Anne Arundel Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about AACC is no single branch has all of the courses a person needs for a degree. For example, I live near one of the branches. It's about a five to ten minute drive from here and my degree program requires me to take many Math, English, and other courses, but it also requires me to take many science courses where the only places I can do labs are more then half an hour away. So the commute to the different branches is very inconvenient.


The most frustrating thing about AACC is that they don't offer a Bachelor's degree program in Nursing, or anything for that matter. However, they are not allowed to because they are a community college. I do feel like I am getting a very good education though while I work on my Associate's degree.


I wouldn't consider the school I attend fustrating. It just takes time getting adjusted to transitioning from being a high school student to becoming a freshmen in college.