Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school was the location and the program in which I was enrolled. I was in the school of Social work and the staff and professors were very competent and made learning easy. I felt that I was well equipped for my field.


The best thing about ASU is how academically large it is. The university has a grand expanse of variety and the faculity usally know what they are doing within each department. As the school often claims, there is a place for everyone, simply because there is so much being offered.


I love that the professors are very interactive and passionate about what they teach. It is very understanding.


When I finally found my degree path the teachers were phenomenal. I truly felt that I graduated with a deep understanding about my field. I feel that the way in which the classes were taught will give me skills that will reach far beyong what I learned in class.


The best thing about my school is the study abroad progam. This program allows students to travel to another country and live there for a year while diving in to the country's culture. I believe it is a powerful program because every student I've interacted with has expressed how much they grew spiritually and mentally from such an experience. The fact that Pepperdine allows students to be able to continue their education while opening their minds and hearts, speaks volumes of the goals of the institution.


The students are very team-oriented and stick together through everything.


The best part of ASU is that it is a university full of opportunities for those who seek them out. There are tutoring centers available for nearly every class taken, so students can always seize a chance for help with their studies. Every professor has office hours in order to better help their pupils. Research positions are accessible for inquiring, hard-working students. A myriad of scholarships are available to make attending ASU a reality. In the social sector, there always seems to be something going on around campus, and there are dozens of clubs to participate in.


The sheer amount of resources available to students for dealing with the problems associated with college life.


The best thing about ASU is that they offer a wider varitey of colleges. These colleges help p narrow what classes a student should and should not take in order to pursue their careers. It also helps that every college offers classes that students fromother colleges can take.


The students who are serious students tend to be great people who I can see as potential colleagues and friends. While not everyone is this way, there are enough that it more than makes up for the less motivated people. At the same time, the professors that take their jobs as teachers seriously (not just for research purposes) are fantastic resources as well.


The best thing about Arizona State University is the sence of community and diversity everywhere you look. It is easy to make connections while pursing your educational goals, I am very statified with my college selection.


Among many things, the wide variety of opportunities Arizona State has to offer is what I believe sets it aside from the rest. Its large student body produces a plethora of culture and diversity other universities of its caliber may not necessarily provide. From academics to extracurriculars, the unique and reputable programs ASU has to offer make it an easy place to get involved, something I believe to be vital to a college student that is developing and attempting to become established in the world.


ASU is very student oriented. Any time I need help there is always a staff member willing to lead me in the right direction.


I really like the community. Although the vast amount of organizations might make it tough to find something you enjoy, it also means that there most likely is a club and/or organization that does fit you. There is literally something for everyone.


If I had to describe the best thing about Arizona State University is that no matter what difficulties you are facing, there will always be someone there to help you get back on track. I had a rough first semester of college and as soon as I spoke with an advisor, I knew that there is no harm in asking for help every now and again. If someone realizes that they can do better in their classes than they already are, than as soon as they ask for assistance they will be better and have some fun along the way.


I consider the fact that it has a phenomenal online program that will allow me to live anywhere and complete my degree critical for a 40-ish unemployed father of one.


The three P's. The pride, the people, and the parties.


The best thing about ASU is teachers. The reason is because the teachers alway encourage students to come in during office hours to get more help if needed and always there after class to talk to students.


I love the fact that ASU is so diverse. Everyone on campus comes from different walks of life and adds a little something to the college community. The diversity at ASU makes college more interesting and allows students to become more knowlegable abou different cultures. It keeps students open minded and brings the community together as a whole no matter how different individuals may be.

Myref Ann

I think the competition is the best thing. It has really prepared me in my ability to compete in the real world.


Not having been to many other universities, I don't believe I can accurately answer this question. But I would definitely say there is a feeling of unity in walking around campus in bare minimum clothing when the temperatures rise, and being able to have pool parties in January.


ASU is rated the top hottest campus. It is very beautiful and all the buildings look different in their own way.


What unique about ASU is the amount of activity on campus. For example, I was walking to class this morning and realized I was walking through a Farmer's market on campus. There is always something exciting happening when your making to class and it makes getting through a long day easier !


At the Phoenix campus, we have Taylor Place, one of the most advanced dorms at ASU. When you can control the temperature in your room, that's the touch you need to really feel more comfortable here.


there is always something to do on campus and a variety of people that you can meet


The best thing about my school is the Speech and Hearing Science program. The classes are great and the professors are really good at what they teach. I have heard many great things about this program and I am so very excited to be a part of it and almost be graduating with a bachelor in Speech and Hearing.


