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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to buckle down and try to get a job and apply for more scholarships. I would tell myself to be frugal and save as much as I can and only buy what I absolutley needed. I would tell myself to focus less on boys and to focus more on filling out scholarships and making money. I would also tell myself that when I start to stress out, take a quick nap if able to. Get involved in as much as you can still leaving yourself enough time to study. I would also say to keep the friends you make at first. The ones that come later and that are a little flaky, forget them. They are not worth your time. I would specify who to not talk to and who to not hang out with and what not to do. I would only suggest this though since I can be a little hard headed.


Make sure you are going to school for your desired major. Complete your degree now don't put it off for any reason.


When I was a high school senior, I was just starting to practice good study habits and not let others influence my decision on I need to do and was very much excited to finally graduate high school and be on my own. But I would say that the transition from high school to college was very gradual and I suprising did very well my first semester of college. throughout the years of college I constantly suprised myself on how well I did in college and maintained a 3.0 throughout my years. The key to my success is well working very hard and time management, something that I lack back in high school. I would say If I had the same attitude of school currently that I had in high school, I would have done exceptionally well and more than likely would have got into a better college. I was naturally gifted in some subjects such as science and math and wasn't very competitive in my academics. I would say if you work hard and put forth the effort to succeed everyday that there is nothing that you can't accomplish, Something I wish I did in HS.


If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to work harder and think more about college. I would've told myself to apply for more scholarships and maybe would've even gotten a job. College may seem fun , but it needs to be taken seriously, you're paying to go there and some professors don't care if you go to class or not and they won't reach out and ask you if you need help, you need to go to them. An important thing I would've told myself is to improve my study habits. Studying is very important and sure it may seem like more fun to go out with my friends instead, because studying isn't fun, but neither is having to retake (and pay for) a course you failed since you procrastinated on studying or doing work. Overall I would've told myself to focus, think more about how to pay for school, and imporve my study habits.


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I would tell myself that I should take my senior year seriously. I would tell myself to pay attention in class and make the grades, also not to leave everything last minute. Get a job at the begining of summer and save up because college is not cheap! At last but not least focus on yourself and not what other people are doing with their lives.


To my younger self, if I could take back this year of college, I wouldn't. I know it's hard, and the choices are large, and the stress is overbearing and you don't know who to call for help, but you'll get through it, somehow, and you will have some good friends to help. Listen carefully, do not stress the small stuff, it's not worth the aggravation. Eat, this is a big rule; always remember to eat at least once a day. I know you, you get busy and excited and your thoughts are running a mile a minute and food seems to be the least important thing in the world, so take it slow every once in a while or you'll burn out before you even notice what went wrong. Also, take a chance every once in a while. You're shy and lonely, often afraid to let people see you, but it’s okay to occasionally take a leap of faith and have some fun with your friends, they aren't as terrifying as you think. Yes, it'll be overbearing at times, but enjoy everything you can.


Throughout my high school career I was very independent and ready to move away to college. However, once I became a senior the idea of leaving my family, my safe-haven, and start my “grown up” path became a terrifying reality. I became nervous and afraid of failure. In return I only applied to one university, Angelo State University, because it was the safe choice. San Angelo is not very far from my home town and I have family in the area. Attending ASU meant I did not have to get outside of my comfort zone. Fortunately, I have achieved many successes while attending Angelo State including being president of several organizations, receiving a BA in communication, and working towards my MBA. I made friends that will last a lifetime and even work for the university. I have found ways to challenge myself and push the boundaries in spite of my fears. I have loved every second of my collegiate career at Angelo State University. Even though I probably would have still chosen ASU, I wish I would have reached outside of my comfort zone when first applying to colleges because that is an opportunity I can never get back.


I would tell myself to be willing to take the risk of applying to schools outside of my state. While I do not regret the time I have spent at Angelo State, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had decided to take college as an opportunity to live independently in another state in the country. If I had still decided to stay in the state of Texas, I might advise my high school self to at least apply to the University of Texas at Austin to at least try my hand at attempting to enter the realm of radio, television, and film. Regardless, these "regrets" are only natural curious wonderings about what could have happened if I were to have made different choices. I have had amazing experiences and have met wonderful people at my school. Now, however, I do wish sometimes that I had taken more time off from obsessing about assignments and my GPA to develop a more fulfulling social life, go more interesting places, and chock up experiences on the other side of the university's ivory towers.


