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There are a million ways to travel through AU with study-abroad, study tours, missions, etc... I would tell anyone coming to AU to get involved right away and dont be afraid to talk to other people even if they only seem interested in their own group of friends. You have to be sort of thick-skinned (socially) to have fun at Andrews. Also... get to know the teachers... most of them are pretty great but you really do have to make an effort.


I would say that its diversity and faculty engagement causes this school to stand out, but the thing that truly separates it from other schools is its spiritual focus.


Come prepared to learn, to engage with your teachers and fellow students, and to discover more about God. Be prepared to be mentored by your professors and encouraged by fellow classmates. If you give it your best, Andrews will give you its best.


they actually have an architecture program and were within an hour of where i live. thats about it.


The people here are different. They have a sense of purpose that drives them. Most of the students are Christian and feel obligated by God to work the hardest they can for His glory. I noticed that the students here are more mature and poses a self-control that most college students do not have. Because of their faith and the morals and values accepted by the faculty encouraged upon the students, there is a higher standard of behavior and this shapes the student community for the better. It is a very nice atmosphere.


Andrews is very conservative, and there is very little drinking or drugs on or around campus.