Arizona Western College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would have to say my only complaint about Arizona Western College is that there is not a lot of close parking next to the buildings therefore, you have to make sure you are really early because it can sometimes take you five ten minutes to walk to class from the parking lots.


The counselors at the college are there for no reason. If a student desires help to how he or she should go through college with a major in mind, it is better to ask the professors. It is required that new students visit the counselor, but there is no reason behind it. The counselor do not have the experience to go get a certain degree. They just follow the book anyone can pick up, not taking into consideration your educational background. Sometimes, thhey misguide a student by only following one specific degree option when there are four choices.


The worst thing about my current school is that it shares the same campus with another college. The two colleges that are on campus are Arizona western College, and Northern Arizona University. This makes it different because there are different educational and maturity levels walking around. Another bad thing about my school is that there are hardly any clubs to get involved in and they don?t have sorority rows and or fraternity rows. So the college experience is not the same as if I was in a big city.


The construction. they are trying to make more buildings but by doing this they have torn up part of the parking lot which makes parking limited