Anne Arundel Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


anyone that is just starting out in college AACC is a great place to really figure out what you want to do as a carrer in life


Those who dont know what they want to do in terms of a specific degree program or carrer but understand the importance of a college degree so, they can find a carrer worth doing and enjoying.


The kind of person that should attend my school would be someone who is motivated and goal-oriented because my school gives a student every chance for success. It would be helpful to know what your career goals are because there are so many different classes available in so many different disciplines.


A person that has a desire to go far in their life but would like to start out small at a community college.


Someone who wants to go to a well rounded college to get the annoying requirement courses out of the way for cheaper then a University. Someone who needs some one on one time with a teacher before becoming a nameless face in a large lecture hall of over fifty students. Someone who is working both full-time and going to school.


Anne Arundel Community College has so many different programs of study to choose from, so everyone should consider attending the school. I don't think there is any certain type of person that should attend AACC because it is so diverse. Everyone will find a place to fit in.


Any person who choses to further their education.


Anyone should and can attend this school. The main people who should consider Anne Arundel Community College are students who are not sure what majors they want to persue or have no idea what college they want to go to. This is a great opportunity for people to prepare and get comfortable with the college life.


the kind of person that should attend this school is, a serious, dedicated individual who is willing to fulfill their dreams for their future.