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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not give up. Stay in college when you go. Try your absolute hardest. Lake dallas prepared you for nothing, you will need to try so much harder. You will feel like you are a failure, and that you have no life, but you will be okay. Actually open your text books, and take more dual credit classes, and get involved in more activities.


I got my GED at 21 so I was never a high school senior. However, if I could talk to myself while I was finishing my GED I would advise to spend more time focusing on my plans for the future instead of living in the moment. I would advise to focus on the importance of a GPA. I would also point out the importance of establishing good study habits. I have found finances to be a great source of frustration and worry, knowing this I would advise keeping up with loan amounts and try to focus on borrowing as little as possible. It's also important to limit the time spent in college. I would also emphasize that it's important to find your educational goal and intended degree early to limit the unnecessary courses one takes. I would encourage myself not to assume I can't be an A student or establish clear and valuable goals. Overall my best advice would stay focused and absorb as much information as possible. And never doubt the value of education.


I quit school before my senior year. However if I were speaking to myself when I got my GED I would say, "Don't wait, continue on. Try hard and dont give up." You can do this!" The most important thing I would want me to have known is my own potential and that I can and will succeed and acomplish and to believe in myself. Id also say you will be ok! Hang in there. College isnt high school. No bullies!


"There are going to be ups and downs towards reaching your goals but never give up on your dreams." I came up with this piece of advice from my own personal college life experience. When I was still a high school senior, I didn’t think my college life was going to be problematic. I thought it was going to be easy but as soon as I enrolled in college; I discovered I was wrong. I’ve had problems throughout my college years that I didn’t know how to find a solution to. As a consequence, I just felt like dropping out of college because I couldn’t tolerate it any longer. I couldn’t tolerate not having sufficient money to pay for my tuition and books but also for not having enough money for gas because I lived so far from college. I just wanted to give up but I didn’t. I realized that I love to learn and that there will be difficult times but that’s no reason to discontinue my education. If I was selected as the winner of this scholarship, I could reach my goals and accomplish my dreams.


Knowing what I know now about making the transition to college life, I would go back in time and tell myself to go to college before working anywhere, study as hard as I can, and make the best grades possible. I signed up with the United States Navy right out of high school, but I feel as if I should have waited until I got a bachelor's degree first, because you can get more money if you go to the Naval Academy with a degree to be an officer than you can just going in as an enlisted sailor. I should have studied harder to make better grades, because colleges look at your GPA in high school, and most teenagers do not think or care about that kind of thing. All teenagers want to do is to graduate high school and be done with it. They don't care about college until later on when they are tired of doing jobs that they hate and not getting paid what they want or need. I was out of school for a little over five years before I finally decided to return to school, and I regret wasting that time.


I would have to say, I would be more dedicated. I was not as dedicated as I should have been starting college. I'm now very dedicated and making good grades, trying to get into medical school. I was undecided about a major starting college, that contributed to me not being very dedicated. Once, I decided on a major and what it took to achieve what I want. It made me start to achieve it.


Ignore the advice of those who will say "you could never make a living with that degree." Study what you love and it will be its own reward. Think deeply and look to yourself.


If you have ever heard the cliché “young and dumb”, then you would understand my senior year in high school. If I could rewind time I would revise my sense of focus, planning and prioritizing, and ambition to reach for higher goals. I was number three of my class, taking AP courses and was granted the chance to take college courses while attending high school. Given a second chance, I would have taken those courses and would be well on my way or completely done in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). Prioritizing was not on my to do list back then, I had fun first and education last. A step back in time and a slap of reality, I would have known that you reap your reward when the work is done. I always wanted to be something great, being second of twelve children to attend college; and becoming the family first nurse I wanted to make my parents proud. I wish I had really understood that time waits for no one. I would have really focus on reading, math, and science. As quoted by Lao-tzu “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Determine.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was in high school, from the perspectives i have now, completing a year of college is, to study hard and pay attention in class. I feel like the main habbit you should have in colllege is to pay close attention in class, its where you learn the most. Its also very important to study over your notes in class. I would tell myself it would be wise to read over the notes I took after each day, definatly study before a test and all quizes. Im sure if i could go back I would have alot of advice to give myself about the future but these are the main points about college.


