Appalachian State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Extremely nice and helpful! That being said, there are always a few bad APPles, but they don't spoil the bunch! I have met so many people at ASU that are willing to help you no matter what. The college is very liberal, so if this isn't your scene, I wouldn't recommend it. Many days I have seen people wearing no shoes, wild animals on their shoulders, not having showered for a few days. It's entertaining at times! An extremely accepting community!


Always willing to help


They are very friendly and active, always wanting to get involved in something.


Hardworking, focused, but love to have fun in their free time.


My classmates are amazing, caring, understanding, supportive, helpful, respectful, and trustoworthy.


95% white, WASP. Mostly in-state NC. The remainder are the football team, and the few "social outcasts" they mistakenly let in. No diversity whatsoever.


Absolutely no one would feel any less than welcome at Appalachian State. The students here are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. No one judges you, and no one cares one way or another how you choose to live your life. Every one is a unique individual here and they aren't pushed away because of it.


Classmates here at Appalachian State University are very personable and easy to talk to if you are in need of extra assistance in your class besides your professor.


Most students at Appalachian are from the Charlotte, Raleigh, or Greensboro areas. Finding a ride home has never been a problem. There are a lot of out-of-state and international students as well. As a campus, I see people of different cultures, religions, and nationalities interacting very often and with ease. It is not segregated in any way, but I do think that more students could try to educate themselves on other cultures to eliminate preventable ignorance. When it comes to style at ASU, it is extremely eclectic. Most students where whatever they are feeling that day. However, there is one common fashion denominator that is spotted everywhere on this campus. That common denominator goes by the name of Chaco. Many of the students here own a pair of Chacos because they making walking comfortable and they can be worn during many outdoor activities. Other than that, everyone pretty much does their own thing and is accepted for it.


we are a largely green school and it is growing! the town busses run on a bio-fuel and there is a whole dorm running strictly on solar power! they are always trying to make changes and improvements for a greener atmosphere. You see a lot of modern day hippies, long hair and bear feet! most people are extremely friendly and its easy to make friends. The dining hall is great! a deli and chick fil a right on campus. most syudents are from somewhere in NC but there are plenty of out of state and even out of country students! this past year there was a load of british soccer players (ohhh yea can you say HOT?) Students are politically aware and religiously active! so much diversity!


We have a school club for practically everything, from hobbies to cultural groups to major related clubs. Some are a bit redundant, but if you're shy like I was first arriving with no high school friends (most of my friends stayed within an hour radius of home) joining a club is a good way to get out there. Most ASU students are from around the area (Western NC) but they do get students from all over NC and several from out of state. I do feel like the ethnic diversity here is a bit low, but when you come from a high school where you have an equal mix of blacks and whites and 20% of other various groups, it's kinda hard to look diverse compared to that. I have noticed in the past year that ethnic diversity is starting to grow more here.


So far, my classmates are extremely friendly and always up to get together for studying or just hanging out!


There's a ton of different groups you could fir into at App state and I really feel like anyone could fit in. There's a place for everyone. I think the university is great at making everyone here feel like we're one big happy app family. There's always something going on and its usually free so everyone can participate. Like today, there was free tye-die for anyone who wanted to participate out on Sanford lawn. Most students here are from the southeast - NC, SC, FL, VA,TN. But there really are people from everywhere (my roommate is from Oklahoma). I would say that most student are middle class with a minority of exceptions. And the political atmosphere is a bit to the left but not totally. Although there are obvious cliques and groups, everyone is inviting and open. Like i said before it's a very close knit community; everyone waves to eachother and says hey.


People here are extremely laid-back and chill - they wear comfortable clothes and don't judge


Most students here tend to be very open to new ideas and are often very friendly.


A variety of classes brings a variety of classmates. From what I've seen so far, the student population here at Appalachian State University is friendly, open-minded, and cooperative. I have met students from all over the world, including 20 or more states from the U.S., as well as students from Congo, Guatemala, Germany, and China. I have also met students with a wide variety of majors, including some interesting "cross-displinary" majors where subjects are combined into a unique major.


My classmates at Appalachian State University have alot of character and take alot of pride in their school.


My classmates are a diverse melting pot representing every walk of life imaginable.


They are less interested in learning than in getting a degree so they can stay away from home and enjoy themselves in whatever way they please.


Most of my classmates go to school to have fun and have little interest in their education or in succeeding.


My classmates at Appalachian are studious, intelligent, social, open, helpful, conservative, enrionmentally-friendly southern belles and gentlemen.


My classmates are hard-working and driven.


People that are there to learn and know what they want in life.


My classmates were very open-minded and came from diverse backgrounds.


Easy to get along with. They're always welcoming and ready to help them, even at 8am, as long as you are nice back.


Interesting, intelligent, innovative.


Most of my classmates are people who don't really have to worry too much about getting good grades - their primary concerns are about getting housing, paying for their bills, or their relationships with other people.


They were friendly and had a lot of personal info to share.


Interested, inquisitive, intelligent.


My classmates come to class well prepared and openly express their opinions during class discussions therefore motivating other students.


Students here are very diverse in there belivefs but all are accepting of eachother. However, there is not much of a racial diversitity on campus.




they're individuals with unique ideas.


Classmates are greatly into outdoor activities and being very socialable


My class mates are nice people who don't work very hard and like to party.


My classmates are, for the most part, very friendly people and always willing to lend a hand to help if they are able to.


My classmates are always willing to help anyone that needs help, whether it is just to give someone notes or form a study group.


My classmates represent a lot of polar opposites, from extreme liberals to uptight conservatives, preppy fratboys to all out hippies, and completely academically focused students to total partiers who I can't help but wonder why they're here. I feel that there's more opposites than those falling somewhere in the middle.


Very easy to get along with and accepting of all types of backgrounds.


Eager to learn.