Arcadia University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to really research colleges. "Make sure you actualy like them and take the school reviews seriously." Also I would tell myself to work much harder because college will only get more difficult as you go on. The classes get harder and harder and life becomes more serious. You will stress about money and a job so make sure to line one up ahead of time. Also make sure you live with great people. Your stress will only be greater if you live with people who clash with you. Become good friends with your professors. They can help you down the line in getting jobs and internships. You will need this the most because once college is over it will be difficult to actually get a job. Plus, don't choose relationships over your education. You do not need to spend everyday having fun. Seriously focus and put effort into your work. Do not be ridiculous.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that it is alright to fail at something. You shouldn't have such high expectations of yourself that it makes you miserable. It is good to push yourself to always improve, but there are limitations. If you don't always have straight A's, it is okay, as long as you tried your best. Don't compare your work to others. Focus on your own work and beating your own records.


I would tell myself to get involved with assisting my psychology professors in their research projects right away, instead of waiting until my Junior year. The professors are very open and willing to include their students with their personal academic work. Working as a research assistant has opened so many doors and presented me with so many opportunities that I would not have been able to explore if I had not made the first move and put myself out there. It is risky to put yourself out there, but it is well-worth the risk.


If I could go back a semester there is not much that I would tell my high school self in regards to work ethics but, there is a lot of social advice that I would give. I remember being terrified of going away for school. I was petrified about the idea of meeting hundreds of new people and having to create a whole new friend group. I spent several sleepless nights worrying that my current friends would forget about me when we all moved. However, there were several things I failed to realize during my teenage angst that are now clear to me. I would like remind my past self that all the new people I would be meeting during orientation were in the same position as me; they would all be moving into a new area and they would all be scared, lonely, and homesick. Had I realized this, I wouldn’t have lost so much sleep due to my nerves and I could have focused on enjoying myself. I would also assure my younger self that my friends would never abandon me and that they were worried I would forget about them as well.


We have come so far, please do not get discouraged. It wasn't easy getting to senior year, actually it was disheartening sometimes. The teachers saying that you wouldn't get far in high school, let alone college, are going to be shaking your hand at your high school graduation ceremony. The peers who bullied you and made you believe you were nothing voted you as the "Funnist Girl" in high school and like you. When you doubted yoursel after many people said the majoring in Communications wasn't going to get you anyhwere in life, it was only a matter of time before you realized that it didn't matter because it was your passion. In four years, you've come very far. So, don't ever stop moving and pushing forward. It's easy to get into that small town mindset that you should skip college, wok in a factory, and play it safe, but don't let those thoughts sink in. Get that higher education, compete for a job in field that's cut-throat, learn to reach for the stars. You deserve the world and so much more. You just have to belieev and push forward.


Ana, you're what, 18 years old? Listen to me please. Before you graduate and attend MECA, read this. I know you're sick of studying, and writing papers. You think art is easy and fun. But art school is not all work and no play. Art is a way of life that is not for you. I lived through the ups and downs, the struggles and the victories of adulthood. I was there when you decided to go to MECA because of "dreams of becoming an illustrator". That dream was an unrealistic expectation. I'm 22 right now, been on my own for a while, worked dead end jobs, struggled to put myself through school, spent many hours studying and writing papers because it's what I love. What you need to do is to narrow down your purpose. You always loved to help others. You always loved to learn. Art was a romantisized idea. But it's not for you. You're a rhetoritian, a guide, a helper. Stop living in that fantasy world of "starving artist", and be the Socrates you're meant to be. Love, Ana at 22. P.S remember to learn, learn, learn.


Dear High School Senior Me, Your first thought on campus is going to be, "Dang, these people are huge." Don't let that fact intimidate you. You're bold and courageous. Spend a little time outside of your comfort zone getting to know people. You'll discover things about yourself: you crave deep, intellectual thought and you're actually in an introvert. Take care of yourself. Find other math majors and minors. Connect with them. Realize that some friendships aren’t worth pursuing, and others are. Let some high school friendships dissolve; they were just dead skin, good for a season, but now they need to be sloughed off. Remember, you’re entering a huge transition period. You’ll want to conform to the world. Don’t. Be the light you want to see in the world. Be open and honest. Don’t lose yourself; discover yourself. Always love yourself. There are some days where you won’t feel loved; don’t dwell on those. Dwell on the days in which your friends make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Stay positive. I love you. Good luck. College Freshman Me


Take every advantage to make the transition easier. Pay more attention in all your classes and don't expect college to be like high school.