I would tell myself to study harder and practice time management. I would make sure I knew of a healthy stress reliever, like running to help me cope with my day. I would not trust anybody and everybody because the "friends" who are closest to me are the ones who end up hurting me. School is important and just because I got really good grades in high school does not mean I will make really good grades in college, so don't beat myself up about it. Lastly and most important, everyone hits a downfall at one point in their life, just because I will hit mine does not mean the world is over and I should give up on dreams and goals.


My first piece of advice for me as a senior would be to stop worrying. I constantly worried about whether I was going to have enough money for college. Seven thousand dollars seemed rediculous, but when the time came around for Spring semester to start I realized that I had nothing to worry about in the first place. My scholarships took care of the fee. I would also encourage not worrying about being homesick. I was scared to death that I wouldn't be able to handle living on my own in college. Living in a dorm with someone I didn't know made me sick to the stomach. Little did I know was that that was the greatest part. Meeting new people is fun. Also I haven't been that homesick because I've been able to go home on the weekends. College is nothing like I feared it to be like. Now my girlfriend is coming into college and she has the exact same worries. I tell her all the time that there is nothing to worry about but I guess it makes a bigger difference if your own self tells you from the future.


As a freshman in college, if given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school my outlook on the transition to the “college life” would be different. I would confirm that college and high school are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} different; you have to be independent and responsible for yourself. I would encourage the high school senior me to look forward to a new environment, you will not be surrounded by family, friends, or familiar faces. Once your family leaves on move-in day, you will know how it feels to be alone. Teachers will not read lessons in class, it’s important to read all assignments before the next session of class if you want to pass, and you do! Consider all aspects of your life carefully before making a schedule. Since you will be running track it would be wise to choose classes that are early to allow you to have time to eat and prepare for practice. Manage money wisely, you will not have a steady income so it is critical that you only purchase materials needed for classes, food, or personals. Most important keep your priorities straight and stay focused.


The first thing I would tell myself if I could go back to the high school me, would be to take it easy on myself. The work load is a lot heavier than expected, and procrastination is no longer acceptable in this "new world". I have learned a lot more about who I am and what I want to do with my life,I am branching out, trying new things, making new friends, and most importantly staying true to myself. I have no regrets about my past, because at one poin that is exactly what I wanted to do. I cannot wait to see what my future holds in store for me, and I know the more I try, the closer I get to acheiving my goals in life. So highschool me, take it easy , be yourself ,and take things one step at a time because success is withing arms reach.


Dear Senior Meagan, It's you from the future. I’ve grown more knowledgeable in the last few years, or at least I like to think I have, I want to give you some advice. First, stop complaining about your classes. You end up a lot better off in the academics area than others that didn’t have the opportunities that you did. Make sure you catch everything your teachers say about how to take notes and hints like those. They’ll make college classes easier. Also stop worrying about filling out your resume, those extra-curriculars don’t help. Instead invest your time in a job and SAVE your money. That extra money can be used to make a few payments off on your tuition. (It’ll also help for that time your car breaks down an hour from school.) Lastly, don’t stress so much about the transition from high school to college. It’s a lot different that’s true but it’s fun. You’ll meet a lot of people. Truth be told you’ll have relationships you would have never had in high school and have a great time. Love, Future you


Stop listening to everyone. Hear them, and be polite to them, but stop taking their words to heart so much. YOUR life is about YOU. YOU know how to make yourself happy; stop giving them so much credit and listen to your own thoughts a little more. If you really want to go to MIT, finish the application. If not, stop stressing about the meaningless (and not to mention expensive) application to a school that you don’t really care if you go to. I understand that college is a pivotal time in many people’s lives, but you don’t have to let them live vicariously through your next four years. You’re the smartest kid I know, so stop stressing about everything and focus on the things that need your attention right now. What happens will happen: if you don’t finish that MIT app, you’ll get in somewhere else, so do what you can, and let nature take its course, kid. Take it easy, man.


if i ever go back in time and talk to yourself as a high school senior then i would tell my self to be prepared about the difficult phase i have to go through once i get done with the school life. i would tell my self to start preparing for college , selecting proper clases and especially start looking for scholarships and proper jobs so that i can complete my studies without worring about my fees to be paid. i would also recommend that take as much english classes as possible as that would be really help for me in college when i actually have to write tons of essays.moreover i would also suggest that try do my level best because high school days are never going to return. at the end i would say that whatever you i do i know i will end up doing something well for me.