The new fast internet access will be great, but don't spend too much time on it. Get your homework done early. It is much easier to get help when it is not the night before. Go in to the study lounge get help from your friends, together you can work through alot. Don't sit in your room, get out see the sites meet people. I know that is not how you are and it will be hard, but it can be a blast. Get involved in the Eletronics club, they do awesome stuff and you will can build so many interesting projects and you will learn so much, I wish I had started sooner. Most of all don't procrastinate it make things so much harder.


I would have worked harded in High School.


I would tell myself that college is nothing to fear, it is empowering, freeing, and full of moments that raise you higher and challenge you to succeed. I would encourage myself to take the time to assess my dreams, goals and ambitions and not to worry about the minor things as they will smooth themselves out as time goes by. I would tell myself that the fears and anxieties surrounding math can be easily overcome and should not stand in the way of considering college. I can say this because after twenty five years of avoiding college because of the fear of math, having confronted it, succeeding at it, and doing good in it, that it can be done. Avoiding school out of fear should not be the reason for not applying yourself!


I would definitely be honest with myself in that it is a very dificult transition especially having to leave my mom and my fraternal triplet sister at home. Saying goodbye is the worst part about it but reaching out to my close friends that also attend Angelo State University has helped me get through it. Don't sweat the small stuff because there are bigger things to worry about like what do you want to do with the rest of your life. Once I got into the routine of going to class, seeing familiar faces, and completing assignments while still having fun with friends, I found myself settling in better and feeling a lot more comfortable in the new environment. In conclusion, I would advise myself to not worry about little things, enjoy moving into the new chapter of life, and stick with the friends that will be with you until the end. Grades, while still are important, are not as important as it was in high school. In high school everything revolved around GPA and being in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, but college is just a marathon, all you have to do is reach the finish line, which is graduation.



The advice I would give myself would be to be ready for lots of time management; to have a planner available to write down all assignments, tests, practice times, etc. I would advise myself to attend all classes to get good in lecture notes and be more fully prepared for the exams.


I started working during and right after high school, but I always kept my grades high and be in the 5 to 10 top percentile . However, I was unable to go on to college because I did not have legal documents to be admitted. I was able to pay one or two classess every now and then always hoping that I will eventually be able to be admitted like everyone else. I always encourage young people to stay in school because once you start working and working full time and going to school is very difficult. My best advise is to finish school while they are still living with their parents and they don't have any other responsibilities. I was not lucky to have my parents to support me, but I kept my dream of going back to school. Now I'm about to finish my second year at a community college and I am planning to transfer to George Mason University to pursue my degree in Criminology, Law and Society. Being able to go back to school has been a great experience because I feel that I will have better career opportunities when I get my degree.


To study and make very good grades. To get myself a job so that i can get me a car to take me to school and work, and also to be able to have money for books and food on campus whenever i get hungry or need a coffee after all that studying at the library. To come prepared and always check your email and to go to every event that the college says there will be, for you will meet losts of amazing people and be able to be a part of something for once and get involved in the college experience instead of feeling like an outcast.


Looking back on all experiences I have come to learn upon graduating high school and getting the feel for what it is like to be a college student, the main advice I would give myself is to get more involved with the school and its activities. College is not just about the grades and classes but also becoming apart of many different organizations to balance everything out. Yes, it is important to stay on top of all assignments and do as best as possible in every class, but what I learned in my first by not being involved in any activity was that I did not feel apart of the school, the tradition, the fun. I did not know when any of the activities were due to me staying off campus and I did not enjoy my first year as much as I would like, so by this experience I would tell myself to have fun, get involved and stay focused!