When you come to college, you will have the chance to find yourself. College life allows you to explore the world all on your own, make friendships to last a lifetime and learn more about yourself and your future career than you could ever imagine to be possible. This is your fresh start, a chance to become the person you always wanted to be without the boundaries of high school to keep you from moving forward. Most of all, this is your chance to shine. Be the change you wish to see in the world and don't give up when the going gets tough. In college, you'll meet people who will make you smile, help you when you're feeling down and who will teach you some of the important lessons you will ever need to learn. You can always succeed the first time, but that doesn't mean you're destined to fail the second time around either. In the end, this is your story and only you can be the one to tell it, so take chances, remember where you started and love the person that you become.


I would tell myself to study more because you never know where that could have taken you. Also talk to some people who attended the college ask them questions, truly do the research on if you want to attend this school. Keep your head up and no distractions. Take atleast one ap class to really test yourself on your capablities. Do not slack and apply for scholarships every single day until waiting till the last minute to do so. Keep doing research and talk to your teachers and counselors and friends and parents. Give yourself encouraging words and then you woud be settled into making the college transition. Try the hardest you can to visit the campus if you can't do a virtual tour or talk to someone. Learn and keep learning because it will take you far in life. With these tips you will be successful in college.


I would only give myself one piece of advice: embrace the experience. College is a whole new word filled with amazing experiences. Don't get too tied down with schoolwork to forget to have a little fun. There are plenty of clubs and activites that want you to get involved so DO IT! Yes, academics are the most important reason for why you are at college, but, you will miss out on new adventures and amazing opportunity if you continue to stress over schoolwork. College should be the best 4 years of your young life don't miss out on the excitement of it all cause you won't get those years back. Now go out on weekends, let your hair down, and think about schoolwork during school days because there ARE plenty of hours in the day to get it all done.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself to come to a definite decision as to what I want to do in life, before determining which college is the right fit. Also I would inform my high school-self to work hard and save up as much money as possible, in order to relieve the cost of post-high school reponsibilities. Another important piece of information I would be sure to include is that being self-sufficient is extremely important, and what I imagine to be one of the best feelings in the world, which you should always strive for. The final words of advice I would include would be that everybody's situation is different, and the only person's situation you can control is yours, but try to not let anyone or anything prevent you from achieving your goals, especially if that does person or situation doesn't benefit you, your well-being, or outlook on life.


The advice that I would give myself would be do not start slacking off any time soon. Hhard work definiely pays off. Do not worry about getting into a relationship because they are in the way of your education. Take as many AP or IB courses as you can because they count for so many credits in college. you need them. The more credits you have, the less classes you have to take. The less classes you have to take, the less money you have to pay because you are not in a good economic state. College changes you and you need to start looking for a part time job. It will help pay off thing sthat you will need whne you get here. Make sure to do your best and nothing buth the best. Work harder! Look for as amny scholrships and grants as you can. You can do it !


Being able to go back and talk to myself about college life I would most likely say that college is not what it appears like on TV or in movies. College life focuses on studying, so all the party goers that are on TV or in movies is not reality. You will be piled up with homework from multiple classes with due date ranging from 12am that night to months down the road, therefore a student does not truly have the time to themselves to party or play video games the way that they did in high school. Also college is diverse, you may think that your roommates may be normal before you meet them or you might think the total opposite, the point is that until you meet them personally the conversations that occur in the summer does not truly show the qualities of a person. By the end of the semester you may love the person or you may hate them, the only thing that matters in the end is that you have to respect each other, every person deserves respect wither or not you get along.


Dear Kiara- I know you are stressed about your future right now. Heck, you've always been stressed about your future and that's not a character trait that is likely to change. However, it might sooth you to know that you are making the right choices. Life is takng you where you need to be, even if the path is unexpected. I know that right now you are really only concerned with the 'Big Name' schools. They look good to employers, but are they what you need? You choice in education should not be based on a name. It should be based on the school that will give you the most it can. Yes, Big Name School X and Y can give you a pretty diploma with their names scrawelled in cursive next to their school seal, but believe it or not, Arcadia University will end up providing for you more than you can ever imagine. Stop thinking about schools based on how they will look to others and start thinking about what they can do for you. Besides, the big name schools cost a fortune anyways! Would you rather have debt or a school that helps you grow?