All of the people that go here. I now have friends not only all over the coutry, but all over the world. I can now go to Hawaii, or London, or Japan and stay there for free. I can also go to Boston, California, Seattle, Oklahoma, North Dakotah, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Missouri, and many other states and visit life long friends there. That to me is the greatest part because I would love to travel when I am older and why not connect with college pals while doing so.


The best thing about my school is the pride I feel in being an ASU student. I go to a school that is respected for its academics and the success of its graduates. I like going to a school where I know I am getting a quality education from accomplished professors who really want to see their students succeed. I also like going to a school known for its large size and variety of academic programs, groups, and daily activities. My school has a lot to offer its students, and the students there really feel like a community.


The best thing about my school is the programs and the involvement. I love the programs that my school offers. For example, my major, Justice Studies, is offered at ASU and it is not offered at many other schools. I also love how involved the school is with everything. ASU is the biggest college in the US and everyone seems to be involved. It is wonderful.


The best thing about ASU is the same as the worst thing about it: it's size. Although it is tiring to have such a large area to cover, it really does have it's own culture. Being the size of a decent sized city gives students a unique taste of being a part of a large community that all has a loyalty and responsibility to each other, while being exposed to a variety of people and a great amount of diversity.


The thing I like best about Arizona State University is that they have four campuses throughout the valley plus an excellent online program. I feel that this is very beneficial to the students because it gives us many options to get a degree from a 4 year university. I also really like the fact it is so easy to transfer from a community college. The advisors are easy to access and very helpful.


The best thing would be the abundant amount of oppurtunities available to all students. Whether it be tutoring, interaction between professors and students, networking, physical activites, or making friends, there is a whole lot going on.


The school spirit and variaty of activities and social events.


I know very little about the campus and it varies greatly depending on what school you're in.


If there is anything thing you need help with whether it be with school work or emotionally they will help and have the resources to help


There are so many opportunities, clubs, and activities that are always going on. The possibilites are endless. There are so many interesting people here and the college culture is one that is so much fun to be apart of.


The best thing I have found about ASU is the amount of diverse people that attend the university. You meet and run into different people everyday you walk to your class. Each person is your class comes from an unique background that makes them original. You are challenged on a daily basis on what you hold to be true and where you came from. While the campus is large you are still able to make connections everywhere and you will never feel alone.


The girls!


The atmosphere is positive, nice weather and nice people. It's so easy to walk outside the dorm and meet somebody new and become friends.


There are many top-notch teachers with doctoral degrees.


The best thing about this school is that it even though it is very large, there are many things that help make it seem smaller. There are so many different clubs and organizations on campus that it is nearly impossible not to have something to do. Within my first month here I was involved in three different clubs and had made a lot of new friends.


The best aspect of Arizona State University are the many resources available to students. There are many computer rooms throughout campus available to students for extended hours during the day. Also, the library is opened and available to students 24 hrs. The best perk is being able to request a campus safety officer to escort you to your car if you stay late at school and are afraid to walk to your car alone. ASU also promotes an eco friendly environment by encouraging students to recycle. These are just some of the many factors that makes Arizona State University unique.


The best thing about my school is how friendly everyone is and how everyone gets along so well.


The best thing about ASU are the different majors they have to offer. I feel that no matter which field of work you want to be in, ASU will have you on the right track. For example, they have a pre-vet school as well as a superb business school. Each major or school can lead you down many different paths for your future.


Arizona State University is great for students like myself who aren?t quite sure what career they want to pursue because of the wide variety of programs and degrees they offer. ASU also offers a variety of research opportunities for undergraduate students.


I think the diversity is the best thing at my school. It opens up the student body to each other and unites everyone. It gives students the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and experience something different. I think diversity is the best thing at my school because it welcomes whoever and accepts its student body as it is. It shows students that even with differences then can come together and make a change in the world by working together.


The career services staff and advisors are beyond helpful. I have never seen a group of people so dedicated to helping students succeed ; it's through the workshops, resume builders, mock interview exercises is the evidence that they care. Another awesome thing about my school is the business school advisors. They have been my support team since the day I started school. Although the economy is down right now you would never know if you visited W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.; because of the job fairs and employers they work so hard to get there .


I think the best thing about my school is that they have a lot of events that contribute to the future of the students. There are career fairs, study abroad events and a variety of other events held by all the colleges in the university.


The best thing about my school is the mixture of people that go there. Diversity is good because you get to learn about how others do things from there culture and background. It opens your mind to every race and ethnicity.


The best thing about my school is that there are a lot of different campuses available to those who live around the valley. Also, depending on which campus you are on, the group of people that you go to class with are in the same position or social situation as you (working full time and going to school full time).