Arcadia University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their study abroad opportunities. The freshman class is able to participate in a First Year Semester Abroad program in either England or Scotland. Those that do not study abroad during their first year are able to participate in the Preview program. This is a two credit course offered in the spring semester that teaches students about the customs and culture of a country and then takes them to that country over spring break. My class focuses on Japan and will take us to Tokyo for a week.


It has not come up yet, but I hear that every year, there is a haunted house that is held at the castle, a main building on our campus. There have been rumors that the place really is haunted and I am excited to check it out when Halloween comes around even though I am not a big horror fan!


Arcadia University is best known for its excellent study abroad programs and its nationally-renowned graduate program for those interested in pursuing careers in physical therapy. With students having the opportunity to travel to a variety of countries around the world, students can develop a global perspective and grow as individuals in a new environment both academically and socially. In addition, the university provides its students with a proper education and prepares them for careers in the prospective paths that they choose to follow. Arcadia provides many amazing opportunities for students to embark on their educational journeys as they please.


My favorite campus tradition would probably our annual Christmas sale where everyone and anyone could sell handmade things to people so that they would have something to give to someone and wood stock. those were cool.


My school is best know for their Physical Therapy Doctorate program which we are currently ranked #7 in the nation, and, our study abroad program which we are currently ranked #1.


My school is best known for their study abroad programs and bringing in students from across teh globe to participate at Arcadia.


Arcadia university is best known for its programs abroad, cultural experience, and visually, the grey castle tower.


My school is best known for it's study abroad experience. It has the number one study abroad program in the country! Arcadia makes it extremely easy to allow its students to go overseas while still completing credits for their majors. Arcadia sends their first year students to London, Scotland, or Spain during their first or second semesters, and encourages other students to experience living abroad at one point in their college lives. At Arcadia, the staff gives extra help to make sure that students can study abroad, such as giving out fee waivers for the trip.


It used to be Beaver College, and is known for having a high gay population.


Arcadia is best known for Biology, PA programs, Political Science, International Studies, Psychology, and study abroad opportunities. Arcadia is also known for is small college and qualtiy private education.


Study Abroad Program


It is best known for study abroad.


Our school is probably best known for its study abroad options, including being possibly the only university in the US which offers a first year study abroad program.


The castle!