I would say to go to college and not to enter the working world yet. There is plenty of time to earn money, but it is much easier to learn new concepts as a young adult. It is also much easier to attend college while you don't have the bills of an adult. Additionally, decide early on a senior institution, and keep up with the changes in courses needed. Go to community college first, it is significantly more affordable. Take only those courses that will transfer. Get involved in campus activities, it will be important when you want to transfer to a four year and have no idea how to pay for it.


I would try to get involved in more extra curricular activities and take on more AP level courses or even courses at the community college if possible. It would have given me a step up when arriving to college in the fall and the extra curriculars look good on any application, whether it be for school, scholarships, jobs, or internships. I also would have told myself to look into more scholarships earlier and try and get the most help with my tuition.


I would advise myself to aim to be as independent as I can, and work on the goals that I set for myself. I would say that I need to work on the study skills that I have, and work on going into school with an open mind, and know that if I do fail, I need to pick myself back up and try again. No one is perfect, and since college is such a new and very different experience, I believe that many people go into this with the idea that if they fail, they are failures. I would tell myself to learn from my mistakes, and learn how to change these things for more positive results in the future. I should go to college ready to meet new people, try new things, and be prepared to learn as much as I can!


If I was able to go back to my high school self, I would tell her first off to save up. There are so many fun things to do in college, go out to eat, go see concerts, go on weekend road trips with friends, that are so much more worth my money than all the lunches and silly things I bought in high school. Secondly I would tell her to be involved in more clubs, take more fun classes instead of free periods, and be more active in the school community. It would have been great to have even more experience going into college, and to have more things under my belt when applying for scholarships so that I could for sure keep attending this amazing school. Then lastly I would tell her not to worry about the petty drama of high school, because college is right around the corner and those friends she will meet and experiences she will have are worth the wait. I would not take anything back though, because all my struggles and challenges in high school helped make me a better person for college and the rest of my life.


If I could go back in time and revisit my senior year, I would have a lot of advice for myself. Firstly, look at a college for the right reasons, not social status. Secondly, I would be more rigorous in applying for college scholarships and grants, every little bit can help the financial burden. Thirdly, I would tell myself not to waste my time on a boy, because I have my whole future ahead of me, and there will be plenty of boys in college.


I would tell myself to calm down. I remember being so nervous about making friends and fitting in--the fear of feeling lonely consumed me. I came to Arcadia and made friends so easily. I would tell myself to put the cell phone away on the first day or two. Stop texting and calling my friends from high school, and get out there and make friends! Granted, I did end up making friends quite easily, but I could have done so a lot sooner and quicker if I had opened up a little quicker. I would also tell myself to be open to the idea of making new "best friends". I was so convinced that my high school friends were my best friends for life. I am still close to some, but I am very close to my college friends now. Basically, I would tell myself now that I need to be, overall, open to meeting new people, learning new things, and having new experiences.


My college experience has been invaluable. By just attending school I am offered more jobs, and within those jobs higher positions because of my education. I enjoy learning new things and in college there is always something new to learn. The world will pay me what they think I am worth. I look at school as putting more money in my wallet in the future. I have enjoyed college immensely from the classes to the athletic events. Here in school I have found a degree path that will help me make a difference in this world by helping people. College is a once in a life time experience that I would not give up for anything.


It has been valuable to attend Arcadia University because I've made amazing friend from all over the country in which I would have never got the opportunity. In addition, Arcadia University offers spring previews as part of their study abroad program so this March I will be traveling to Scotland over spring break. Plus in addition, Arcadia offers a cominbed optometry program with Salus University which gives me amazing opportunies that many other colleges do not offer.


I got the opportunity to study aboard during my jr. year and that was an opportunity that had it not been for Arcadia I would have never been able to do. I was able to attend a University in Australia and I was able to visit and see so many places while i was there. Australia is a place that I maybe never get the opportunity to go back to, so having had the chance to be there for four months was something that I am so greatful for.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the oppurtunite to grow up and expand my mind out of high school. It has has been valuable attend to have the choice to become a well educated black women and to be able achieve my goal to be a nurse.


