Arcadia University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is an open inclusive environment, where everyone fits in for the wacky, quirky person you are!!!


I'm so excited to start here in the fall. Its been my dream school. Let just hope I can find money for room and board.


Arcadia univeristy has three promises: To provide a "Distinctively Global, Integrative, Personal Learning Experience". I am only a first year (they don't call us freshmen), but I have already experienced all three promises. It is a small campus, but that's what I like most about Arcadia. It's easily accessible, open, and very connected.


I's a great school for study abroad. For example a freshmen preview in various locations nationally and globally. I would change the whole social life of the campus. It is lacking immensely. Too small. Whenever ever I say I go to Arcadia people ask me "what?" or "where is that?" basically no one has heard of it, unless you're a PT major. I spend my times in the dorm or the library. There is much to go anyways. Administration is ok. Hardly any school pride. Most frequent complaints: boring, food sucks, sports suck.