I would go back and time and tell myself "Hey, think about how you're going to pay for college." I believe that's the most challenging part for me is the money. My parents do not make enough money to keep paying thousands of dollars per year. I would have told myself to listen to my English teacher when she kept pushing us to apply for scholarships. I know now that there are many scholarships available and if I would have played my cards right, I would be less in debt. It would also help me when it comes to spending money. Having money from scholarships to pay for my education would allow me to have more spending money for myself. At this point, I don't even have money to pay for my current bill. The last thing I would tell myself is to save money from my job. The more money I would have saved, the less stressed I would have been.


On top of lifelong friends, a comfortable setting, and an invaluable education, I have grown into an adult at Angelo State University. I have learned to make mayself known to my professors, how to work as a team in the classroom, and how to conduct myself as a professional. Angelo State University has been extremely valueable to me and has helped give me a boost of confidence while reaching small goals along the way. Angelo State has enough diversity in the courses it offers to allow me to stay in one place, eliminating the need for transferring in order to take the classes I needed to get into a Master's program for Occupational Therapy. This university does everything it can for the students, even providing jobs, research opportunities, and by giving students a voice not only on campus, but within the community of San Angelo. I would not trade my experience here for another. Thank you Angelo State University!


From the college experience I have learned that I have a real passion for teaching. I want to inspire and be inspired! I love the experience of completely grasping a new concept, being able to explain it to another student and see them light up. I started out on the path to finishing my degree much later in life and realized how remiss I had been in putting it off. I wish that I had stuck with it from the beginning. I wish that I had the foresight to see that I would be dying to get out into the world and be a teacher. I am grateful now for the opportunity to go back to school now and make this a realistic possibility. I plan on grabbing hold of this and never letting my life be taken for granted again. I cannot wait to see a future student on the verge of collapse light up again with the drive to continue on because of some inspiration that I gave them. That makes all the concerns, late nights, sacrifices and struggles more than worth it.


Accountability. Usually, I relied on charm and good luck to survive in the real world. However, developing social skills, meeting important people, being a recognizable face, and not flunking out are the tool sets you need to survive college. I've come to realize anyone can get a college degree, but the one's who are willing to further themselves outside of the classroom are the ones that will make it farther when it matters the most.


I have learned that it is good to make friends in your classes and outside of your classes. It is valuable to make friends in your classes so you can have someone to call if you don't understand an assignment and it is too late to call or email to professor to ask for their help. It is valuable to make friends outside of your classrooms as well so you can have people to hang out with to help you relieve the stress that you get from studying too many hours in a row. It is also valuable to make friends outside out your classrooms because the friends you make in college could be the friends you have for a lifetime. I have also learned that is it a good idea to talk to your professors if you have trouble with the assignments because they are the people who know the material the best and can help you through it. Also I have learned that you should keep you faith in God because college it tough and All things are possible with God on your side.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experiance. I have gained confidence in myself. I no longer question if I am smart enough for college or if I deserve to go to college. I belive in myself in a way I never have before. Attending college has improved my life on the whole. I am more confident at work and with friends and family. I look forward to new challenges and that is because of the challenges I recieve in my college courses. Attending college has been truly valuable for me and I would encourage everyone to find a way to attend college. It allows people to grow and develop into more well rounded people. My college experiance has changed me for the better.


As a freshman college student I have learned to mature in my life and focus on working hard in school. It has been valuable to attend college to learn about my career choice. Even though I do not need a degree for my career choice because I will be returning home to work on the farm, I decided to get one to further my understanding in agriculture. Also, in case things do not work out I will have degree to fall back on.


I have gained a lot of independence from attending this university. It has taught me to find answers on my own and be responsible for my own actions. I have aquired a huge sense of pride in what I do and what I can accomplish. I have learned to be respectful and open to other's thoughts, opinions, and ideas without trying to debate what they have to say. I have gained a lot of self worth by seeing how well I've been able to do on my own. I have learned to make my own decisions and not be easily swayed by others' choices. I have also learned so much about how we as people interact with one another and adapt to changing environments.


