Appalachian State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Appalachian State University is a unique school that can offer a wholesome liberal arts education and can embrace almost any type of personality within the boundaries of our campus and the greater Boone community.


App is the most spirited, helpful, and wonderful place on earth.


An amazing life experience.


Appalachian State University is a great school and wonderful college environment, but you better like cold weather!


Appalachian State University is a school that wants its students to graduate as well rounded adults who have the skills necessary to make a difference in their respective fields and in the world.


Appalachian State University is a school with a diverse population where you can be yourself and earn a wonderful education.


Appalachian State is a great place to attend university because it offers a variety of programs, the professors seem to really care that the students are learning and the mountain setting is absolutely beautiful in all seasons.


Relaxed and laid back atmostphere with a family feel.


There is much to do in Appalachian State University, however they do seem to be hidden in plain sight. Appalachian strives to bring you out of your comfort zone literary. The weather drops from a 70 degrees in the fall to a cold 10-30 degree in the winter. However, students aren't heldback from having their fun. There are clubs like Char and many eating places that are cheap. Appalachian State was not my first pick college, but it would have saved me time time and stress if i knew how great it was.


Appalachian State University is just as fun, friendly and welcoming as Disney World; just add mountains to the picture!


Great locatoin, good education, and a good value.




Appalachian State University is a very open school with an eclectic variety of students, so it's not hard to fit into a group of people or find someone with your same interests to keep you motivated.


ASU is a really friendly and fun school that focuses on education and music, but has many other really great programs and schools.


A relaxed environment where people truly want to learn and better themselves.


This school is not only beautiful but also full of amazing people.


Appalachian State is a smaller school that provides a well-rounded education, looking out for the students best interest and learning experience.


Appalachian State effectively provides a traditional college experience, while at the same time giving each student adequate attention and a familial atmosphere.


Appalachian State is has beautiful trails, mountains, and campus.


hippy filled campus with nothing to do unless you want to join a faternity/sorority to drink or you are an outdoors wilderness type


Appalachian State University is a tight-knit community that is helping me better my life and brighten my future.


Appalachian State University is an awesome place to learn and experience a variety of outdoor adventures.


Appalachian is a well rounded, beautiful, excellent education environment.


After having attended Appalachian for only one semester I can sum up my college in one word, amazng; Appalachian is an outstanding institution, with faculty who genuinely care about their students, and students who are among the friendliest you will ever meet.


My school is the best all around!


My school is filled with an eclectic group of students, many of whom are invested in the sustainable development.


Appalachian State is a hippie-tastic school with a ton of pride, a ton of mountains, a ton of snow, and a pretty decent hunk of apathy with a few exceptions that will completely blow you out of the water.


My school is very outdoorsy, and the studet body is almost all white christians, with a fair amount of hippies thrown in, and the academics are only rigorous if you place yourself in a difficult major, so a lot of people coast.


Exciting, adventurous, medium sized, and definitely enjoyable.


A necessary contributor to academic stimulation in all individuals, enabling light to be shed on personal projects of development - academically and spiritually - that creates a community and atmosphere of scholarly enthusiasm and progression.


Appalachian is a place were a diverse group of people can come together to learn in comfortable environment while growing as a person as well.


Appalachian State is my perfect undergraduate university embodied.


A big school experience with a small town feel that creates a unique sense of community.


A green liberal fun school.


Appalachian State University is not just a school, but it is home to me; and I know I'll always be welcome here.


ASU is a college that offers so many oppurtunites to its students, its quite amazing how willing they are to help students out with classes, clubs/activities, study abroad, etc.


My school is spirited, teacher oriented, medium sized, and enthusiastic.


This is the coldest, most amazing place ever.


There is something for everyone.


Appalachian is a very engaging campus with a wide variety of activites to keep students involved ranging from extreme winter sports to a very well developed Greek system to broaden social horizond all while placing an adequate emphasis on academics to maximize students' higher education experiences and prepare them for the workplace after school.


Appalachian State is a school with a beautiful setting, laid back students, and a medium sized population.