The biggest thing that I think I have gotten out of my college experience is great friends. I think that if I were to go to a non-resident college or if I hadn't lived on campus, I feel that I would not have gotten to know my friends as well as I have. The other thing I feel that I've gotten out of college is learning my strengths, knowing that I can acheive my goals and I will push myself to make that happen. I think if I didn't go to college not only would I not know what I truly wanted to do, as a career, but I am not sure that I would have gained the knowledge that no matter what life threw at me I would be able to find the strength to achieve it.


I have been exposed to many people and outlooks while enrolled at Arcadia University. I have studied abroad and on campus, which has expanded my global perspective. II have become more independent and responsible as a result of my experiences on campus in Glenside and abroad in London, England and Perugia, Italy. I believe that I am becoming a more productive, tolerant, responsible member of society as a result of my educational opportunities at Arcadia University. I hope to be an abassador for my university and work in a foreign relations enabling me to use the global perspective I have learned during my college education.


I transferred to Arcadia from another college and the experiences were like night and day. My previous school was very competitive and getting into required classes was so difficult that a large portion of students had to stay more than four years to meet graduation requirements. Arcadia really does make its students its priority. I have been able to build relationships with my professors and even professors outside of my department. This school supports my academic and career goals rather than being indifferent like my previous school. As a student at Arcadia I find myself setting higher goals for myself and working harder to achieve them because I know I have the support of my peers and professors.


My college experince has taught me not to give up and to pursue my goals. There is always room for improvement and to turn your life around. To not choose a path that you're good at but that you love.


The most valuable asset i wish to gain from college is experience. The knowledge and wisdom that can only be gained at college are invaluble to my life and the success i hope to achieve. Above all, else the greatest asset would be confidence in myself and knowing i can accomplish any task and overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that education is an important tthing to have. Education is so important because without it people will not have a future. It has been valuable to attend this college because I have truly learned a lot in these past two years. I am two years away from graduating and I know that by attending this University I am going to earn the degrees I am trying to obtain.


As a mother of three, returning to college was amazing. My two eldest children attended the same school with me. It was great to be able to "compare notes" with them on some classes. It was also a family "competition" for GPA's. (I won!) Even though this experiece with my children was great, making so many new friends and experiencing things I never thought I could again was truly amazing. I have become a better person, and parent for attending. My youngest child (3rd grade) thinks it's "cool" that Mom is going to be a teacher. My experience's have giving him a better insight of his teacher as well. He better understands what is expected of him on an academic and behavior level. Over all, this has been one of the best experience's of my entire life!


This first year of college brought a lot of different experiences for me. I tackled the independence of living on campus, away from my family, which taught me time management, self sufficiency, and raised my self esteem. I studied a semester in London at City University, getting the opportunity to see the world, immerse myself in a different culture and educational environment. My courses gave me an insight into the global work force which is important in competing in the global job market. Freshman year gave me the opportunity to think about the future, what were my goals, and how was I going to accomplish them. Attending college was the best thing that could have happened to me. I met with many people, students and professors, sharing ideas and concepts that will help me throughout life.


The knowledge I have accrued throughout the years, which at first seemed useless to my career, has provided me with the invaluable tools that I utilized on a daily basis. My college experience has allowed to recognize and apply many, seemingly abstract, things to my life. I have had the chance to learn about the history of world civilizations; which has taught me what, in the past, has molded me and my society. I have learned psychology; which has shown me my potential and how everyone, including me, is unique depending on their nurtured lives. I have learned sociology, math, chemistry, and biology, which have all collectively shown me how the pieces of my chaotic world fit together and suddenly become orderly. College has given me the ability to recognize and appreciate diversity and its absolute importance in society. Being in a classroom with a mixture of ages and ethnicities taught me the damage effects of my prior ethnocentricity. I have been exposed to different ethnicities all my life, but having the raw opportunity to discuss them has surely opened my eyes and expanded my horizons.


I have got so many good opportunities to become self suffiecient and gain more exprience. In my learning in college to gain a carrer doing something I love and to share my expertise with others so that they may gain an interest in the field. I hope to one day produce documentaries for children. My education is valuable to me because, it is a commodity and needed to be in that field, on your own or with a company. I can also teach others or volunteer in the community to do benifits with local schools or organizations.


