Andrews University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


people like me trying to get financial aid, it is a very good school but it's not easy to get enough money to finish college. It's fustrating for me because with out financing i can't go to class and that's my dream be the first in my family to finish college, and it take time with the financing avisor to figurate how to get the money.


until we are 22 we HAVE to live in the dorm or with our parents if they are within 45 miles. That comes the mandatory excessive meal plan of almost $1500 a semester for a vegeterian meal plan that only offers crap food (even by college standards) or junk food. They are almost all Seventh Day Adventists and they close EVERYTHING down on saturday, as well as curfew everynight. I get penalized for checking into the dorm late for working late in the Architecture studio, which is what i am paying 35 grand a year to come here for.


The location can be frustrating, but you learn to live with it. It is cold and snowing most of the school year and the closest big city is 10-15 min. away.


Lack of transportation. I always end up having to carpool.


That not many people have heard of it.


They are too focused on forcing their religion (it's a religious university) on other people. This has become more pronounced within the last year or so. There is also a definite liberal (and intolerant) bent to this campus.