Being a college student can be challenging; when you are the new student. It can be over whelming because it is a completely new world. Your old friend from high are not there with you, so you are sounded with complete strangers. In collage no teachers chase down the hallways for your homework assignments, you're just completely on your own. There are consolers in college that will assist you, but don't help you with every little like the high consoler would. One of the most challenging things a college student can face is paying for school. In this situation, the student may have to work two jobs, depending on what colleges there are attending. The most devastating situation a student must deal is sacrificing, it means no more hanging out and parting until you get that degree. Being a college student can bring many awards. The good thing about college student is they have a good future ahead of them; without any worries. You receive a degree that will land you a good paying job. As a collage student, you are highly respect and sometimes treated like if you were royalty by family members and some people.


I have gotten a better education out of my college experience thus far. I am getting an education in a career that I am going to enjoy doing for many years, and I am the first in my family to do so. Without the college degree I hope to obtain, I wouldn't get very far in my life and I would be struggling worse than my parents are now. I want to provide a better future for myself, so attending college has, and will be, very valuable for me. While I know my college degree does not secure me a job, it will better my chances into getting into my field of study and helping other students want to learn and better themselves.


My college experience is going wonderfully so far, and I think the education in not only the subjects I am currently taking, but in pursuing my career has been most valuable. I am so lucky to be attending Angelo State University because I have the opportunity to earn a degree, and put myself one step ahead of the person next to me. I have learned over the years by watching my parents struggle financially that life without a college degree is very difficult. My parents have always pushed me to go to college and now that I am in college I understand that importance of the education I am obtaining here. Every day I am learning something new whether it is something in my classes or in friendships I make with other students. The awareness of the importance of a higher education is what I would say I have gotten out of my experiences here at Angelo State University.


From the limited aspects I have seen of college, I have gained a new perspective on life. In high school, everyone is cast into a stereotype and it become stifling. At college, people are who they are without apology and it makes it easier to make true connections with people you have only known a short while. At college, you are not only allowed to be whoever you want; its encouraged. You are able to live your life by your own standards and rules. You learn to take responsibility for your own mistakes and triumphs. You learn who you are.


The experiences that I have gotten from college are so many. Friends are the first that come mind. They are those "forever friends" you read about in books, always there when you need them. The teachers come second to mind. They are always there when you need them, and if not, they make arrangements to talk to you whenever you are available. The teachers here are understanding and know that life happens. These teachers understand and know what it means to be a student and a person. They are fantastic. The next experience would be the academic environment. ASU has many tutoring services for those students who may have trouble in certain classes; the SI (Student Instruction) program helps with understanding the material as well as the professor's way of wording questions. It?s a great help, and I know that I dramatically improved academically because of the program. It is valuable to attend not only because of the experiences but because of the education you get while in college. You learn things, that are truly amazing, and almost life changing. Education is the key to the future, college is the key hole, unlock it and find the future.


I learned that my college experience is a culmination of ever thing that I have ever learned. The simple things in life that we often take for granted resurfaced when i got to college. One thing that really stands out from kindergarten was being able to communicate your basic needs. In college everybody is narcissistic. All of the students had to lok out for themselves. We have students from all over the would. Some are various colors and they speak various languages. Nobody has time to baby another person. If you don't ask or communicate with someone you will be merely left out. I also used a lot of my observation skills that we take for granted. I took time to observe the differnt individuals that were consantly in my presence. It did not take me long to figure out how each persons thought process. People are basically the same with a few deviations here and there. Once the observaton process was over I was able to proceed with caution. I met some really nice people who did have a set of morals and values. However, that was all a learning experience.


It is tough to say what I have gotten out of college thus far. I am returning from a short break of about a decade and i am just getting back into the swing of things. It has been a tough adjustment from the professionsal world to the world of academia, but it has been absolutely worth it. Being in college has given me an optimistic view of the future. I no longer feel trapped in a job that i don't love but don't hate enough to quit. The thought of the future once weighed me down with a feeling of mediocrity and entrapment. There seemed no end in sight to the general malaise I was in. Attending college showed it's value immediately with the improvement of my spirits. The challenge of coming back to school is nothing compared to facing a future in which there is little hope for professional fulfillment. I am confident the financial benefits of college will reveal themselves in time, but the hope of a brighter future has a far greater value.


