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What is your overall opinion of Appalachian State University?

Is Appalachian State University a good school?

What is Appalachian State University known for?


Small town school= small town mentality. A PhD doesn't change that. AppState is backwoods Appalachian culture to a T.


Appalachian is nothing short of absolutely wonderful. The teachers are all available to help you, the student life is always busy, and just the overall atmosphere is so friendly. There is honestly nothing I could want to change about App. There is so much school spirit also, it's unbelievable. We are a bigger school, but still not as big as the more popular public schools in the state. It is just the right amount of good people in a beautiful place. No one could hate Appalachian!


Best thing: Atmosphere. Great people. Personable professors. Great programs. Mountains Change: size. Boone is too small to keep growing and accepting more students. There is no room to expand. Most of the time spent on campus is in my department building or the library. The town is very aimed towards college students and there is always something to do. School pride is incredible here. The amount of black and gold and attendance to football events for example. It seems every game we are breaking records for attendance!


The best thing about ASU is the location. It is such a beautiful green campus! The one thing I would change is how you still have to run across campus in 2 feet of snow and ice to get to class! The size is just right! it is not extremely small or too large to where you cant connect with other students or professors! the student teacher ratio is good~ I spend most of my time in the solarium which is an indoor jungle sort of with waterfalls. trees, and a constant warm temperature. It is a fun place to watch the snow fall. I also spend time in the small park on campus or the sanford Lawn where there is ultimate frisbee, flag football and other campus events. there are many places to stop everything and hang a hammock and relax for a while! Boone is such a cute town with a classic historical feel. boone is very proud of there history, and you can see it in the classical architecture. The shops are cute and the bars are fun! it is also about 45 minutes away from two major cities/towns Wilkesboro and Blowing Rock. The biggest contreversy is which Mexican restarant to choose :P Los or Dos? The school pride is extremely significant and epic! yes, epic! (youtube appstates reaction to osama bin ladins death) the Riot after bin ladens death is probably my most cherished memory. the Chancellor CROWD SURFED and the police organized our riot and midnight 1-AM boone parade!


I have to say, I love the fact that ASU is a beautiful campus and since it's a small town, everything is within walking distance or just get a free ride on the bus. Bad thing is, because it's in the mountains, it sometimes snows like crazy. Great for those who love the cold and snow and wind though. I do wish the town itself was bigger, as I came from a city that had everything imaginable to do. If you love the outdoors and love outdoor activities, you'll love it here as we have everything from snowboarding to mountain biking to rafting. But for those who don't do such, it can get a bit boring.


I think the best thing is that everything on Campus is walkable distanc. Even downtown Boone is just a tiny walk up the mountain. It's gorgeously built into the side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and there are so many outdoor activities that you could never be bored.