College and high school are two completely different levels of education. I remember being in high school and my teachers telling me high school is the time to start working on study habits, thinking about what you want to do with your life, and just learning to be an independent student. I look back now and I wish I would have listened more. I know now that I should have taken it seriously. In college, you HAVE to study. If you don't you're making the choice to fail. I have had to learn how to study. That sounds crazy but it's true. In high school, teachers practically told you the answers. Not only are classes more difficult, but financially, no one is prepared for what college will cost. It's not just the tuition, but the nights you want to go out with your friends.I wish I could have been able to tell myself to just really take everything seriously. I would have told myself to save that money I spent on those Friday night trips to the movies. I should have prepared myself more for what I knew was coming.


I would definitely tell myself to prepare for the diversity of people that will be there and to change my study habits. In high school, a student can barely study or not even study at all and get a decent grade. On the other hand, studying in college is completely different. A student has to study all the time and very hard to get even a B on tests. Teachers aren't the same in college either. In high school, students can ask a teacher anytime for extra help, while in college you have to make an appointment to speak with your teacher about grades, lessons, etc.


I would say high school is a serious thing. Don't waste your time joking around and putting assignments till the end. College is a big step in your life. You need to concenctrate and do the best that you can. Making a big change in your life can be difficult, but if you give it your all, you will succeed and start living the college life. Making a transition is hard, but once you overcome it, you will be having the time of your life.


Don't pack too much junk to take with you.


I began my college career during my senior year of high school attending the local community college as a dual enrollment student. I would tell myself as a senior and full time college student to really take a look at your life and decide what you want to do. I changed my major three times in four years which slowed my college career down. If I would have decided earlier on in the process, I would have graduated this year in May. I also would encourage myself to engage myself more in the general education classes, like English, Mathematics, and Spanish. I also would encourage myself to become a more active student in high school. Although I was a full time college student, I had the opportunity to go back to high school for student activities, like pep rallies and field day. I do not regret anything that I have done in my life because it made me who I am today, however I would not do it the same if I had the opportunity.


I would tell myself I needed to take harder classes, focus more on grades, and take the CLEP tests that I passed on because I did't want to pay the $60.00.


I would warn myself of the fact that our intended major has been discontinued and to choose biology while reminding him of the credits we already have


The advice I would give myself If I could go back to my senior year in high school would be to save every peeny I make. In high I had a job but no finacial responsibilites. Therefore, my money went to my activies and hobbies. I wish I would have put that money back and depended more on my parents for my clothes and other expensives, rather then willfully taking them on myself. I would have saved my part time job income to aid my future self in the more important task of cover my college expensense.


I would tell myself that college is not high school. That I have to be dedicated to study a lot. Also that I would have to manage my time better.


Well for one, if I could turn back time, first thing I would have told myself was to make it to senior year. To work hard and focus on the important things in life like family school and my career. In doin so the transition from high school to college would have went more smoothly and I wouldve have been more knowledgable.


Hello miss senior, it’s a big year, your last year of high school. Don’t let it just fly by like any other year. First of all don’t stress about going to college or what to major in right away, you have some time to decide what to do with your life. You want to make the best decision and getting a degree at the local college is not a bad idea. Living with your parents and buying used books while all of your friends are going away to a large university is a great idea. Homework can be tough but you but you can do it if you stick with it. Test can be hard, but when you study and prepare properly you will do great. Study as hard as possible, work hard play hard. Find study groups, you will do better on your test when you hear the information more than once. It’s also more fun! Friends are very important in the college transition too, you can’t just go to school, friends are half the experience, don’t be shy, put a smile on your face. School is more fun that way.


Hello, Jennifer. I am you 9 years from now-only 30lbs heavier, which leads me to the first thing I'll tell you. Exercise does not lose its importance after graduation! So please continue to get plenty of it and eat healthy. I've been given an opportunity to come warn you of the things to come and the paths you should take to avoid failure. First, perform a career outlook. Carefully decide which career will be most comfortable and rewarding. Next, enroll in college here immediately after graduation. Make sure to complete all pre-requistes. These courses are going to grow more challenging with every semester, but it is vital that you complete them. Pray daily, stay focused, and ask for help and/or tutoring because it is harder in the real world. I dropped out of college during spring 2005 and afterwards had a hard time finding jobs that would pay all my expenses. I could have had a a Master's degree in CIT by now if I would have stayed in college. Please, Jennifer, don't divert from the path of higher education. Stay in school and get your degree!!