I am taking online classes at Berklee to improve my playing ability for entrance next fall. Besides improving my playing ability I am learning discipline and how to prioritize my time between class assignments , practice and work. I now have goals and am learning what I need to do to obtain them. I am about to finish my second of three classes and I now realize how much time, work and money is going to be needed to realize my goal. I also now know why my mother kept telling me, while I was still in high school, to figure out what I wanted to do and to start working on it. I think I would do well in a college environment, if I can come up with some ways to help pay for it.


I have gained alot of knowledge about my feild of study, It has been valuable to me because nobody in my family has every attended college so i am the first and i im looking forward to showing everyone that i can do it.


I think the most important thing I have gotten from my college experience is a greater sense of who I am. Before starting college I was always refered to as the girl who was the stereotypical girl nerd; however, since I started college I have gone from being a member of a stereotype to being my own person. With the freedom of being able to make my own decisions with out fear of reprecussions by my parents, I began to feel that I was fully responsible for all of my own decisions and that I had to deal with the consequences of my actions myself. I quickly learned that I was not a party-girl and I would likely never be one, I also learned that I was (as my friends called me) an old soul in a young body because of my passion for history. I began to interact more and more with people that were older than me in order to learn as much about history as I could, and I feel that my passion for history simply just keeps growing as I learn more and more about it. Hopefully, that passion will never fade from my life.


I graduated from Ohio Virtual Academy High school in 2009 and am currently taking a year off from school. I will attend university this fall so I am looking for scholarships in case my school of choice doesn't offer me enough money to cover my entire tuition. Since I have not yet had my own college life experience, I can't give my past self any advice with reguards to choosing or preparing for life in university. On the other hand, I have had a lot of time to look back and think about how I handled my very stressful last year of high school and I do have some improvements to suggest. I would tell my high school senior self to take fewer AP course in first semester and to instead spread them out over the year. Also , though I multi tasked well within school, I should have found a better balance between it and my social life. Because of my all work and no play mentality I missed out on a lot of fun activities with my peers and though I was able to attain certain grades, it has left my feeling regretful and somewhat empty now.


I would tell myself to buckle down more as a high school senior. I wish I could have gotten good enough grades to where I could go to a bigger college than I do now. I think that at a bigger college there would be more classes and it would be a limited amount of people attending unlike a community college. At a community college, you don't have to be accepted anyone can attend a community college which makes it harder because there are more seats taken. Also, I would go back and teach my self how to make better study habbits. In college I have found that it is crucial if you don't study and it can really effect you. Unlike high school where I was able to pass a quiz easily with out having to study at all. This semester I have learned to buckle down and study in advance to where I will be more than well prepared for a test.


There are many things I have learned in my first few months at college. There were things I was prepared for and other that caught me completely off guard and knocked me on my back. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would tell myself would be to apply for more scholarships and definately do not miss the financial aid deadlines. Worrying about money was my main stress and could have been easily avoided. After drilling into my past self the importance of financial aid, I would tell myself to have fun and embrace the oppourtunity to explore a new city with new people and challenge myself academically. I would tell myself to try new things and not be afraid of changing my major if I felt nursing wasn't a right fit for me and not to be pressured to be any one but myself. Although there are things I might have liked to avoid my first year in college, the experiences, whether mistakes or not, were nessecary and even needed. If I had been warned, I might ot have learned certain lessons.


If I were to be graduating early i would better plan for the transistion make up my mind early nd pepare myself more in advance to deal with the financial aid and the class scheduling nd all.


Don't slack off just because its your senior year!


When I was a senior, I had my priorities in line. I knew exactly what I needed to do and how to get it done. I knew what college would expect from me and what I wanted from myself. I get stressed and worried sometimes a little too easily. I manage to catch myself while I am stressing and/or worrying, but sometimes, it is too late. I make myself too stressed over a test that I have studied weeks for, to which I know the material forwards and backwards. I would tell my high school senior self to start practicing to not be so stressed or worried about the little things. A test is important, but I study days and weeks early and for hours on end that I know the material like the back of my hand. I think to myself that God will get me through it, and He will keep me calm. I practiced that throughout my senior year. So far, it has stuck with me into my early years of being at a true college (I was a dual credit student in high school). The transition is only as hard as you make it.


