Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


they are greeks, and the honors. this is not accurate. you can be greek and smart too.


I'm not really sure that there is a stereotype. ASU isn't known as a party school or anything. It is sometimes labeled as a place where everyone from Jonesboro goes, but there are certainly more than just people staying in their hometown.


The stereotype student at Arkansas State University is someone who is not as well educated because of living in Arkansas and cannot maintain a good GPA. This is not accurate because most of my friends are doing very well including myself. I still maintain a 4.0 and I am halfway through my sophomore year.


I think the stereotype of kids at my school is that they are a bunch of redneck farmers. While ASU does have one of the top Agriculture programs in the state, there are many more types of people. I believe ASU has a very diverse population. No matter your interests or personality type there is a place to fit in at ASU.