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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


There are a lot of places on campus where students love to study. Here are my personal suggestions: - For a late night, you will want to be in a comfortable and stimulating place where you can get your studying going instead of falling asleep. So I suggest the dorm. Lamson Hall (the girls' dorm) has many lobbies where you find tables and couches where the girls sit and study. You just need to find a quiet one and there you go! If not, I personally love the kitchenette on the first floor that has just been remodeled. It's a nice cool place where you won't find a soft couch to tempt you for a nap at the wee hours of the morning! - For any time of the day, there's always the library. That's what many students do. And you have access to so many books to inspire you for any paper you might be working on. - Other than these, I often look around campus to find a vacant classroom. Classrooms often work really well for me. They are free of any distractions and your brain associates your environment with what kind of activity you do there. So since you work in your classrooms, studying there can get your brain going. (tell me if I'm wrong!) Just have a hike around campus to find your favorite classroom. - A little jewel on campus for getting projects done is the architecture library. It is a small and cozy library where the staff is simply so nice... And they serve food... For those of you who could stay there for days! The only down point is that contrarily to the campus library, talking is allowed. So once in a while, noise can get a bit higher. But since it is not so bad after all, it stays one of my favorites.


Depends on the kind of person you are some people get work done in the library, some in their dorm rooms, they are also quiet zones in some lobbies where people get work done.