I would tell myself take the ACT serious. I didn't think it would matter about my score, but i was wrong. Im struggling now trying to find grants and scholarships to stay in school. I would of studied more and practice the ACT every single day. I would strived to have a perfect score, so scholarships could of came in more. I should of took my sports more serious, maybe could of got an scholarship for that. I needed someone to make me feel more determine. The whole time I should of motivated myself to do better in school. I should of tried to make Honors make my parents pride. I look back though I wouldn't change nothing for the world cause everything happens for a reason.


Be more knowledgable about what I want. I would choose a career and stick with it instead of changing my major several times.


Come to the campus a couple of days early so you can find all of your classes. Draw out a schedule by the second weak to help with confusion and check out the awesome classes that come with your tuition at the astate gym.


I have gained friends that have given me a greater appreciation for diversity. I have gained invaluable leadership experience and the opportunities presented to me are countless. The faculty and staff at ASU are very helpful and have a genuine interest in your future.


I have met so many new people, and started making friends the weekend we moved into the dorms. I love college so far and wouldn't change a thing about my decision to come to Jonesboro, Arkansas to further my education. Not only have I discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I've also become a better person being at ASU. Overall college has been a great experience for me, it is shaping me into the grand woman I am becoming. If given the opportunity, I think everyone should attend a college that best suits them. Everyone deserves the chance to be their very best.


I have lots of experiences in my life that I learn from them and look forward to the future. Everything that I’ve gone through makes me a better and stronger person.


College has been one of my most impactful moves, yet! I have learned so much while attending college. Not only have I learned in the obvious academic manner, but also intrapersonal and interpersonal. I have made mistakes but had to find the strength from within myself and encouragement from my friends to pick myself up. Many people can say that they attended college. Even fewer can say that they graduated. I want to become a statistic; one more person that graduated. I honestly do not believe that I would have been the same person have I not attend college. I have learned to understand those that are different from me, to help those in need, to be more social, and to never doubt myself. Growing up, even though I excelled in many aspects of my life, I have had very low self esteem. I would try hiding it, but there is nothing like true confidence in you. With college I was able to find that within me. I am finally the person I have had to pep talk myself into trying to become.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is never take anything for granted. I want to make something out of myself and get the job I want so I think a college education will help my choices out.


I have learned alot about myself during my college years. I am a full time student, I work 30 hours a week, and I am a mother of a 2 year old, and a wife. It has been a tough journey, but anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. I attended the University of Arkansas right out of high school in 2000, and realized the school wasn't for me. I felt like I couldn't work my best in a large classroom or auditorium and my grades suffered. Since then I have started back to school and just finished my Associates degree in teaching with a GPA of 3.79. I am part of the honors society Phi Theta Kappa and I am getting ready for my Summer II session with Arkansas State University. I am so excited about the new school year and knowing that I am half way there of earning a teaching degree. My college road started of bumpy, but I know by studying hard and staying on top of assignments I will be able to achieve my goal to graduate.


I am an underage upcoming parent who sees his child as a blessing and not a mistake. I want to attend Grand Canyon University online in the fall of 2010 and this scholarship would help so much.I would beable to provide for my daughter and still continue to follow my dream to be a high school pastor. I appreciate your time for reading my answer and i hope and pray i deserve this scholarship. Thank you.


My college experience for my first year has been great for me. I was nervous coming in at first because I wasn't sure about making new friends and studying as much as I needed to in order to pass my classes. The diversity and people there really helped me through my first year. We set up groups to study for classes and became close friends throughout the year. I joined a fraternity to meet new people, but it wasn't all that it cracked up to be so instead I joined a couple of clubs that the campus provided. This campus really lead me to new experiences and helped me meet several new friends along the way. I really enjoyed spending my school year at ASU and I look forward to going back in the fall this year to do it all over again. My studies and school work are most important to me and going to this college has made both of those a huge part of my life.


The past two years at my local comunity college have been varey benificial, I developed the basic skills in the art feild. While working in class you talk to your teacher and fellow class mates, allowing your people skills to develope. With out attending class it would be near impossible to obtain the skills professionals use in the real world. Attending class also allows you to get valuable feed back from your classmates during a critiqu. Working hands on is a major way of learning that works for me. If I were to miss a class it would be difficult to make up the time especialy since Iam a fine arts major, working in class allows me to use all the tools the school has to offer. I have relized the more time I put into my projects and assignments the better they turn out and the more information I obtain. Being in class alwos me to see what other students are doing seems to spark my creativity, causing me to think how I can improve.