I want to go to school so I can better myself and my family. I'm going to school for human services to help my brother. He was hit by a drunk drink 3years ago and I want to be able to help him the best I can. So I feel with me going to school I can know better in what ways to help him and found great care for him as well.


I think college is more than the academic aspect. Since the majority of students at any college are resident students and not commuters, college forces kids to separate themselves from their families. By doing this we, as students, learn to be independent and do things on our own. We also learn how to control ourselfs, since we now get to decide when we go to bed, what we eat, etc. Our choices define our life rather than our parents choice for us. Additionally, as a part of becoming independent we learn from our classes that we can't rely on teachers to tell us everything, we have to take initiative and read books, articles, and other scholary works to feed our need for knowledge.


I would tell myself to try harder and achieve higher grades in my senior year because once your done high school your done for good. There is no going back to change your grades just as there is no reset button for life. As a quote that I state to myself "The choices we make today affect our tomorrow." College life can be a dramatic game changer, some or not ready for it and others have been preparing for it since the time they stepped into 1st grade. Acquiring the good grades while in high school, especially in your senior year, can affect how smooth or how rough the transition into college can be. The transition into college can be tough but in the end, after 4 years of hard work and dedication, the rewards can be great, and the time you spend there can be great too. The more focused you are coming into college the better the transition will be and maybe the better life might be for you. College is what you make it out to be, you get out of it what you put into it. So pour your heart into it and recieve your rewards.


Furthering one's education is means to investing in one's future. With college life comes friendships and experiences that can enrich the soles and open the minds of indivuals. It gives a growing young man or women that chance to discover whom they are and whom they aspire to be. College is a must so "just do it" like Nikey, because who could ever say "no" to a nice pair of sneaks.


As a student currently enrolled in college now, I have realized that my ideas of college have completley changed from when I was in high school. First, I believed that I didn't have to fill out a lot of scholarships for each semester of college. I thought that once I filled out a couple of scholarships for one semester, I was finished with applying for scholarships for my whole college life. The advice I would give to myself as a high school senior is to never stop applying for scholarships. I can't keep blowing off oppurtunities and chances that may come my way and help me pay for college, because it defintely makes a difference. Another piece of advice I would give to my high school senior self is to keepsake your money. I always thought that I could control how much money I spent from work study, but of course it's easier said than done. In college, people will spend most of the money they earn, which is exactly what happened to me. I would tell my past self to not spend money on frivolous items, but to save some for my chance of going overseas.


College life is full of freedoms that have yet to be experienced. There is the freedom to eat what you want, exercise when you want, study when you want, and also the option to make bad choices. The best advice that I could give myself would be to rememeber that attending college will shape my future. I'd advise myself to continue to make good decisions and not follow the crowd. Each and everyday at college is a chance to grow more independent and to do so in a positive manner means making smart decisions as well as trusting my instincts in unfamiliar environments. The biggest misunderstanding that students have is that college is similar to high school in the classroom, when really it's a totally independent learning environment. I'd stress that courses taken in college are to be taken very seriously everyday and one bad test grade can ruin your GPA that semester. Most importantly, I'd remind myself that these are the best 4 years of my life, and I should enjoy every activity that I possibly can.


Don't worry and don't panic. Your life may seem satisfactory, maybe even extraordinary, at times but that is no reason to not accept change into your life. A well lived life is dynamic, its about learning how to deal with the things life throws at you, to make the best of them and find the people and things that help you when things seem tough. Change may seem terrible, simply a wrench thrown into a train of thought and life that was working just fine, but just let it come. You waste time by dwelling too much on what things you think might end up badly in the future. Enjoy this last year at a school that feels like home, with people that you have grown up with and whom you love with everything but at the same time prepare yourself for what will come. Be excited, you think you have lived up to now, but your life has barely even started.


