Andrews University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Andrews University?


I believe to attend Andrews Unversity you need to be a very flexible person. There is almost nothing to do within the city limits, so unless one wants to drive 30-45 mintues, they have to make their own fun. The school is also an instituion of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, so many things one would do at a public or even some private universities are against the school's code of conduct.


Any one who has a passion for learning and changing the world. The school's motto is to seek, affirm and change. As a Seventh Day Adventist Institution, their Christian beliefs are very important and necessary for the school's way of life and education. Faculty members interrelate the school's Christian beliefs with the student's academic and social needs. Students who are interested seeking knowledge, affirming their faith or becoming interested, and changing the world with the education and knowledge they've received- they are all welcome to enter and experience Andrews University.


Someone attending this University would learn about who they are and what they want to become at this school. That is the way it usealy works at College. They would have their group of friends and make some time to study. Students here are serious once they figure out what it is they want to pursue. They form study goups in the student center on week nights and on weekends the play. No matter where you go you will find what you are looking for naturally. Partiers will party , etc. Over all its serious.


Andrews University has a very diverse atmosphere. Andrews is an excellent school if your looking to find acceptance and friends. Unlike public colleges this school is christian so alot of the activities are focused on God. What I like about Andrews though is they don't force religion down my throat. So I guess what I"m trying to say is Andrews is a great place for anyone willing to meet knew people all over the world.


Anyone who enjoys diversity and making friends. This school is accepting of everyone and provides an environment for cultural nourishment. There are so many students who would enjoy this school because there are so many different areas of interest available.


Someone who is open minded and loves the cultural atmosphere of the school. Also someone who doesn't like a fast-paced, busy surrounding.


Christians as andrews is a very chrisitan school. I love my department but i'm not a christian and it can be a pain with required worships and strict rules.