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We have the only 2 story Wendy's fast food chain in town.


To be blatently honest, I didn't consider many other schools, at least not with much seriousness. Appalachian had a sense of community that I didn't experience anywhere else, and the beautiful campus and kind student body were just a major plus. Appalachian also had a strong focus on teacher education, and they offered my major, Child Development. I think what i liked most about App when i was looking, was that they welcome anyone and everyone, from all walks of life, to their school. That open minded feeling really drew me in, and kept me here!


Appalachian State University is unique because it provides students with a fair mix of liberal and conservative educational options; furthermore, App provides a healthy and safe physical environment in which all of the students can focus on their education without much worry about their financial or physical safety. With programs such as book-rental, Safe Ride, and Writing Center, many worries that the students may have can be aided by the progams that the school provides.


Appalachian is unique because it has a large variety of student. They range from students interested in Greek life, to hippies, to studious people, to hardcore Christians. If you come to this school, you are bound to find friends that have a common interest with you.


All in all... Appstate is fun, and has a campus that you will easily fall in love with.


Life at App is interesting. The weather is a bit nuts (I've learned to always carry an umbrella in my backpack) and the town is too small for my tastes, but it does have its perks. If I want off-campus food or to see the local unique crafts for sale, I can just walk to downtown. If I need to go grocery shopping I can take a free bus ride on one of the several routes as I have no vehicle. And if I feel in the mood for pizza, I have about 5 different choices to call for a delivery.


I feel like Appalachian State is unique in the fact that it allows for a lot of outside activity. The campus and the town the campus is a part of is in the mountains, and aside from the winters, the weather is usually cooperative with the want of the students to be outside. On a sunny day, you can find students playing football, slacklining, talking with friends, and just enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and Boone. App students are also dedicated to keeping the campus clean and green which is unique to other schoosl I considered.


Appalachian State University is a very diverse University. Many things to learn and see. This college is up and coming and I'd say the place to be in academics and sports. The area is booming with constant new construction and upgrades. I couldn't be happier with the setting either, North Carolina mountains for all snow sports and in the spring the outdoors are unmatched in any state in the US. What more could you ask for but to go to college at Appalachian State University.


The mountains are a huge difference and the Blue Ridge Parkway is really close. There are a lot of outdoors activities to do in your free time at ASU.


At Appalachian State, you are ten minutes away from a scenic hike up to a breathtaking overlook, which is a welcome relief from the everyday stress of class.