Appalachian State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Appalacian State University is best known for their academics, football team, and school spirit. Coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love how friendly everyone is and how the professors really care about you academically and on a personal level. This university is close to downtown King Street and has a lot to do on the weekends that does not involve drinking. If you want to come to a university that is runned safely and accepts you for who you are, come to Appalachian State University.


I would say Appalachian State is best known for being in the mountains and how cold it gets. Some people also say it is known for being the school for people who are vegetarians, vegans or have food allergies.


Best known for their great football program and school spirit. They are also known for being very friendly and are often referred to as "One Big Appalachian Family".


Appalachian is known for its scenery. We're smack dab in the middle of the mountains and to be honest, sometimes it's breathtaking when you're walking to class and you're minds on all the things you have to do for the day and suddenly you see those gorgeous mountains. Nature is timeless, you never get tired of seeing something so beautiful and so majestic. The mountains almost have a personality of their own, and you can almost feel as if they feel the season with you. It's strange, but lovely.


Our school has a large focus on varsity sports, and their education program. The Reich College of Education is well known, and considered a high level program for education. Our varisty football team has won 3 national championships, and a number of division championships as well. Mountaineer football is a huge draw, not just for students and alumni, but for the community as well! Everyone in the area comes together to support the Mountaineers at Kidd Brewer Stadium, AKA The Rock, on Saturdays. Football brings a sense of community and belonging that is definitely something Appalachian is known for.


Football is the only tradition here, that and having sexual assaults.


Our school is best known for the lovely campus. I can talk about its great welcoming on football Saturdays, or its perfect climate to do some scientific research. But the campus is what makes App State so great, because if one takes a short walk through the grounds on a 60-degree sunny day, he will find multitudes of students playing Frisbee, lacrosse, football; others are studying, congregating with friends, or enjoying the nice weather. Plus, non-students, citizens of Boone will walk their dogs and such things. It is refreshing sight when schoolwork is overbearing.


Appalachian State University is best know for its surrounding area and its football team. It is located in Boone, North Carolina high up in the mountains. Many people go there simply because of the beautiful campus and Boones wide range of outdoor activities. However, Appalachian State University is also know for its foot ball team. They won the NCAA championship in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Ever since then the school has had a booming football program.


Being student-centered, great outdoor opportunities, great financial deal, laid back, have a good football team (beating Michigan a few years ago)


Appalachian State University is best know for the business school and the Hayes School of Music. The music school has to be applied for seperately than the University. The business school is open to all students as long as they meet the requirements. The location of it is also a big thing. It's located in the mountains and is absolutely beautiful. There is a ton of snow in the winter and all kinds of different outdoor oprotunities


My school is known for being open to anyone and anything. We're all kind of hippies up in the mountains, and everyone is extremely friendly! I don't think anyone has ever felt left out of anything at App, because you really don't see too many "cliques" up here. Everyone knows everyone, and it's so calm up here.


Teaching, going green and environmentally friendly, access to outdoor sports


My school is best known for it's green impact and its football team.


Appalachian State University is known for many things. The most well known claim to fame may be our three time title of National Champions in football. We are also known for our beautiful campus and surrounding areas. Our most successful departmental majors are the music department and our highly renowned education program.


Appalachian serves a variety of interests. Mostly buisness, accounting, and the art school is quite competitive. The buisness school was something that turned me off immediately. I was never interested. Art school seemed difficulty, scary and very competitive. The art students were always very serious and driven, making the endeavor seem more desirable to do, or at least be good at.


Our school is best known for our fantastic football team, great mountains for skiing, and excellent academics. I love the location of our university because it has some of the best places for sight seeing in the United States. The professors here are amazing and are always encouraging and willing to help in every way possible. The campus facilities are beautiful and this campus is definitely what I envisioned when I thought about college during my younger years.


At first when you think of Appalachian State, many people would think of their football program and the three consecutive football championships they one. They are also known for their teaching program which is good for me since I am hoping to become and elementary school teacher.


Football and being cold and beautiful.


The environmentalist and the football team.


This school is best known for it's football team and for its continued efforts at being environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Appalachian State is probably best known academically for its Education program since it was originally founded as a Teacher's College. It also has an outstanding Arts program, including both Visual and Performing Arts. On the non-academic side, most people know about Appalachian State because of our football team. In the past 4 years, we have 3 National Championships in our division, and a huge upset when we beat Michigan in a non-division game. Overall, Appalachian is known for being able to deliver a well rounded, practical education for a great value to its students and their parents.


Football and Bjorn Nitmo.


Our Football team is the main focus from the public spectrum. A three time FCS national champion brings with it a multitude of attention from the sports world. Also, our cultural arts, such as music and dance have gotten the college several glances from would-be strangers to the Highest (elevation) University east of the Rockies.


the best football of all time records. the learning is wonderful.


We are well known for our football team and their success. We are also known for our awareness in the environment and how we enjoy to recycle. Our school is located up in the mountains and in the winter there is lots of skiing and snowboarding and then in the summer there is lots of hiking. The scenary is gorgeous and wonderful. There is a diversity of majors and minors available on campus.


Appalachian is known as a teacher's college as far as eduation goes. The social aspect is known as a hippie-type school where only 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school population is greek.


AppState is not only known for our excellent football team, but also for our great broad selection of academics, and great facilities at a mid-sized school based in the beautiful mountains of wesntern North Carolina.


Are university is best know for its great business school, emphasis on sustainability, education program, and the very accomodating freshmen orientation program. Oh, it also draws outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.


2005, 2006, 2007 National Champions Football


Football and Business


We're best known for our football team, hard science and math departments, and a good business and education school


Hippies, National Championships and Beating Michigan


Our kickass football team and the most beautiful campus in NC.


Get out, but make sure you don't forget class.


In recent news the school's football team has gotten alot of press for winning 3 National Championships back to back.