Andrews University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


AU has a great art program, but anyone who enjoys stirring up controversy will have a hard time at AU. The teachers are great but the administration has too much control of what goes on in the classroom. Anything even slightly offensive or contoversial is frowned upon. Also, someone who enjoys dressing nice or wearing jewelry should be prepared for disapproving looks from older faculty & staff.


A person who is not determined to try their best and make the most of the education provided.


A person who doesn't like winter or small towns should not attend this university. A person who isn't religious or Seventh-day Adventist might feel frustrated here because there are requirements for chapel and worship attendance.


Someone who doesn't like the snow and rain should not attend this school. There is a niche for everyone at this school socially.


Anyone is welcomed and accepted here and everyone will fit right in.


All should attend this school.


A person that can't stand religious people around them or cannot stand eating vegeterian food everyday. Also people that are racist or hateful. And people who cannot stand a Michigan winter.


People who like sex, drugs, and alcohol. Definitely not a party school


Someone who is looking for a solid undergraduate education, and also is looking to establish their beliefs in the world views. Someone who is looking to think independently and develop personal opinion and learn from a large variety of people. Someone who is looking for diversity in culture, in ethnicity and religion. Someone who is Christian or not but wants to know more, and experience Christian education.


Any one that is commited with serious studies. Any individual that is seeking knowledge and really wants to find it.