My advice would be to definatley seek out and look for financial help ASAP before heading to college such as scholorships or grants; so that you wouldn't need to take out so many loans. Also if you work save up as much as you can because for most part as a full time student you dont always have the time to work. Another advice I'd give is to stay focused and on track of your classes, assignments, projects, etc... and be organized!


Going into college I figured it'd be a way more easy transition than what it actually was. I was so close minded to the fact that college is hard work and if you don't keep at it, you will fail. My first semester was actually pretty easy considering the fact that all I had was the basic courses. The following semester I transferred to a four year from a two year. All through high school I always just did things spontaneously with out thinking of the consequences and this action is proof of that. I started thinking back on my other personal experiences from my senior year of high school and my easy first semester of college and thought it was going to be just as easy. I was wrong. I regressed back to my old high school senior-itis. I began to quit studying and skipped class which resulted in a low GPA. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to never settle for second best and to make school my number one priority, being that this is what will make me or break me in the real world.


I would tell myself to see if I could've taken even more dual credit courses. I also would tell myself to shop for books online instead of just buying the books at the bookstore because sometimes the books are way cheaper online. I would also tell myself to clep out of some easy classes like math and spanish and just things that I already know. Also, take online classes because they are much more flexible. One more thing, I should have applied for scholarships much much sooner than I did and not procrastinate.


To myself I would quote Tom Lehrer ?Don't be nervous, don't be worried, don't be scared, but be prepared.? A few more notes to past-me might include: Bring more coffee, sleep less, don?t bother moving all of your furniture the dorms have plenty, deadlines are set not as date to turn things in but rather as the date which you will be dead by if you keep putting things off, and reread the first tip and double up on the coffee.


College is a serious environment it's not all fun and games and if you believe that it is your college career will be short. Realize that college costs a lot of money so try to find money for security while in college. Realize that you are only a teenager and you may not be sure what you really want to do in life so remain open-minded. Don't expect the teachers to do the work for you and or keep records of your work for you, you are an adult and you need to mature and become an adult. Just study hard, but remember to make friends, just because college isn't all fun and games doesn?t mean that you can't have any. Stay organized it?s very crucial part to being successful in college it is imperative that you keep a calendar because no one will remind you. And make sure that you get to know your professors very well so that they may help you when needed and won't leave you two fail during exam time. If you complete all of those goals college should be a fun and successful experience.


If i could go back to my senior year of high school and tell myself what I now know about college, I would advise to study more and not to worry. Even though I am a smart girl I need to remind myself that the only way to stay and to get smarter is to learn and challenge myself. Even though a class or two might be hard it will be worth the fight in the end. Second, I would advise not to worry. Not to worry about friends or paying for college. God has a plan for me and its hard to remember the fact that He will get me to where ever I need to be, despite earthly conflicts. If i could go back in time to my senior year that would be an amazing blessing. A blessing everyone should have.


First of all, you need to apply for as many scholorships as possible! No person can ever have enough money for college these days. Take math your senior year if you know that your probably going to be rusty by the time college rolls around. When you finally reach your college do not stay in your dorm. Take every opportunity to explore your campus, join clubs be active. Textbooks are very expensive so make sure you fit that into a budget. A credit card is nice for emergency things but not constant use. Lastly don't be afraid to say hello to random people, you never know who your next friend might be.


Daniel, do not go to Angelo State University. It's a good school, yes, but it's not for you and you know it. Apply for UT at Pan American and go. You will be sad and miss your friends but, you won't regret it. You will be much happier learning the things you want to learn instead of just taking basics at ASU. Go Daniel and learn all you can about film!!!


My advice would be do not be under the influence of peer pressure and never give up on success especially if a class is too hard always lift your face up and keep on fighting because you will make victory in success.