The first thing i ould have to do is stop myself and make him believe its me. Once that is done ill explain to him how important your gpa is, so dont slack off. I would say "your gpa is as important as your guitar, you dont want it to break and wither away do you?" I would admit that i slacked off some in highschool. i actually wish i could go back and time too actually do this. I if it was me in the 9th grade, i would sit him(me) down and explain to him that some classes in highschool are actually important to take for your future. Most kids in highschool do know this, so they just goof off throughout all highschool. Once they get to 12th grade year it finally strickes them that , "wow, i messed up, and i cant take it back." Now in life ive grown wiser and know hats ahead of me and what i need to do to go back to school. I would love to go to a highschool today and explain that to kids. Kids in highschool these days only care about their friends and forget their studies.


Deena, I know that you're busy with prom, senior week, and cherishing these last moments with your close friends, but remember to not slack off this year. Yes, you got accepted into college, but you still need good grades for scholarships and to keep up your G.P.A. A transition is coming and it might be scary at times, but it might also be a fun time to learn from. More responsibilities await you and it is time for you to step up to the plate and start thinking about your career. You will meet lots of people that will touch your heart and help you along the way. If you ever need help while in college, there are always people to turn to. You will need to adjust to living with others, working on group projects, and being organized. Make sure you get involved with events on campus!! Make use of your time wisely while at school, because these years are going to go fast! Make smart choices, and grow and learn. Take in everything, have no regrets, and create life-long memories! Just keep up the good work and you'll do great!


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would definitely go back in time and tell myself to hit the books more. College is definitely not like high school and you can't afford to fool around. I had struggled some in college calculus, and if I knew I was going to have problems, I would have asked for more help or taken a college course during my senior year to see how the classes would be like. I would also tell myself not to stress so much because it is not healthy and there is always someone or somewhere to go to ask for help.


I would tell myself to be free to be myself. It took me a while to crack out of my shell and allow myself to meet people. It was strange for me because I am naturally a very outgoing person. I guess I just was not sure about everyone just yet. I would tell myself to do everything Arcadia offered, and put myself in a position that is not exactly comfortable. That is how people truly grow and learn about themselves and others. I feel like I have the chance to do that at Arcadia every day.


Be more outgoing! Making new friends and meeting new people will ALWAYS feel scary in a new place, but it's worth it to put yourself out there. In the end the people who will end up being your best friends will love you for the stupid things you blurt out that others laugh at you harshly for - nothing but endearing foibles. In about two years, you'll get a tattoo with Aysha that says "If we fall into ourselves, we will become free" and it will be one of the most important moments of your life. College will be about you figuring out that it's actually OK for you to be yourself, and love yourself, and be selfish every once in a while. Just whatever you do, and as soon as you figure that out, don't let it go, OK? 'Cause remember how your folks always used to say that high school would be "the best days of your life"? They were wrong, the best days are the ones that you live with a smile on your face. You realize that in college, baby doll, and nothing could be more important.


It definitely takes a great amount of time to adjust to something that is completely different than what you have ever experienced; however as much as you might be frustrated going through the transition, you will see yourself start to change. You will see growth, positive growth into a person of society, into the person that you want to be in this life. You will learn so many things about yourself and about the world and will learn how to be a person who can contribute to your community and much later, the world. So no matter how hard the struggle will definitely seem at times, have faith and trust in yourself. Be confident about who you are, where you came from, and why you are here. I can guarantee you will make it.


In high school I was very conflicted about which college to choose to go to. Eventually I chose Northern Arizona University, but when I tried to study abroad through them it ended up being a big mess, so I transferred to Arcadia. Looking back now, I would tell myself to just stick with my first choice. My heart was in it and I never should have left. So what if I couldn't study abroad? I could always take the initiative and travel on my own. There are chances for a new experience around every corner. However, transferring to a small school where the friend cliques are completely formed from week one (as I've done now) hasn't proven to be fertile ground for many good opportunities at all. I would tell myself that no matter how homesick or out of control I felt at the beginning, it would all end up being a great journey in the end, one that made me stronger, more independent, and most important of all, happy. I would make sure I understood what an amazing chance I had, and how I should have never let go of it.


Be ready to put yourself out there, and be ready for new things. Even if you may have to work alot to get through school, always find a way to have fun with friends and to get out, because everyone needs to have fun! Try your hardest to study abroad, even though, financially, it may seem impossible. I am just now hearing about all of the scholarships available to college students who wish to see the world, and I wish I had made that part of my experience. Overall, don't hesitate, jump in!