a student who is not locate, then taking more than one class is frustrating. Driving one way to Anderson can become expensive and driving two nights to Anderson University can leave you broke. I suggest one class one night at 4 hours. Instead of one class two nights at 2 hours.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the miscommunication between some adivisors and students. For example, I myself am a pre-engineering major which means that i will only complete the first three years of this degree program at AU and then finish it at another school, which i did know. What wasn't made clear to me and many others in this major is that this meant it would take more than just 4 or 5 years to complete.


I had a very frustrating online class I took there. It was my very first online class, and it took some getting used to the monster course load. Other then that, I have never been frustrated with the school itself.


The most frustrating thing about Anderson University is that there are not a lot of University activities on the weekends.


Being a student athlete it is hard to maintain focus because I am competitive in the sport I participate in but I still need to excel in the classroom. Missing some class time for athletic events is hard for a student athlete to catch up with the school work and having afternoon practices everyday.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the residential life can seem to be too restricting at times when it comes to seeing someone of the opposite sex. Anderson University has a limited RSVP time for students seeing someone of the opposite sex, which keeps students out of trouble, but sometimes seems like there's not enough time to hang out with students of the opposite sex.


Availiability of classes. Same classes are offered every semester instead of switching classes to be offered at different times.


I don't have any frustrations with my school.


The most frustrating thing about school is being overwhlemed with papers and tests all at one time, especially when you play sports. Many times I would have 5 tests and 5 papers in one week. Each teacher says "I only care about my class, not any of your other classes." So it doesn't really matter if they schedule them at the samw time.


Anderson does not spend their money wisely. Since Anderson keeps taking on too many students they need to spend their money on dorms instead of sod and mulch.


So far, just the price of tuition.


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the lack of technological advances at the school. However, if I understand it right, they are working this summer to make some big changes that will help fix this problem!


The most frustrating thing about my school is nothing really. I really havent been frustrated here so far. I really enjoy my school, but if I had to pick something I guess it would be the online history class I have. I'm having a little trouble with the program. Other than that, it's nothing else.


The parking lot and the cost of food when you don't have a meal plan.


There are not alot of extra curricular opportunities here unless you are an athlete. Weekends are usually dead and many students go home. It's alot like high school here. It is hard to find a group of friends because of all the cliques.


The administrative offices are often disorganized. It's hard to find the correct paperwork.


My school is wonderful, however, I am in an accelerated program and it can get very busy. Sometimes I don't hear back from my teachers after I e-mail which has been the main point of contention for me.


Financial Aid tries to draw students to Anderson by offering them large sums of money, but after your first year, you have to fight just to keep them, even if you make fantastic grades.