I have learned a lot about myself personally and academically. I have learned how to push myself more to prepare myself to get the most out of my classes that I can. I have also learned a lot of independence and worked on my social skills. A college education is very important to me because my parents struggled without one and I want to do better for myself and if I ever have a family.


College life is very different than High School. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to learn how to study. I got by with not studying in High School and made exceptional grades. However, in college I fend for myself and have to study for quizzes and exams. I would also tell myself to be more outgoing. In college you must put yourself out there and be socialable. Many college students meet their best friends at parties and events. It is simple college life.


The first thing I would do is go to my teachers and thank them for the skills they instilled in me which I am currently using. Then I would have paid more attention to my mother and focused on my purpose in life. I would seek God on my purpose and strive to go into the field which leads to that purpose. I believe every minute in life is very valuable and I have limited time to play. I really didn't pay attention to that part of my life in high school and regret it sometimes. Yes I have great grades and great goals which will in the natural lead me to a great successful career. However when I lay down at night I want to be sure without a shadow of a douth that I am doing what I was created to do. So to answer "what advice would you give yourself?", it would be 'seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things would be added until to me, according to His Will. " By L. Minter


Don't be intimidated. It is hard and not at all like High School, but not just in a bad way. You aren't going to be able to just coast with minimal effort and you will have to study and try but it's also more challenging and invigorating. Your teachers actually know what they talk about and for once you're going to feel like you're learning something from them. Also, don't wait until the last minute. It may be hard because of the baby and you're worried about everything, but it all works out, so hurry up and get the ACT taken care of so you can enroll in fall and get an institutional scholarship.


As a incoming freshman, I thought I knew everything and that no one else knew what was best for me. Boy was I wrong! If i I went back in time I would tell myself to learn how to cook because the caferteria definetly gets old. Then to room with somone I knew because rooming with a complete stranger is horrible. If you do get stuck with someone you do not know try to get to know them over the summer. This will let you know about their personality and know what to expect. Also, class is a pretty big deal! Go no matter what! Don't fail that 8:00 in the morning class because you missed too many day


I would tell myself to study harder for the ACT and to keep my grades up so I would be elligible for more scholarships.


I would tell myself that college isn't like high school. That I wouldn't be able to slack off as much as I did in high school and that skipping class would be a terrible decision. That maintaining focus in class and attendance is extremely important because in the end both ultimately contribute to making a college experience easier because you're prepared and have no need for cramming before a test. I would also tell myself, it DOES NOT matter what other people think, to relax, and not stress so much because it never helps anything because you will find those who understand you and love you and that family will be there before and after all the friends who come into your life. And most importantly, do what makes you happy and everything else will fall in its place on its own.


I would advise myself, to think about what major I really wanted to persue in college cause I might change my mind. And also to study ahead of time and make sure you know the material for the test even if you think it may not all be on there no it all. Talk to your professors they are not only there to teach you, but also to answer any questions you have. They are really nice and really want to see you succeed. Some classes are harder than others, it depends on your teacher. College is great ! You will love it and I know that you will succeed. Just study, attend class, and do everything assigned and you will be great.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to make sure I got involved with some group or team on campus. Any campus can be scary and lonely in the begining without having some sort of group or team to get in contact with early. It is a great chance to start friendships early and to make some that will last a life time. I would also tell myself to be prepared mentally and physically for the begining strains of harder classes and more responsibility. The last thing I would tell myself is to spend my money wisely because it can disappear in a heartbeat and that is not a good way to please the parents.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that it really is true that I won't see my high school friends as often as I use to. I would tell myself to make more time to spend with them and make sure that we kept in touch. I also would have told myself to focus more on basketball, because once I graduated High School I never had any time to play. I would have told myself that I graduated with a 4.2 GPA average but once I got into my first semester of college nothing would be as easy as what I expected it to be. I would definately love to go back in time and tell myself that my first semester of college I would need to study a lot more than what I was use to or else my grades wouldn't be as good. I would tell myself to stay motivated and not to get discouraged because it's all worth it when you do good. There's a lot about college I have already learned and I'm sure there's a lot more ahead!